"It’s really busy again," said Yu Han, who had got up and left for the stern. I don’t know when there was a bigger wave than before after the warship.

Let’s go back to the cabin! Jose said and got up and Domino went to the cabin.
The cabin of a large warship is very large, and there are bars in addition to kitchen, cabin, bedroom, public health and other facilities!
Bar! This is a place where the class members have nothing to talk about. Compared with the serious atmosphere of its generals, Jose leads the troops, except for some important occasions when he needs to salute and say hello. Moreover, the boatmen are divided into three classes.
Morning shift-16
Middle shift 16-24
Night shift-
There are about five soldiers in the warship, three in the early shift and 12 in the late shift.
Every shift has hours of work, and they still have plenty of time to relax without encountering pirates. It’s not true that when Jose and his wife first entered the last big bag of the cabin, there were already 70 people chatting inside.
"Lieutenant General is good"
"Hello, Sister Domino"
"Sister Domino is getting more and more beautiful."
Say hello one by one, and Jose said to everyone, "Why didn’t you say I was handsome!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha! !” A burst of laughter rang out.
"Lord Jose is eating cool, so make up for it."
It’s really watching everyone having a good time. Jose walked to the bar counter and praised, "Miss Beautiful Lena, you are getting more and more beautiful."
Lena is a famous Nyarina. One of the beautiful nurses on the boat is also a bar worker. Domino is about the same age. She has beautiful red hair and blue eyes.
"Hissing" suddenly, Jose felt his back and gasped, then he remembered that Domino was next to him!
"Please get me a bottle of the most handsome wine (jerez)," Jose said to Lena with embarrassment.
Sister hee hee domino, you are too strict! Lena handed the wine to Jose and then turned to Domino and said, "Be careful to be scared away."
Chapter 53 Chasing Lieutenant General Gulas
"It’s good to scare away!" Domino laughed and soon Lena chatted together, so that Jose could silently turn around and find a window seat and sit casually.
The atmosphere in the bar is very good. Drinking songs, chatting and chatting, everything seems to be very harmonious, just like nothing.
The storm comes and goes quickly, and Jose looks at the rainbow hanging on the horizon outside the window with one hand and can’t help but sigh, "It’s always so beautiful after the rain."
Little by little, the sun set to the west, and by this time it had disappeared. The clouds in the west had already been dyed red. Jose shook his head and looked at Domino, who was still chatting with Niarina. Sometimes he really couldn’t figure out what he could say for so long.
Jose finished his last sip of wine and went over to say, "Arno, I’ll go back first."
"Got it, honey," Domino said to Jose, then turned to continue chattering.
"A pirate ship was found at 7 o’clock behind the report."
"Who is the pirate ship?" Rain cold shouted
After the report, the soldier didn’t look back, but continued to look at the flag of the pirate ship in the distance through the telescope. "I haven’t seen the flag. It is painted with a skull wearing a crown symbol. It is estimated that it is a new pirate group."
When the soldier answered, he turned around and said, "I might be able to find it."
"Don’t worry about him. Every minute counts on this voyage," Yu Han ordered.
"Yes," the soldier replied, and then continued to pick up his glasses and concentrate on observing the whole warship belonging to his alert direction. The main mast was guarded by lookouts, and four or five people were watching the situation in all directions. His soldiers were ready to stand by.
Time flies like water, and it is night.
The crescent moon spreads over the whole sea like a hazy moonlight, reflecting a kind of spiritual loneliness and beauty to this scene. In this scene, a warship is quietly parked there, making the already lonely scene even more lonely.
It’s the turn of the warship’s night soldiers to patrol and guard the watchtower. Sasaki’s soldiers looked up at the bright night and habitually murmured, "I hate the night shift the most."
The large warship room is so big that you can compare the halls at home. Even if you put a lot of things in it, Jose still feels very spacious.
Desk Jose came through the window, and the dim moonlight brushed his notes and wrote a diary. There was no light in the room because he didn’t want to disturb Domino, who was asleep.
"I’m sorry to bother you, it seems." Jose put down his pen and turned to Domino who had woken up.
