The rest of the family doesn’t have it either, but they usually borrow it occasionally. However, there is nothing to make money now, so it is somewhat unreasonable.

This can be taken back and processed to make money, but it is reluctant to give up.
Listen to Qiu Ping continue to say, "We all live in the same hospital with sewing machines. This thing is dead or alive. After collecting everyone’s opinions just now, we have worked out a way to simply set up a small factory!"
Qina listened and nodded secretly, and there are still some mixed quality estimates. It would be a good idea to set up a factory.
Some people can move forward by themselves with a push, while others are too lazy to move when they want others to carry them on their backs.
This is obviously Qiu Ping, they are the former.
"We don’t have many sewing machines, and everyone’s situation is similar. There is no way to lose the baby doll and put it in kindergarten. The rest of them have been read. I calculated that the workload is not large. I set up a small factory in the corner. There is an idle warehouse to clean up and move the sewing machine, and then we will bring back the cloth. Then someone will specialize in sewing straps. Someone will specialize in zipper, so that practice makes perfect and it will be energetic. The sewing machine can also be rotated. If you don’t do well, you can’t lose face," said Qiu Ping.
There is no sewing machine, so naturally, I agree to breathe a sigh of relief.
Qina listens and thinks that this method is feasible at present. It is necessary to divide the work. They will manage the big pot of rice themselves. The most fear is to compare who does more and who does less. If they are all capable, they don’t have this concern.
At present, the workload is not very natural, and it is not their turn to work overtime to catch the goods.
The first batch of people are actually individuals. Some people have arranged jobs in the courtyard. Some people think it is safer to work in kindergartens. Others wait and see and think that such things will not last long. Like Awen in the courtyard, the teacher didn’t plan to pile up his sewing machine with them, and naturally he didn’t want to take it out. Qinan naturally didn’t plan to come to Xiufang and had his own special things.
At the first meeting, no one had any opinions, so everyone was so happy.
Laughter of the whole hospital
The evening breeze flickered across the stars.
Nothing seems to have changed before, and everything seems to have changed.
Chapter 411 Carry forward
A small factory is actually a small workshop.
It’s rare for everyone to be enthusiastic and encourage them to apply for starting their own business, so that the warehouse will be approved soon
Qiu Ping, a few people used to be good workers, cleaned up the warehouse inside and outside, which should be paved and cleaned up, but it took most of the time to get some appearance.
Three sewing machines were moved in, and the homespun was put in place, and then the work was divided.
At this time, everyone who has a job arrangement has gone to work.
Everyone has different attitudes towards this small shop that suddenly appeared.
Some people think that this matter is not very reliable. Liu Zhaodi’s representative is not as extreme as her. When watching them work, they will still talk behind their backs.
"It is said that after running a small factory, it can be bigger, and I don’t want to think that nothing has been done for so many years, and then draw water in a bamboo basket."
"But to tell you the truth, there is nothing wrong with this. I hope it will be good for us after the factory is completed. They are much more profitable and don’t want to come here to work. It is impossible to wait until the other side closes down and then want to rotate."
"It’s still safe and important, even if I go to the canteen to help, I don’t want to do these things, and a little profit will blind my eyes."
I sincerely hope that this matter can be represented by Xiufang.
"It would be nice if this could be done. There are so many people coming and going."
"If you want me to say that you are still good at this craft, you can’t take it away by yourself. This is safe."
Some people think it’s not simple. Awen means that she can’t see these people in the hospital. They are all uneducated and won’t say what they think
Is at home or muttered to her husband "you say this is not to buy people’s hearts? If you want me to see it, it’s just to gild it. Who makes people have a background? I’ve never seen anyone who likes to show off so much, but I haven’t got a good name. After two years, she patted her ass and left such a big booth? "
No matter what, the small factory is still up.
Qinan’s life has also become regular, and there is another place to go every day. She is an extremely self-disciplined person. She works for two hours every morning when she is full of energy, and then rests after noon, and then tidies up day by day.
Xiufang is busy and embroiders in the small factory.
Look here, she is very envious of the idea in her heart, but she still can’t make up her mind. Some things are a little depressed once they are stirred up. She is a little upset and often pricks her hand. She just stops and turns around to find Qina.
"Xiao … Xiao Nan, do you have it now?" People in the house to see Qina looking at her and some embarrassed.
Qina let people in to see Xiufang, a face of awkward and some faint speculation in my heart.
Originally, I came to ask for an idea. Xiufang came straight to the point and said, "Did your friend discuss it that day, Xiao Nan?"
I syle=’lor476ff’ This is the gorgeous dividing line I.
Friends ask for recommended reading.
I syle=’lor476ff’ This is the gorgeous dividing line I.
Nan leng wanted to think about it for nothing, but asked if it was chubby that day. That is to say, Xiufang can embroider by herself, and then she can teach some disciples and carry forward this craft. In the near future, these Chinese crafts will be carried forward, no matter who is good.
Seeing Xiufang like this is not over, but she is still hesitating.
The predecessors all paid attention to a man who inherited many skills, especially men and women. Of course, there are some exceptions because of embroidery, but it is really not easy to hand over your own things.
After all, even factory apprentices have been following their masters in recent years, and they are paying attention to their teachers and being fat, which obviously doesn’t mean this.
"Then what do you think?" Qina asked some things can’t be forced.
Xiufang is still a little ignorant. "I didn’t think about this problem before this craft was worthless. You all have something to do. I must have seen it farther than us. I was actually a little unhappy when I was chubby with me that day."
Qinan smiled and said that it is understandable that everyone has their own ideas, and it is nothing to hurt others.
Xiufang went on to say, "But when I came back and thought about it, I thought I was a little narrow-minded. I can’t compare with you. Look at the present situation of our compound. I don’t know how much better it is than before, but what have you got for you?"
Qina quietly listening to the sample Xiufang seems to have a plan.
Sure enough, she went on to say, "So I’ll tell Dahei about it. He said, listen to me. Isn’t the former doctor also a ancestral doctor?" One party is a precious carpenter, and so are these, but times are different now. Look at how many people have been trained in the school so that we can live so well today. This is not a craft for me. If anyone wants to learn, I’m not sure whether it’s right or not … It’s a little difficult. If people don’t learn, they will take the time to learn it. In case there is nothing to embroider on the fat side … "
Qinan understood what Xiufang said. She was not worried about her craft, but worried that she would not benefit from learning this root. According to Xiufang’s life track, it was not easy for her to achieve this step.
She said, "Xiufang, it’s good that you can think like this. Since you have the will, it’s not a problem to finish. Many things can be solved slowly."
I’m not trying to comfort you. I’m just saying that since this skill has been inherited to this day, there must be something that can’t be replaced. Do you think that you could make money when you first studied? If you don’t say that others are fat, you will be very interested in this, no matter if you really like it later.
And it’s not completely useless to teach others about your craft. You also saw those drawings of Pangpang. Only by constantly absorbing new things can you continue to make progress. If it really becomes a climate to a certain extent, whether you say this stitch, pattern or type, there will be new innovations and learn from others. Then you may be a generation of masters! "
Xiufang laughed. "How can I have this ability!"
Chapter 412 Fashion
Xiu-fang listen Qina said these words don’t like a joke, she also some longing in my heart.
In my heart, I am sure that she is particularly impressed that this problem is different.
At most, she didn’t think it was good before. What did people want to learn? What can you do? Be an embroidered mother?
From the moment she first learned embroidery from her mother, that is, a group of sisters learned it together, but at last she insisted on it, that is, she felt sincerely happy when she watched the stitches turn into graphics alone.