Domino shook his head and pointed to Jose’s notes. Some people don’t understand that it is graffiti! Those symbols look and feel so neat
"What is your painting?"
"This is a diary."
"Why don’t I understand?" Domino thought for a moment and then said, "Is this ancient writing?"
Jose zheng then laughed, "This is not an ancient script but another script."
"Oh" Domino replied, "Can you teach me?"
Jose looked at Domino in surprise. He didn’t expect her to make such a request. Jose couldn’t help asking, "Do you want to peek at my diary?"
I just want to know more about you. Domino hugged Jose and murmured, "I just want to know more about you, you know?" The longer I get along with you, the more I feel that I don’t know you anymore. "
Jose mistakenly asked, "How?"

Yan Wang and Jiu Zhong successively chose the "reconciliation" option, and the reconciliation effect took effect. The hell of Tiandao League was released from the battle state.

Here, the anticlimactic battle of Heaven League’s Hell Blossom has officially come to an end.
Office of Chairman of Yanhuang Building, Greater China Game Group
Hear the announcement of the mass Gao Qian all can’t help but be surprised "how can it be so fast? This "Era" game has just entered the middle stage. How did Japan block the border so quickly? !”
HuaWenChang smell speech smile "fast? It’s already a week late. If it hadn’t been that small … Huaxia District would have been in a war disaster by now! "
"Chairman of the Japanese area with Huaxia area but feud they this a dozen border blockade is bound to be the first to point to my Huaxia area! We haven’t hit the border to block the Japanese area yet, but we have no scruples about limiting the repeated surge of troops and invading China’s Huaxia area. We are bound to fall into a very passive situation! "
"Yes, chairman, do you think we can send a unified notice to inform the players in Huaxia area to quickly find the border scrolls and complete the national war and the border blockade in the shortest time? !”
"Hum …!" Hua Wenchang smiled mysteriously. "We don’t need to worry about this … someone already wants to be ahead of us!"
"… who’s that? !”
"Don’t you know it when you look at it ~!"
Ri qu da Shen Meng hui Zhu cheng Tian Zhao cheng hui yi Shi center
Jiugong Great God’s face is as heavy as water, and a face of serious sitting in the main seat. All the people in the hall swept the sink and said, "Are you ready?" !”
"Ready! !”
"good!" Huo Ran, the great god of Jiugong, got up and said, "The soldier is very expensive. We’ll start now! !”
An hour later, Jiuzhong led the marine corps with 10 million troops, and 5 million troops were tied in the sea in front of the coastline with dozens of super warships.
Although the border is blocked, there is still a sea separating the Huaxia area in the Japanese area. If players want to invade Huaxia area, they must first cross the natural barrier.
With a wave of his hand, the Nine Heavenly Gods "Body Marines board the ship! !”
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Invasion
? Ten million marines go their separate ways like a black dragon, and dozens of super warships go into the sea in an orderly way.
After the Marine Corps boarded the ship, the Jiugong Great God did not board the ship, but gave the command of the Marine Corps to his confidant Liangchen. "Liangchen Marine Corps will be led by you! And I will lead the combat troops to rush to Huaxia District as soon as possible to land on the beach in the shortest time and pave the way for you to arrive unprepared in Huaxia District! "
"white!" Good minister Zheng Chongchong nodded at Jiugong Great God and said, "Please rest assured, young master, that good minister will not fail in his mission!"
"Well! Then I’ll go first! !” Jiugong great god drove the mount beast straight into the sky and came to the front of the battle force with a wave of his arm. "Let’s go! !”
Five million ghost war troops roared across the sky like locusts crossing the border and went straight to the Huaxia area across the sea.
On the way of the troops marching, Jiugong God made voice communication, which made the international channel call four people successively. They all said the same thing: "Did you pull out your troops? !”
Answering Jiugong Great God is also the same sentence "already on the way! !”
"Very well, don’t move to the designated place without authorization, wait for the other ministries and departments to arrive, and then we will act together!"
"This is natural!"
Huaxia district ethereal imperial city jinluan hall
All the heads of the army and all the players in hell are gathered here, and their eyes are focused on the Nine Heavenly Bodies of Longtai Golden Tower.
"hey!" Nine heavy said a pick from her brow, "I said, why are you all staring at me with small eyes at each other? ! What should I do? I think it’s getting late. Wash and sleep! "
They smell speech looked at each other, and finally, someone asked on behalf of Double Lyu3 bu4 at the place, "The Japanese area has been blocked and I don’t know when it will come to invade our Huaxia area, so … shall we? !”
Nine heavy responded "what’s wrong? Now that we have been ruled out by a cancer in Huaxia District, why are we still worried about such a national event? !”
"But …!"
"Nothing but!" Jiuzhong flatly said, "No matter what you are thinking now, put it away for the time being. Do what I ask you to do. Don’t ruin my plan!"
Say to see all the people still hesitate to look nine m not m not earlobe inscrutable one laughs "rest assured that there will be time for you to play, but not now! Is it white? !”

"… you are’ forcing’ me to be a thief!"

"It was already when you promised to have sex with me."
"…" The wind "disorderly" dance was speechless.
It is no wonder that the judge will lend a helping hand at this time when he thinks that it is easy to pay late.
"All right, I’ll join in."
"Welcome to this way, there will be another powerful businessman in the group."
I watched the list of group members carefully, and Khan was really in it. Then a few of them occasionally took a dip in the general business alliance group, and more of them installed bodies in the general business alliance group.
But silence doesn’t mean they don’t have the strength, and they know how much money they have.
"What are you going to do?" The wind "disorderly" dance to continue typing "private" chat the judge asked.
"When the time is right, show your cards to the owner. It’s time to change his bullshit rules."
"… I heard that the group owner is a super local tyrant and has hardly said anything after long-term diving."
"It is because I am a local tyrant that I see him unhappy."
"Come on, you know, there is such a group, and everyone takes care of each other."
When it came to the early morning of September 7, the game began to maintain this National Day reform.
Chapter 763 Fixed color
At this moment of national celebration, dnf is also full of joy.
Although there are not many National Day activities, the quality is very high.
The National Day gift package is not very pit, and the title belongs to’ sex’, which is unanimously recognized by the majority of players and praised by a large number of buyers, leading to the proliferation of fantasy travel titles.
The ex-factory price of Star Fantasy Brigade is not as low as the ex-factory price of Tiger, and it is not as exaggerated as the current price of Tiger title. At present, the prices in all regions are hovering around 10,000.
Ten p.m.
"Brother Xiong is going to accept the title now?" A new line in the group suddenly typed in the group and said
Today is October 1st, the third day after the National Day update.
After the update, the group line received an instruction from the unlucky bear that the title should not be in a hurry, so that the majority of lines should wait first
This wait is three days.
However, in the past three days, Tianyu has asked the line to pay attention to carefully observing the price changes of the auction house title.
Many lines also found problems.
"Don’t worry, wait a few days. Anyway, the gift package won’t be put on the 11th." Tianyu replied by typing in the group when official website gave the gift package frame.
However, when Tianyu calculated the gift package rack, it suddenly occurred to him that things happened in the past.
"In fact, there is a big need for the gift package rack and the player, right? I remember that most of the gift packages were shelved for a month later; Now this time period is half a month, which means that dnf has not yet begun to decline. A gift package is released enough to attract players to buy, and it should be a last resort to adjust the length of one month later. "
It is definitely not difficult to make a profit from the game if it is not pornographic.
"Oh, when can Brother Xiong start to receive the title?" Another line bubbling typing asked
"You’d better think for yourself about this. Whether it’s the veteran line or the new entrants, you can always’ touch’ the door when you go through such a period. I was also following you two masters to’ touch’ it. "
"Second in charge! No wonder brother Xiong and the second husband are so iron. "
"Yes, brothers" Tianyu regrets replied.
Here Tianyu let the line people observe the meaning of title price, which is to let them discover the law of business price.
At first, when the title first appeared, the price could be sold for more than 30 thousand
Affected by the title of tiger, many players think that this price is quite affordable.
However, if you know how to analyze the players, you will know that when you first came out, it was only because of the low output. With more and more players buying gift packages, the sales volume will definitely become a problem.