Although I don’t know what Chixiao is doing here in Xu Le, I always have something to do and don’t bother.

It’s also a coincidence to meet here
Thought of here, Xu Le glanced at the remote Xu Dajiang.
"Well, it must be a coincidence."
He sat opposite Xu Daqiang with his bullwhip soup.
This beef soup shop has a good business, and there are many places where Xu Le chooses to sit here. There is no problem. Although Xu Daqiang’s face has changed, he will not say much.
"Hey, move over. Why do you occupy such a big position alone?"
Xu Le shouted at Xu Dajiang to keep his arrogance.
Xu Dajiang side also some angry, he accounted for half of the seats in front of Xu Lexian is go looking for trouble.
Lenovo, what he did just now was probably a slip.
If it is normal, he will definitely have a good talk with Xu Le, but his eyes … No.
He had to wait for the auction house downtown to sell the fruit as soon as possible.
Everything is empty, and money is real.
Be patient!
Xu Daqiang turned aside. Fortunately, the opposite Xu Le didn’t continue to push his luck.
After sitting, the other party ate bullwhip there.
Is Xu Le eat bullwhip sound some big provoked Xu Dajiang a fidgety.
"It’s so big to eat a meal … it’s really brain-dead."
When Xu Daqiang bet on Xu Le, Xu Le also bet on him.
[Ash Fruit]
In Xu Le’s perception, this is a soul fruit with level fruit energy.
The intensity is far more than that of the two nightmare intermediate. Although it is mysterious, it has the flame and dark atmosphere.
Very special fruit …
According to the previous night, he can resist not interfering, but he can’t help but pay attention.
After all, everyone will be curious about such a fruit.
"In what direction will it develop …"
When Xu Le injected Xu Daqiang, Chixiao also injected this mercenary here.
The smell of ashes attracted Chixiao’s attention. She had never seen the same power as herself.
Such an ordinary mercenary body has appeared this kind of power, which is very unexpected for Chixiao.
"Very special feeling …"
"Chixiao, who are you looking at?"
Zhang Ji interrupted Chixiao’s thoughts, which made her a little annoyed.
"Let’s eat"
Didn’t answer Zhang Ji’s meaning, didn’t answer Yi Chixiao’s simply eating hard and scanning Xu Dajiang out of the corner of his eye.
Zhang Ji also sensed Chixiao’s impatience.
He attribute all this to Xu Leshen, if it weren’t for Xu Le …
This is a good chance to get in touch with Chixiao. It’s all the fault of this bastard. Don’t let him find each other after the meeting …
A lot of revenge thoughts flashed through my mind, but I was still attracted by the corner of the sky.
"He note that person? No, it’s not that man, it’s the mercenary across the street. "
Zhang Ji also noticed Xu Dajiang at this time.
And he found one thing, not only Chixiao, but even Xu Le also noted this mercenary.
"Is there anything special about this mercenary?"
Zhang Ji is not an idiot. He has already felt that Xu Le is not a mortal since he met just now.
The specific level can’t be said, maybe it’s already level 5 when it’s less than 3, but the gap is not as big as I thought.
Not to mention Yu Chixiao, all forces of the strong, including the earth forces and the Red Crescent Temple, should be noted.
These two people note this ordinary mercenary at the same time. That can say one thing.
What is unusual about this ordinary mercenary …