Once the title in the player’s hand can’t be sold, the only way to give priority is to reduce the price.
If you start to cut prices, there will be a price reduction situation.
The price of 30,000 yuan just left the factory was just a glimpse of the flowers, but it dropped to about 10,000 yuan in three days.
Moreover, this situation is not unique to a certain region, but common in all regions.
Then the title price trend should be up and down.
One of the factors is that businessmen in various districts have started to act.
In the eyes of major businessmen, the title of Fantasy Travel is definitely a sure-fire business, and everyone will be stupid. It is estimated that businessmen have already started to do it before they hold their horses.
This also involves the competitiveness of buyers.
Once you follow the trend and buy the title, the price of the title will naturally start to rise.
Therefore, the title price drops first and then rises like a U-shaped line.
If you can buy in large quantities at the lowest point, you can maximize your profits.
Tianyu’s purpose now is to let the line analyze this lowest price by itself.
"Second, when do you think the absolute strength big business will start receiving the goods?" Tianyu "private" chat two whew asked.
"It’s hard to say that the number of players who bought the gift package just after the update is the largest. As time goes by, the number of people who bought it should be less and less every day, and then a few days before the shelf, the speed is a little slow in terms of the title output. Merchants may start at any time." Erxiu typed back.
"Well, I’ll ask someone else."
Tianyu said that "others" are naturally naughty and Khan with businessmen.
"Oh, my God."
This is Tianyu’s reply message after asking naughty questions.
"How much are you going to take?" Tianyu is afraid to ask this question. After all, this information is still very important for a businessman.
"Let’s have one in each district."
"That’s not a lot," Tianyu said, looking at each other and replying to typing.
"Always leave some way for other businessmen. Collecting one in each district will not have a great impact on the auction house price. Just don’t collect so much at the same time," naughty explained.
"all right"
"What about you?"
"I don’t know. I’ll wait for you to collect it first anyway."
"… this is really from a business population?" Naughty unbelievable typing replied

Xu Sirui explained, "I don’t know why Brother Yin gave me medicine, but this thing was actually brought in. You can take one first to relieve pain."

The small medicine bottle is almost full. After all, the medicine just arrived in his hand and it didn’t take long to consume much.
Qin Sang also don’t polite to him, stuffed a terrier neck pharynx in the mouth.
"This game NPC? How did you get us involved without showing up? " Zhong Yan nao nao head muttered
Looking around, there is a rich and vast grass color, and there is no living thing except them.
Far and wide
And … It seems windy?
The tall grass leaves sway slightly as if they were alive.
"This is not the same as before." Fang Yin put his fingertips on the swinging blade of grass, feeling that it was not sharp, and the blade of grass slid over the palm of his hand, itching, trying to judge the chaotic wind direction. He looked at everyone’s eyes and remained silent for more than two seconds, then moved away without trace.
He turned his eyes back to Qin Xu and said, "Let’s say for the time being that the vortex door leading to the environment in each game environment rotates clockwise and is not as attractive as this time, but this time the vortex rotation direction is counterclockwise. I guess …"
Fang Yin paused and then said, "What did Qu Youyou do?"
"Music leisurely? Is she that big? We all come in together, so many people are still confused about how she can know so much about the dreamland. How can the dreamland be her home? "Zhong Yan waved and felt that Fang Yin was a little too demonized and long-winded.
But as he spoke, his voice gradually dropped to a stupefied look, and Fang Yin didn’t look very good.
After he joined the Seven Killings, Ji Du cooperated with Lu Li and Xu Sirui in the dreamland and Qu Youyou. When he acted together, there were not many two people whose goals were inconsistent, so it was difficult to get together.
It suddenly occurred to him that the woman who had contacted Qu Youyou several times really mastered the dreamland.
Zhong Yan was silent.
After half a ring, the words "It’s not impossible" were suppressed.
Fang Yin just wanted to say something about Qin Gui and Zhong Yan, but suddenly his face changed and he stood sideways in front of them.
"Someone" Qin Yougui said.
Not necessarily a person, to be exact.