Guan Wang Dian sat up behind him and raised his eyebrows and asked

"not in"
"Luan Pinellia shook his head and said
"I have stabilized my injury. It’s still a long way to go to say that it’s good. There’s nothing you can do about it now."
Small male raised his eyebrows to her, generally speaking, it means that the seriously injured saint is willing to pay the price to kill him, isn’t it a gesture?
"So I want to take good care of the princess royal Temple. It’s you and me now, isn’t it?"
He reached out his hand and gently squeezed a wisp of silver silk around her fingers.
"Thank you for your photo."
She dealt with the sentence lightly
"If you talk, it’s over?" Zhao smiled and reached out her finger to touch her moist and thin lips. "Can’t you thank me verbally?"
Summer syren ning and looked at him indifferently, although he didn’t touch his lip, he couldn’t speak.
She didn’t forget that Zhao thief squeezed the wild fruit into pulp yesterday.
The villain didn’t say anything nice.
"I treated you well yesterday."
General Zhao solemnly repaid his kindness.
"If you are young, you have to comb my hair quickly."
The witch did not refuse to take care of her hip and silver hair slowly, and then combed his hair without saying a word.
"Hum! This little thing can’t be done well. I thought I’d stop fighting and let you and me be a room together. I didn’t expect to be able to do my hair well. "
After being hurt by her rough wooden comb, Xiao Gong’s face suddenly turned black, that is, Happiness is better at serving people than she is.
"I naturally can’t compare with the general."
Princess royal’s corner of his eye, which hides amorous feelings, reveals a cynical color.
"You served me yesterday to wash my long hair in the bath, but it was quite accomplished. I think you usually practice a lot."
She occasionally retorts, but she never brings dirty words and there are no harsh words in her words.
"I’m white"
Zhao wrong hum a.
"Do you want to say that you are not as good as me when you are short on weekdays? That these days you can want to work to wait on me. "
His understanding ability is also superb, and he makes it sound like a mind reading.
Boluan Pinellia ignored him.
"You go to the forest and find some wild fruits to come back for breakfast."
Grandpa Xiao ordered rudely after taking care of her hair, as if she wanted her to repeat what she had done yesterday.
"I know. I’ll take a bath by the stream first and then I’ll bring you food."
Princess royal Dian wears shoes and socks.
"Didn’t you just wash it last night?"
General Zhao was surprised.
"You also had a meal last night how to eat breakfast again? It is better to bathe and change clothes first. "
Xia Yaonv glanced at him. Although there was no contempt in her beautiful sky-blue eyes, Prince Zhao recognized that he was despised.
"good! How can I be ungrateful when I am warmly invited by the temple? Even if you go to the stream to take a shower, you can help me rub my back. "
His voice just fell, and then he noticed that the witch’s face unconsciously showed disgust, which seemed to be her conscious reaction
"Do you still think I’m dirty? I am in Beijing, but I have to add it every summer in winter. Many ladies don’t wash as often as I do. Do you compare with me? "
Prince Zhao was dissatisfied that he felt clean and hygienic, and that southerners were lucky to put them in his place. Most people in the north only bathe once every ten days and a half.
"I don’t think you’ve humiliated me like you, and I’ve gone with the wind like dust."
Princess royal spoke in a gentle tone that made people’s backs chill.
"Isn’t the temple partial to me?"
Zhao thief so surprised to say
He knew that it was because of Kenai that Boluan Pinellia ternata could endure it.
If it weren’t for this file, he would have suffered a big loss if he dared to touch a finger in princess royal Hall.
"Do you still ask?" After she got dressed, she got up and walked to the outside of the cave. "Please don’t follow me."
"I insist!" My little grandfather rebelliously replied, "Don’t disobey me."

"Well, the boss said that such daily necessities news is not suitable for our network."

Xiao Li repeated it to Ye Ran like a microphone according to the boss’s meaning.
"I know that my boss and I will link you out."
Watched Xiao Li from Ye Ran flipped through the manuscript in the heart of super nai.
The bosses are demanding more and more, and they are more and more at a loss. Why is it so difficult to have a class?
"the rich and powerful love their wives" by road north north
He is a noble upstart with cruel means in the empire. The Jin family is now in charge of bloodthirsty, cruel and ruthless, which is synonymous with him!
It is said that he was crippled by an accident and his legs were extremely vicious, so he held the first place in the imperial business circle and made several people flock to him!
A huge engagement party, 24-year-old Gu was abandoned by her fiance in public and turned around. She did not hesitate to walk to the guest table, the cold and noble man in a wheelchair.
"I heard that you are short of a wife, it is better to marry me!"
The man looked up when he heard this. "Miss Gu, what do you think is appropriate?"
24-year-old Gu Qing’s beauty is wanton, making public like a demon witch, which makes people can’t help but lose their minds.
"I’m sorry that Mr. Jin has never made a mistake since ancient times. His father should repay it, but it’s perfect for Nai’s father to have a wife and uncle to repay it!"
☆, Chapter sixty-one Yu Fu Youdao
"Ding Rinrin …" A string of landline bells rang.
Ye Ran released the manuscript to answer "Hello"
"I can’t buy a mobile phone back as a decoration? Why don’t you answer my words? "
Gu Lengchen’s thin, angry and depressed voice swept through the microphone to listen to Ye Ran’s panic
She quickly asked, "Did you call me? I didn’t hear the phone ring! "
"I really didn’t hear it or pretend that I don’t believe it?" Gu Lengchen is adamant
"I really didn’t hear it. Not only didn’t I hear it, but I still can’t find my mobile phone."
Ye Ran’s story is true. She rummaged through her desk and bent down to look at the drawers. After searching for three drawers, she still couldn’t find them.
"Lost?" Gu Lengchen holds a mobile phone and overlooks the floor at the office window sill.
"I wonder if you have something else to do?"
Ye Ran is in a hurry. There is a lot of data in the backup of mobile phone address book. If it is really lost, it will be in trouble.
"It’s okay. Look for your mobile phone first. If you can’t find it, give it to me, remember?"
"Well, later."
Put the receiver Ye Ran got up and searched for the whole office in a large area.
"Song Assistant" Ye Ran walked to the door and shouted.
"coming, coming"
Assistant Song came out with a pen and was busy.
"You dial a message for me. I can’t find my phone."
"Well, my mobile phone is at my desk. You wait."
Assistant Song ran back to the office to get his mobile phone.
The ringtone kept ringing in the receiver, but the editor’s office didn’t ring quietly.
Two people listen to each other and even pause for breath, but they still get something.
"Editor-in-chief didn’t. Don’t worry. Think about whether you left it somewhere and forgot to take it."
Ye Ran frowns, and Assistant Song wakes her up. Her brain is running rapidly, remembering where she has been this afternoon.
Memories flashed through my mind. She said, "I seem to have left my hands there. I had a belt to tidy my clothes, so I put my mobile phone on the sink when I couldn’t get my hands free."
"I’ll look for it." Assistant Song turned to go faster than Ye Ran.
Then an editor came running towards them with a latest mobile phone in his hand.
Before going to Ye Ran, he complained in a low voice, "Editor-in-Chief, I have a stomachache today. Your mobile phone bell has pushed me out as hard as a single cycle."
Ye Ran took it and unlocked it by pressing the side to see Mr. Gu, the same name of more than a dozen missed calls.
She smiled apologetically and explained, "I’m sorry I forgot to bother you with my mobile phone."
"Be careful if you don’t disturb the editor-in-chief. If someone picks up such expensive cards again, it will be troublesome for others to put them away quietly." The female editor kindly told me.
"Well, I’ll pay more attention. Fortunately, not many people go to the toilet today."
After thanking, Ye Ran asked Song’s assistant to go to work, and she gave Gu Lengchen a reply, otherwise the gentleman would have a row again.
Section 14
The other party answered directly with a sentence "Did you find it?"
"This is not nonsense? You didn’t see that I was a mobile phone number! "
Ye Ran treated him like a mentally retarded person.
Gu Lengchen quickly looked at her eyes and the screen display was indeed her mobile phone number.
"I believe that old saying" Gu Lengchen sighed shallowly.
"What common saying?" Ye Ran faintly felt Gu Lengchen laughing at her.

Something happened to Yunjia.

Many fengduo had different opinions and even gave up the guard area, which caused Tianyuan alliance to be furious and forced Yunjia to make concessions.
But this does not include Zhou Jia.
This also made Yun Haitang quite gratified that he was not deeply discussed by both sides soon after Zhou Jia joined.
But even the other side didn’t throw stones at some of their own …
Thoughts turn cloud begonia hands is not a tight.
"But there is no other idea." Zhou Jia bluntly said.
"If there is any appointment, please inform Miss Yun before the meeting."
Cloud begonia face light smile ears with a quiver.
"Brother Zhou is lucky. I still have a soul lock button here."
Chapter 62 temptation
Compared with a few months ago, the mansion was deserted, with a lot of courtyards covering tens of acres, and only some Xu Fanjie were busy.
See line to two servants are devoting to upon.
Cloudy begonia swept its eyes, and the courtyard was deserted. The contrast in the past was even more lonely, and a complex feeling rose in my heart.
She comes from a noble family.
Yunjia’s first daughter, famous teacher and pupil
Talent is even more extraordinary. Breaking through the limit of every order early and setting foot on the silver realm is known as Xuanshuangjiao.
The outstanding repair and history allow her to be a novice even if she is not familiar with the world and has no experience in dealing with foreign affairs.
For hundreds of years.
Yun Haitang has never worried about his future.
If we follow the steps planned by our family and elders, she will become a cave one day, and the pillar of Xuanpai will also lead Yunjia to continue the Millennium scenery.
She also doesn’t have some peer’s rebellious mentality. She pursues so-called freedom, loves and abandons the future at her fingertips.
No mistakes.
Never thought …
In less than a year, everything changed suddenly.
In the past, others’ awe and envy eyes no longer reflected to seeing and hearing those schadenfreude banter and whispering from time to time.
Even the attitude of being close to teachers and aunts and friends has changed.
More than attitude
And pressure!
She was almost out of breath when she didn’t have a backer on her head.
Be short of money …
Everything came one after another.
Pan Lao leaned down to meet up and took out a present.
"There is only one soul lock button in the garage."

Wentao had already explained the chaos when he left, and he clearly knew the rules.