As soon as Qin Xugui’s voice fell, they felt the ground shaking. It seemed that something was leaning towards them.
Half-man tall grass leaves also stagger up.
That root is not due to the wind.
It’s the high-speed movement of that thing that drives the airflow
How big is this?
Fang Yin’s face was black and his muscles were tense.
It’s not a monster
But a rabbit
Except for being bigger, it seems to be the most common kind of rabbit
Except big.
This rabbit can beat ten squares, and its size is more than three times as high as theirs. No wonder it makes them feel that the ground is shaking when they run.
The giant rabbit was not aggressive, and even when it was near them, it was startled by the sudden fire in generate in Qin Sang’s hand.
The rabbit confronted each other for a moment. The rabbit suddenly turned around and aimed his ass at several people. His ears were soft and he stuck them behind his back. His red eyes looked back and looked at them affectionately.
And then …
Shake its fat ass.
See people face a red.
This little rabbit, uh, no, this giant rabbit doesn’t seem to be as delicious as a former NPC
Its limbs are moving to print what information they are sending.
"You want us to … go to your back?" Fang Yin carefully leaned over and gently caressed the rabbit’s soft fur and tentatively asked
The giant rabbit has a gentle temper
When Fang Yin touched it, it didn’t listen to him at all. The rabbit must have looked at him for two seconds and shook with excitement, bending down even lower.
I don’t seem to understand its meaning correctly
Fang Yin spread her wings and landed firmly on its back. Seeing that the rabbit was motionless and didn’t mean to resist, she looked down at Qin Zuo and returned to them. "I’ll bring you."
Take one at a time.
Qin Hui’s return and Zhong Yan’s improper printing tape can go on their own.
After a few trips, everyone settled down on the rabbit’s back
Fang Yin once again lamented that the rabbit was huge.
They don’t feel crowded at all on its back, which shows that its back is wide.
Hardly had they sat still when the rabbit suddenly moved.
It jumped too suddenly, and a few people caught the rabbit’s back fluff in the turbulence to stabilize themselves. Qin Sang had a wound in his left arm and almost flashed from the rabbit’s back with one hand and was dragged back by Zhong Yan’s load.
The rabbit moved quickly and took them across the vast grassland all the way to a huge iron gate.
Then he turned in from the gap in the iron gate and ran along Shier Road.
What I saw along the way was ridiculously big. For example, they gradually turned white. Maybe it was not that the rabbit was too big, but that they all became smaller. Everything became huge for them.
What is this?
Alice in Wonderland? Or lilliput?
The rabbit jumped up the steps and got in through the door left unlocked. The room was dark and the piano came from the floor intermittently.
The rabbit stopped at the edge of the table leg and shook a few people.
"It seems to be a sign for us to go." Zhao Ganyin timidly looked back at a few people at the edge, and she immediately bowed her head without panic.
When she suddenly spoke, several people didn’t react at the moment.
The rabbit shakes again.
This time, Zhao Gan didn’t speak again. He hung his head and clutched Mao Mao on the rabbit’s back.
Xu Sirui easily understood that her mood was bright, and there was something in the fox’s eyes. Then she turned to look at Fang Yin and said, "She said it makes sense."

"In my opinion, your business in the city is getting bigger now. Why don’t you just close the mine and wash it thoroughly?"

"To tell the truth, eldest brother, younger brother also had this idea, but South Vietnam sent there is not good. When the limelight of this matter has passed, I will immediately send a trip to South Vietnam and quickly close the mine. "
"well. I will send someone to keep an eye on it these days, and you must not relax there. Anyway, wait until the limelight passes. "
Listening to those words, Xiao Wen’s heart has set off waves. What the fuck is going on?
Look at this situation, the deacon Wang has been bribed, and the one opposite who is called the eldest brother by Qian Fu calls himself "Qi Mou", and some people even call him "Fu Ye". Who the hell can this be but Qi Ruiwen?
Feelings, they took the trouble to pick out two trustworthy big shots, which have been turned against by Qian Fu first …
However, what is the "incident" mentioned opposite? What else do you say, "Let’s wait until the limelight passes"? What limelight?