"These are people from Shuxin clinic who will be here with you later, especially him. You should take him to make out and play boxing first."
"Ah …" Chaos trembled a little when he heard the boxing match.
"Don’t worry about the rules. You can decide the number of games in advance. Don’t kill him and bring it back to me later."
In the eyes of chaos, Luo Zhenfeng is like a baby, and Wen Tao gave him such good conditions.
"Gaga … boss … find you are really a good boss …"
"I …" Luo Zhenfeng just wanted to say what people have been taken away by chaos.
Wentao pointed away from chaos. "This is the god beast Chaos. He has no name now. Anyway, there would be no other god beast in the fix-up world. You can call him Chaos directly and you can’t mix it. You can also call the other side Chaos, and then you can practice it."
"Boss ….. but said before laojin … this chaos is worse than three times the peak scattered fairy! ! ?” Looking at Luo Zhenfeng being taken away, Ling Yunzhi also felt a chill behind him.
"It should be better. You all have to play boxing with him after you are not in a hurry."
"Ah …" Everyone in boxing matches already knows that it is Wentao’s method of calculating chaos.
Some things are explained, but they are boring and need to be explained. Just like the topic they just discussed, Wen Taogen will not explain it.
Directly decorate the people and give them the spirit gathering needle. Now the power of Wentao spirit gathering needle is much greater than before, and it is much more detailed, and it can be fine-tuned according to the different cultivation methods of different people.
After a few minutes, chaos brought Luo Zhenfeng back. He was badly hurt and didn’t die.
Wentao soon treated Luo Zhenfeng, but his injury was too serious, even if Wentao treated him for a few days, he could not recover.
Of course, after Wentao’s treatment and treatment, you can still participate in knowing soon.
"Chaos, after I have told them just now, you should always have a boxing match with them, and you should master the principle of active basis, just like just now, but I don’t want to be a little lighter any more, so that they can recover quickly. When Yanlin comes, you can leave a breath."
Everyone knows that this is the practice of Wentao, but when they hear Wentao’s command, they still feel cold and wooshing.
Looking at Luo Zhenfeng is an example of lying there in pain and listening, but … this guy is really not worthy of pity. Hearing that everyone should laugh like himself.
Wentao this way let chaos out of the shadows now that he has surrendered to himself, he naturally doesn’t worry about his things.
Obviously, it’s much better now that Luo Zhenfeng has paved the way for chaos.
Some reluctantly said, "OK … By the way, who is the boss Yan Lin?"
Wen Tao’s gathering needles and other medical skills make Chaos both surprised and afraid to listen to the boss. Can this person do the same thing?
"Guy … old … board … mother! ! !” Lying there Luo Zhenfeng is still unwilling to be lonely.
Chaos a listen to busy way "originally is the boss’s wife, boss rest assured that I will cooperate with the boss’s wife’s wife to say what I do"
At this time, everyone has a feeling that this chaos is like talking to him. What kind of beast does it look like? It is very similar to a pug, especially now that he is much smaller and less imposing, but the boss says this guy is fierce and evil …
Wen Tao knows that this guy is like this, and when he leaves, they will realize that the god beast is different from Beijing Ba.
With his own account, he won’t kill everyone, but he will never make them feel better.
"When it’s two years outside, it’s 20 years here. When it’s 20 years, everyone will make good use of it. In a few days, I’ll go out to the blue sea and let Yanlin come in. I’ll come in occasionally, but mainly I have to deal with some things outside." Wentao’s own practice here has reached the limit. He wants to make preparations for Du Jie in five years to further enhance his strength.
Wen Tao looked at Xiao Si again. "Xiao Si will wronged you first, and then I will think of a faster way to help you get promoted."
"Xiao Si didn’t dare" Xiao Si quickly fell to his knees after hearing what Wen Tao said. "Xiao Si is today because of the boss’s command to let Xiao Si do what Xiao Si should do."
"Well," Windows moved to let him up and didn’t say much. Once again, he gave a careful account to all the people.
"Boss …" Wen Taogang was about to take Xiao Si out to the secular world when chaos stopped Wen Taogang.
"Well … it’s like this … I play that game with guns and planes, which is quite interesting. I think …"
"You want to have some real fun."
"Uh-huh ….." Window a hit chaos busy nod.
"Looking for him" Wen Tao refers to Luo Zhenfeng’s body movement. He has gone out with his fourth year and soared for five years. I don’t know how far Shu Mountain has been arranged. How far has Yan Lin studied the seven-color rain in the blue waves and the sea?
Shushan jianpai secular world head office
The secular world of the Sword Sect in Shushan has become stronger and stronger, and it is also quite huge to rebuild the palace. They chose a mountain area and two hills, and then slightly disguised the array.
Luo Tengyun, the door of the main hall, quickly walked in.
When the guards on both sides of the "main manager" saw Luo Tengyun coming, they all bowed down and saluted.
Luo Tengyun is now a celebrity around Thunder, and he has been turned into his personal manager. After all, the things of Shushan Sword Sect need to go through many things, and the strength must be enough. Although Luo Tengyun’s strength has also increased rapidly recently, it is not enough to enter the management of Shushan Sword Sect.
The thunder temporarily ordered his head to be the private manager, and everyone knew in their hearts that Luo Tengyun’s future development potential line was respectful to him.
"Well" Luo Tengyun nodded and went in directly.
"The boss has heard from Mr. Wen, and he also said that he would discuss with us about the five-year promotion in ten days." The sudden disappearance of Wentao made the Shushan Sword Sect feel a little flustered. If Wentao does not appear five years later, it will become a target of public criticism.
When the time comes, there will be a lot of arguments.
The thunder they arranged a five-year appointment while looking for Wentao. This time Wentao disappeared for three years in a row.
"It’s true …" The thunder surprise finally arrived from the beginning.
"Just now, his agent just gave me the information." Luo Tengyun also didn’t see the leader smile for a long time. This matter is so important that the leader doesn’t blame him for his death.

"hello, sister-in-law"

His voice is hoarse, as if he had caught a cold.
"Are you still in the hospital? How’s the little darling?"
"I’ve already gone home," Han Zhaolin whispered. "I just got out of the hospital and it’s not a big problem for the time being. I fell asleep."
Gao Ge was relieved and whispered, "When the little darling wakes up, please tell her that I will visit her in a couple of days."
Han Zhaolin should be in a hurry. "Sister-in-law, I have to hang up. I have work here."
Song dazed, just when Han Zhaolin hung up, there was a hysterical word "roll" in the microphone, which was the essence sound.
It seems that the two people have not been relieved by the improvement of their children’s health.
Sing with a sigh put away the phone.
"Come on, every family has difficulty chanting scriptures. They must have had problems a long time ago, and they can’t solve them overnight."
Sugar cube reminds her with a makeup brush, and while giving her makeup, she says, "It’s enough for you to bewitch your president if you see such a thing or stay away."
Speaking of MuYunZe singing, I thought of Xu Anyan. She drooped her ears and sighed, "MuYunZe’s childhood is back."
Sugar cube Zheng "You mean what’s that called?"
I nodded in a high voice. "I met someone at the party last night who was very beautiful, with big breasts and big hips. I should be thin and fleshy."
"Gee, is this to boost others’ morale and destroy their prestige?"
"I mean, really, she speaks in an orderly way, and her voice is as smooth as water, which makes your bones crisp."
Sing a song and smash it. "It turns out that the president likes this kind of tone before."
Sugar cube looked at her again and asked, "Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?"
"Of course not!"
Singing is very serious. "Of course, I admit that she is a little worse than me."
Sugar cube.
"No one is more suitable for you than you and MuYunZe."
Laughing loudly and bending your eyes "Thank you for your compliment"
Two people chatting one build what did not build.
Today’s itinerary is simple. There is a fashion magazine interview that can be done before noon.
No sooner had the makeup been painted than the cell phone rang.
She wiped her hands and pressed the answer with her mobile phone.
Singing in front of the mirror and stroking the folds of the clothes, the sugar cube had finished speaking when I turned around.
"Ge ‘er may go back to the company in the afternoon."
"What is it?"
Singing doubts
"The role of" Flame "has changed, as if it is going to be replaced."
Chapter 154 Can’t be a man and talk about acting
Chapter 154
Since she was drugged by Su Jinghuan at the hotel, she has been avoiding going to the company so that she will be uncomfortable if she doesn’t meet.
After the magazine interview, Fang Tang drove back to Borui singing loudly.
Just entering the hall, I saw Sister Chin waving to them.
Two people tandem walked past.
Section 17
Singing and lip-licking, "What’s the matter with Sister Qin?"
Sister Qin whispered, "Flame has attracted investors. At their request, they need to install several actors from other companies. I’m not sure about the details. The crew of Flame is meeting you in the building to have a look."
"Why didn’t they all sign the contract before? They said that changing actors would make fun of people?"
Sugar cube frowned in a bad tone.
She has been in the circle for a long time, and she hates this kind of role being cut off halfway.
It’s not easy for anyone to work hard to get the role, and someone else will change it for you in a few words. Who wants it?
Singing is calm. She pressed the sugar cube and whispered, "Let’s go and have a look first."