The specific situation Xiao asked is not clear, but with a little judgment Xiao asked, it must be related to the black mine!
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Chapter 44 Thunder
Can it be said that Niu Tong has also successfully escaped and is taking action?
However, it’s just a small Niutong, enough to make "this incident" and let Qian Fu say such a thing as "avoid the limelight first". Xiao Wen always feels that Niutong can’t have that much energy. Who is Qian Fu? He has a backer in Xianji House. Once someone showed up and told on him, but he didn’t sue him. Isn’t it too serious to take Niu Tong?
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei just listened until the people next door left Lanyuelou.
In the private room called IELTS, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei looked at each other, and no one spoke for a long time.
"We must have overlooked something." Shi Guangwei suddenly frowned.
"I think so too. Well, let’s find out one more day tomorrow. "
"No matter what they say, they must pay great attention to confidentiality, and there will be very few people who know it. I don’t think it is possible to find out the real situation again."
"Then just grab a Qian Fu’s hand and say hello, er …" Xiao asked suddenly to stop, and his brow wrinkled.
Shi Guangwei took a look at Xiao Wen and said with a wry smile, "Did you think of that, too?"
"With Qian Fu alert now, it is impossible for us to get any news from those unimportant people. If we catch his confidant, it will be extremely difficult …" Xiao asked slowly to express his thoughts.
"Yes. We can’t do this anymore, maybe we’ll head into Qian Fu’s trap. "
"Wang Wangyue and QiRuiWen already can’t count on it. The only thing that can help us is the Luo Fu Lord who has never been in charge, right? I will blow up! "
Sensing Xiao Wen’s negative emotions, Shi Guangwei stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Wen’s shoulder, and sink a track: "What we ordinary people are doing is to make a black mine owner and a famous businessman with a surname in Changqing City ruin his reputation. How can it be so easy to succeed? Brother Xiao, hold on. "
"I know, that is, the fire in my heart is really uncomfortable. This dog thief, if I have a high level, I will directly cut off his dog’s head with a sword, which will not require so much effort. "
"Ha ha, that makes sense, but you’re only a junior fairy, and there’s still a long way to go."
"It’s time for us to repair our hearts. In two three months, we will be a middle-ranking fairy. Hehe, we are only a small realm away from Brother Shi."
"You are quite optimistic. Let’s go and go back to the inn first."
After a quiet night, the two went out together the next morning, but instead of going to Xianji, they went directly outside Xianji House.
The Xianji Mansion in Changqing City is quite large in scale, and many places in the periphery are designed to better serve the people who cultivate immortals, just like public ones, so basically many outsiders visit here every day.
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei mixed in the crowd and looked aimlessly, but in fact they were paying attention to the people around them.
It only took one morning for them to see the problem. Some Fuwei paid too much attention to tourists, and there were about twenty or thirty tourists who were completely pretended by locals. Xiao Wen even found the guys in Qian Fu’s shop!
One morning in the past, a total of two waves of people came forward to set Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei’s words, all of which were prevaricated by them. Although it was near misses, Xiao Wen still couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Should I set you up?
So enraged, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei all felt that if they were so eager to bring down Qian Fu again, they would definitely give away the clues; Also, they did miss any important information that was unfavorable to Qian Fu. Otherwise, Qian Fu wouldn’t need to put on such a big show.
How can we be content to advance and retreat when there is danger?
Gloomily, then two people had a lunch, Xiao asked also rare to accompany Shi Guangwei to drink some wine.
"Xiao brothers, this matter is urgent. What do you think? Let’s quit Changqing City and go to a nearby town. "
"Go to the nearby town?" Xiao asked stare big eyes.
Shi Guangwei smiled, still seriously looking at Xiao asked.
Xiao asked immediately to know that this was Shi Dage testing him again, and immediately used his brain.
After a while, Xiao Wen suddenly flashed his eyes: "You mean that we can’t get that news in Changqing City, but it is possible in a nearby town?"
"Not bad!" Shi Guangwei nodded appreciatively, and further analyzed, "Qian Fu’s power is no matter how big it is, it’s just in Changqing City. On the other hand, no matter who caused him trouble, the other party probably didn’t mind spreading the news to those small places on the edge of Changqing City first. "
"Well, there’s nothing going on here anyway, so let’s go."
Shi Guangwei liked Xiao Wen’s style of doing things, and immediately replied, "Go, I’ll return the room in the inn."
Just in the afternoon, they left Changqing City, and wanted to go straight to the nearest small town. On the way, Xiao Wen saw Shi Guangwei’s hesitation, and after a little thought, he understood, so he took the initiative to say, "Brother Shi, we don’t know how long it will take us to find out outside this time, and we have been out of Qiyun Town for a few days. I’m afraid Cui Jing has been waiting. Why don’t we let her know first and then go on?"
"Ha ha, your boy’s eyes are quite poisonous. Things have changed, and I think we really should tell Cui Jing, so let’s go back to Qiyun Town first. "
"I don’t have this eyesight, I still come out to mix, hehe."
Two people immediately changed the reverse, at full speed to habitat cloud town.
After a few days of getting along, the two of them got to know each other a little.
In Xiao Wen’s eyes, Shi Guangwei is definitely a friend worthy of making friends. Because Cui Jing was in trouble, he immediately devoted himself to this matter, knowing that there was danger and never gave up. What’s more, he had already seen that there was something wrong with the money and fairy wares that Xiao asked, but he never asked more. It felt like he didn’t care about anything, even if it wasn’t reasonable.
In Shi Guangwei’s eyes, Xiao Wen is simpler. He is an upright young man who has just entered the celestial world. He is pure in nature and full of hope for the future, but he is not so green. His career as a mining slave for more than half a year has made him more mature than his peers.
Nothing happened all the way. When the sun sets and the moon rises and the stars are all over the sky, the two of them are finally close to Qiyun Town.
I couldn’t wait to come back immediately to tell Cui Jing everything, but at the moment, both of them have a different mood.
At the thought that Lao Cui’s head is still in hot water, it’s more likely that he is actually dead, but they haven’t done anything for the time being, and they have failed. How dare they see Cui Jing?
This is a fucking reality!
The heart was shaken, but they didn’t stop at their feet. Soon they arrived outside Qiyun Town. When they saw the scattered pedestrians in the street, even the technique of soil dun was too lazy to use, and they ran directly to Cui Jinggu’s small stone alley.
In a moment, they reached the corner, and they always slowed down and walked towards the door of the steamed bun shop step by step.
At this moment, two people almost at the same time heard a faint cry coming from the steamed stuffed bun shop, Cui Jing!
What’s going on? !
Two people glances, all is to speed up the pace, soon arrived at the door, I saw the shop door wide open, there are a bunch of neighbors in the room!
Cui Jing was completely surrounded by the crowd. Shi Guangwei was very concerned and immediately shouted: "Cui Jing!"
This sound immediately alarmed the people in the room, and the neighbors immediately separated, looking at the door and letting the two inside out.
Cui Jing has been crying pear flower with rain, although it is looking to the door, Youzi and an old man like a beggar embrace together.
Shi Guangwei didn’t have anything, but Xiao asked, "Uh", and then completely froze on the spot. It really felt like thunder exploding in his ear in his sleep.
That old beggar who hugged Cui Jing, his mother is old Cui Tou! ! !
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Looking at the invitation to the moon, he guessed that she had something on her mind. The servant came over with the fried soup. "The public medicine is fried!"

I took the medicine bowl and lifted the moon invitation, so that she could gently scoop up a spoonful in her arms and feed it to the mouth of the moon invitation. In a coma, the moon invitation rejected the bitter medicine juice and refused to drink it. Finally, it flowed down the corner of her mouth to the neck and soaked her chest collar.
I couldn’t think of the simplest and oldest way. He poured the soup into his mouth, bowed his head and invited the moon lips to pour the medicine into the mouth, and the dryness immediately filled his mouth …
Inviting Yue Neng wanted to spit out the medicine juice and immediately noticed that his tongue resisted Inviting Yue’s tongue and insisted on letting the medicine juice flow into Inviting Yue’s throat. The tongue intertwined from feeding medicine to kissing deeply …
Looking at this scene, I lowered my eyes and left the room to invite the moon and two people …
Finally, after the medicine juice is fed, the moon is slowly put back to the table, and the bowl is carefully tucked for the moon, while she keeps changing wet towels for her.