The boss of the state construction group personally said that there is a shady inside?

A reporter looked at manager Feng sympathetically with a sigh
This is, of course, Chen Baizhou, a reporter from Virtual City Television University.
It took Jia Yelian a long time to remember to clean up the mess.
Mom, what might happen if Feng always makes such a noise?
Although the competition was lost to the virtual city tunnel construction and the Neng Manor, the state construction group is still one of the largest project builders in the state, and their technology has always been recognized as the strongest in the state.
It is very easy for them to influence public opinion by saying so.
Not to mention, General Manager Feng puts on his qualifications before he talks about his feelings. What he says depends more on his credibility.
Jia Yelian almost saw the stock market of the Atlas Group plummet. What can I do? How to clean up the mess
He hurried to the stage and reached for the microphone, but he took one.
I don’t know when Zhuang won’t come to Taiwan and smile happily.
"Ahem, everyone, please be quiet." Zhuang has also participated in several activities not far away. I still know that he smiled. "Let’s thank General Feng for his wonderful speech."
"The outline of General Manager Feng’s speech is highly thought-provoking. Everyone must study hard and try to figure it out carefully. Let us applaud General Manager Feng."
"pa pa ~"
Not far from Zhuang, it bulges first.
Everyone paused for a long time before remembering to applaud.
"This manager Zhuang is also a talent." Someone gathered around Glory Ann and whispered.
"Last night, I poured a face of wine on Mr. Feng in public, but the label in front of the reporter is decent and humble, and it is also a young talent …"
Modest and decent? Do you have any misunderstanding about these four words?
Even if you have no misunderstanding about these four words, you must have misunderstood Zhuang not far away.
Glory Ann really wants to cover her eyes if possible.
"Then the groundbreaking ceremony is over. The ceremony is a successful ceremony, a successful ceremony and a meaningful ceremony. Please applaud."
Not far from Zhuang, he took the lead again.
Everyone, this is all white.
Oh, Zhuang is not far away. This is to end the ceremony early and disperse everyone. Something more uncontrollable has to be done.
But how can reporters let him go?
They all pushed forward with cameras on their shoulders.
"Manager Zhuang, is there really any scene in this?"
"Will this tunnel really be dug up as General Manager Feng said?"
Facing the long guns and short guns, they clapped their hands not far away and said, "Don’t worry, everyone. Now that the groundbreaking ceremony is over, let’s have a rest and do it again and again."
"What? You don’t want to rest? As I think … Then we can save some time directly … "
"Completion ceremony."
Zhuang nodded not far from Taiwan. Someone pulled the fixing bolt on the back panel wall and then suddenly pushed it back.
"Boom" a wall dumped a deep tunnel and extended straight to the poor distance.
Chapter 496 I am an old vet specializing in bragging.
In front of the flip wall, the eyeballs are jumping around and the teeth are colliding
At that time, everyone didn’t know what to say.
This is false … Really false … Really true …
Don’t talk about reporters, even Jia Yelian, who is not far from Zhuang, has stayed away.
He knew that Zhuang would be built soon, but he didn’t expect Zhuang to be built so fast!
He is very ambivalent at the moment.
My first thought is, mom, I haven’t prepared the project payment yet.
The second thought is, oh, my God, today we bought those properties and they soared!
Crazy! Crazy!
Not far from Zhuang, he didn’t stay in Taiwan, but retired to Glory Ann.
Several reporters swarmed into the tunnel.
"Really dug through?"
"No, it’s more than 30 kilometers!"
"Which have so simple? Must have dug a part … "
"Then who’s the car? Let’s go first and have a look!"
"You ah you … you this is not give me trouble!" Zhou Xiangan couldn’t wait to stab Zhuang with one finger.
Zhang Dafan and others worked overtime yesterday and haven’t gone back yet!

What is this power that can contribute to a city with a population of 10 million overnight! If they want to, they can fight all that way to the Terran imperial city.