"Well … it’s so hot …" Invited the moon to feel hot and want to be bored and tuck her in.
"Cold … cold …" Cold is such a torture. It’s cold and hot. At the moment, I invited the moon to be shivering and braved the cold sweat to hold her tight, but I invited the moon to be cold and cold. My fingers grabbed my hand. "It’s so cold …"
"Invite the moon …" Love dearly held the invitation and kissed her cheek.
"Don’t go, don’t go … don’t lose me … don’t lose me …" I invited the moon to see those brown eyes in my dream.
"Invite the moon, invite the moon … you won’t die … invite the moon …" It suddenly occurred to me that human body is the best heater, and the body temperature won’t make her cold or hot.
Thought of here, I faded my tunic and got into bed naked, and my heart suddenly accelerated inexplicably. Little by little, my thin tunic slowly faded, and two graceful bodies were intertwined. Suddenly, there was a hot body around me to invite the moon. I wanted to climb and he tried to rub it in my arms …
"It’s cold … hug me …" Invite the moon to hug and whisper "it’s cold …"
This temptation is a desire to torture the body, and he is awakened. He holds the moon invitation tightly, and his soft body clings to his hot body. At this moment, he is crazy about melting her "inviting the moon …"
The voice is full of desire and depression. The palm of your hand caresses the smooth skin of inviting the moon like a warm wind. "Hmm …" Inviting the moon to sing a more tightly.
"Invite the moon … don’t touch …" Trying to endure her illness, he can’t help himself at this time.
In the morning, the sun shines through the window on the bed in every corner of the room. A man and a woman are hugging each other and sleeping. There are already busy footwork outside the door.
I invited the moon to sleep bleakly only to find that my body could not move. Only then did I notice that there was a person sleeping beside me, and his hands were tightly locked.
Invited on one leng feel naked, they last night … Don’t … Try to remember but can’t think of anything, and feel very painful and dizzy. "Hmm …"
It seems that the wedding night is a veritable invitation to the moon. She was a little annoyed last night. She was a little uncomfortable and listened to what she said in her ear. Later, her eyes were black and she couldn’t remember anything.
I remember the first time I saw him, he was so refined, and the moonlight looked so beautiful, giving people a sense of beauty that can be seen from a distance but can’t be abused.
Fingers gently climb his face and follow his outline and lines to outline him. He is really beautiful.
Open your eyes and stare at your lips and pull an arc. He woke up with a smile.
Invite the moon to look at him with a pair of bright star eyes.
"See what?" Smile "You were sick last night and scared me to death … but it’s okay …" I will invite the moon to hug my arms and lean on his generous chest to listen to his strong heartbeat. He is still nervous.
"You took care of me all night?"
"What do you say?" Spoil a little bit and invite the tip of the moon to be charming and say, "You were very enthusiastic to drill into my arms last night!" "
Inviting the moon turned red. Although this kind of thing has long been used to it, she is really a little embarrassed to say it. Otherwise, how can he mix a bed and blush … will be laughed at.
"By the way, you should take medicine …"
"Drink medicine?" Inviting the moon suddenly recalled the bitter taste "taking medicine again …" I hate Chinese medicine the most.
Put on a gown, bring a coat to invite the moon, and then knock on the door "bring the temple medicine!" "
"Yes!" After a while, the footman brought the fried medicine juice over and took the tray to the door again. "I have asked them to prepare candied fruit!" "
Inviting the moon to take over the medicine bowl didn’t get angry and said, "although I said I was bitter, I haven’t reached the point where I can’t swallow!" "
"…" I don’t know who refused to swallow a bite last night.

世What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on

Someone inspired the ban!"
"What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!"
"Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go! "
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
"There are other treasures!"
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
"ah!" Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
"Someone triggered the ban!" Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
"Go in!" Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
"Hey!" The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.