The Terran Imperial City and the Terran Emperor also thought of this.
The roar and roar of the emperor of the Terran in the court is deafening here!
"Then I lost Heisen City! Lost it! Do you know! "
"The whole empire ranked the third largest city! East Wan Li Territory Economic City! It’s gone! "
The Terran Emperor was so angry that his face was flushed and his wings trembled slightly behind him. He was so angry that he almost fainted.
There are not many cities in the Terran Empire. There are seven big cities left, all of which are small towns and villages. It is precisely because of the small number of cities that every big city in the Terran is the leading city in the western continent! Representing a powerful racial, economic and political background! God’s anthropomorphic treasure!
However, this treasure actually changed hands overnight!
"positions! Hey! Don’t be angry! "
King hand Alberta hurriedly knelt down.
"Hum! Aren’t you angry? The Alberta family camp has been captured! What do you think I should do! "
The Terran King looked at Alberta with a smile.
This is an important minister of the empire. He made the whole Alberta family shine, and his name became the family name.
"Old minister, old minister"
Alberta’s sadness comes from the heart, tears are shining, and she is kneeling and crying. You want the old minister to make decisions! The old minister Heisen city people are lucky! Even my seven-year-old grandson didn’t escape! "
"what! Little Alberta didn’t escape! "
"How hateful! Where did this group of lowly humans come from? It’s so bold that they don’t look at my God Terran! "
"kill! Must kill! "
"Pursuit minister request rate army to play! Get back my Terran Treasure City! "
"I also request to play!"
The whole court martial ministers were indignant, and they all went out and knelt down, full of blood and hatred, and asked to play.
This Terran God was much better than the Night Clan in the East China. At least the court is not so easy to deal with because of its strong national strength.
The Terran Emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly and suppressed his anger. He sat back on the throne and suppressed his anger. His fingers tapped on the throne and ignored a group of kneeling martial ministers.
It was a long time before he murmured, "Playing is a must! Heisen city should come back as often as possible! Otherwise, the world will bully me! "
"But how to play! I have to think twice about this matter. "
The emperor of the Terran asked with a sigh, "These Terran soldiers must rely on Heisen City. They are definitely not so easy to deal with!"
"If you wait any longer, I’m afraid that the prisoners in Heisen City will suffer!"
There are Wu Chen worried about all kinds of said
The protoss is very powerful, but the population is not too large, barely exceeding 100 million in the vast imperial territory, so the population is really too small.
All these ministers are really worried about the captured Heisen people.
"I know!"
The Terran monarch is impatient and irritable, but he always tells himself to calm down.
Damn it, lowly humans dare to attack our Heisen city. I must let you know that the Terran is powerful!
"Scatter the DPRK!"
"I’m going to the Vatican headquarters to meet the Pope!"
The cold voice of the Terran monarch made him want to use the power of the kingdom to help him, because they are now a community of interests, and the priest of Heisen City has disappeared. It is impossible for the Pope to ignore this matter!
On the afternoon of the same day, the headquarters of the Terran Didu Church.
"I’ve joined the Crusader in the secret law, and both the Crusader and the Pioneer have lost contact."
An old church with resplendent sound sounded, "Father Emmanuel and Archangel Torenus can’t have suffered an accident."
The emperor of the Terran has a terrible expression, and the hot tea in his hand is shaking and spilling a little. He muttered, "Pope, do you mean that something has happened to the adults?"
The Terran King did not show disdain for the Terran in front of the Pope, because the Pope is also a human being, and he is a higher-level human being.
The old pope has a good eye, but his eyes are drooping and he has the strength to say, "The Crusades may also be wiped out."
"If I guess right, this group of people who suddenly appeared in the east and hit Heisen City may be from the eastern mainland."
The Pope took a sip of hot tea like a dying old man. "Don’t forget that there are humans in the west continent but there are humans in the east continent! Moreover, human beings in the eastern continent have unified the entire eastern continent. "
"There is a powerful country in the east! It’s called Yanhuang! "

Su Li summoned the six-armed demon, the virtual shadow arrival, to meet these spider silk

Gong Xiao summoned one shield after another to protect himself.
Water’ beast let out a scream and jumped up from the crocodile turtle’s back and fell to the top of the building. The huge golden flash was released in all directions. These blood spiders screamed and were chopped over.
The people came to the roof one after another, and an endless stream of three and four blood spiders appeared.
Su Li’s attack is mainly aimed at the middle and fourth blood spiders. Every time they kill the first and fourth blood spiders, they can harvest a spiritual source.
Soon, more than 34 blood spiders died and released their own thunder. The number of spiritual sources he had has become 16, and the distance breakthrough is getting closer and closer.
Suddenly, a very strange spider appeared among the blood spiders. This spider is about the same size as a four-level blood spider, but there is an extra layer of spikes on the red carapace outside its body, which makes it look particularly ferocious.
Su Li hit the "peep symbol pattern" and immediately captured its message.
"The name bloodthirsty spider level 4 bloodthirsty spider evolved from the blood spider, and the elite beast will have faster speed and stronger power than the blood spider bloodthirsty spider. Spitting out the silk contains stronger neurotoxins, and the bloodthirsty spider has a certain probability of evolving the leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider to kill the bloodthirsty spider to gain special abilities."
Su Li’s induction message secretly nodded. A more powerful four-level elite bloodthirsty spider finally appeared outside the three-level and four-level blood spiders.
Since this is a monster’s lair, it will certainly not simply hide some ordinary blood spiders. There should be more powerful monsters. Perhaps there are more powerful monsters besides this elite beast-level bloodthirsty spider, such as the leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider, which may appear soon.
Suri read this. The first bloodthirsty spider has quickly climbed to Suri. Now it is released. The power of thunder attack is not inferior to that of general skill attack. This bloodthirsty spider was immediately killed and brought him two spiritual sources. It immediately emerged in my mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 14/2"
Behind this bloodthirsty spider, there are more and more blood spiders on the water surface, and the number is less than 1000 in a short time, while bloodthirsty spiders appear around this building one after another.
Five people and one beast surrounded a small circle, surrounded by an endless stream of monsters.
More and more spider corpses piled up around the crowd.
"How much is Su Li still short?" Ding Longyun’s continuous launching of "air missiles" can harvest a large number of spiritual sources, but a few of them are fighting for a long time because of their limited physical strength, unlike the ancient city, when they encountered more monsters, they were not afraid that they could be replaced in shifts.
The existing five-person and one-beast method is replaced.
Su Li’s harvest spiritual source has broken through 1,900 pieces. Ding Longyun asked, "It’s almost a few dozen pieces short."
Conveniently, the Red Crescent Dragon was cut and pulled out. From just fighting to now, he didn’t move the Red Crescent Dragon. He attacked with "black thunder energy" and "high pressure strike" to save physical strength.
When the red light flashed, the red crescent dragon cut and so on, a bloodthirsty spider was split in half, and Su Li’s mind immediately reappeared the message.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 1912/2"
Now he still needs a spiritual source.
A scream sounded, and a huge giant spider suddenly jumped on the edge of the roof behind the bloodthirsty spider he killed.
Some of these giant spiders and bloodthirsty spiders are covered with ferocious spikes like their backs, but they are twice as big. It’s like having a car there.
Su Li can guess that it must be a leader-class bloodthirsty giant spider without moving the "peep symbol pattern"
Followed by his "peeping symbol pattern", he captured the information of this giant spider in front of him. As he guessed, this is a level 1-5 bloodthirsty giant spider.
The bloodthirsty giant spider is a five-level leader. The strength of the beast is almost comparable to that of the four-level rare beast. It is absolutely not weak. It has a sharp mouth and claws, and its huge body leaps up and presses against Su Li, with a faint wind.
Su Li summoned the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow to appear and take the initiative to meet this blood-thirsty giant bead. He put his hands together and cut the red crescent dragon into the first form of "devil muscle"
Before, he has always been in a normal state, and he can deal with these ordinary or elite spider monsters with his realistic strength without moving "devil muscles", which can also save physical strength.
If it is a normal combat, you can fight for 45 minutes with Su Li’s abundant physical strength.
However, the first form of "Devil’s Muscle" was seriously entered by the five-level leader beast Su Li, and the physical strength was doubled, and the strength and speed were doubled.
Whew, a red crescent dragon chop faster speed and power. This five-level bloodthirsty giant spider root doesn’t dodge, and I didn’t expect its strength and hard armor, Su Li strength and monarch weapons to be vulnerable.
Five leaders beast will be a cliff was killed a lot of juice spilled out.
As Lingyuan sank into his forehead, new information appeared in Su Li’s mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 192/2"
Slaughtering this five-level bloodthirsty giant spider once gave him a spiritual source.
Entering the first form of "devil’s muscle", Su Li became faster and killed the bloodthirsty giant spider. After he shook his body, he flew around the edge of the building like a disease arrow, and red light flashed everywhere, one after another, and the blood spider or bloodthirsty spider broke.
In an instant, Su Li killed four or four blood spiders and three or four bloodthirsty spiders and harvested one spiritual source in one breath. The number of spiritual sources he now owns has become 193.
"There are still 70 pieces left!" Su Li silently thought that there was a scream and a low noise around the roof, and suddenly five giant spiders appeared, all of which were bloodthirsty giant spiders of the five leaders.
Chapter 434 Monty
"There are so many chief spiders in this little spider nest?" Su Li’s eyes were slightly surprised.
In addition to his initiative to meet a water’ beast also jump towards a rush to the water’ beast strength is very strong, let alone the five-level leader spider, even the five-level rare beast will be able to fight it.
Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuijue also blocked one after another, and Ding Longyun and Xu Xuehui dealt with it together.
Su Li first succeeded in slaying a bloodthirsty giant spider and harvesting a spiritual source, followed by Jiang Shuixuan.
Now, she can use three or three Jiang Shuijue’s "fog doppelganger" respectively, and nine figures formed by black fog surround a bloodthirsty giant spider, which will soon succeed.
Su Li secretly nodded in his eyes. Jiang Shuixuan succeeded before Gong Xiao. From this small detail, it can be seen that if Gong Xiaojun’s main skill is not counted, Jiang Shuixuan’s strength has surpassed Gong Xiao.
Of course, this Gong Xiao body combines part of the energy of the mysterious blood. That blood does not evolve her immortal spear into a monarch-level immortal spear. It also strengthens her strength in all aspects of her body and gains a substantial increase. Compared with Jiang Shuixuan’s ability, it is a lot worse.
Su Li feels that Gong Xiao can be judged by the "peeping symbol pattern". Perhaps she has occupied the monarch’s skills alone. Otherwise, it seems that it is still difficult to crush the leader and the strong by her realistic strength. It is a bit reluctant to judge the medium strength.
Three howls, three howls, and suddenly three bloodthirsty giant spiders jumped on the edge of the building.
Along with them, there are more bloodthirsty spiders, because there are more and more bloodthirsty giant spiders, and they are almost impossible to insert.
"There is something wrong with this. Why are there so many leaders and beasts hidden in this spider nest?"
Su Li looked at the three bloodthirsty giant spiders again. It seems that this nest still doesn’t know how many leader beasts are hidden. This situation is somewhat abnormal. Don’t say that it looks like a small monster nest. Even every time a monster attacks a city, there are not many leader monsters.
Not Su Li, several of him also realized that there was something wrong with this spider nest.
Su Li’s figure, if attached to slay two giant spiders, will slay several elite spiders. He is now short of 40 spiritual sources to break through the opportunity, so he can’t give up naturally.
In order to kill these leaders and elite spiders faster, he suddenly entered the second form of the more powerful "devil muscle", and his fighting power suddenly rose to three times, which made the speed a little scary. Spiders broke one after another everywhere.
And a more amazing scene is also constantly emerging. There are fewer and fewer ordinary blood spiders and elite bloodthirsty spiders. On the contrary, the number of this leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider is increasing. Soon, this area is not large, and the number of bloodthirsty giant spiders on the roof has reached ten, which does not include the fact that they have just been killed by everyone.
More than fifteen leaders beast Ding Longyun, Gongxiao several people felt a little pressure Ding Longyun strength this bloodthirsty giant spider is able to do harm to him.
Su Li prevented him from having an accident. The second form of power broke out and ran all over the place. He showed the crushing power of this five-level leader spider, and even the five-level leader bloodthirsty giant spider immediately shattered and killed, and he felt that messages kept coming to his mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 1973/2"
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 191/2"
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 19/2"
Every time you kill a bloodthirsty giant spider, you can get a spiritual source. The number of spiritual sources in Suli is changing at an alarming rate.