I thought that if I suddenly attacked at this time, I would succeed in nine times out of ten, but the location here is not suitable. A stone blow is bound to disturb the surrounding patrolmen and cause big trouble.
Zhu Gao Zhihe wants to find a place that is absolutely hidden, and Su Li also knows that he won’t ride here very obediently.
I also have some expectations for him to go to the ancient ruins.
Empathy If you are Zhu Gaozhi and want to move some mysterious ability to seize possession, you must find an absolutely hidden place where people can’t find it, so ancient ruins are the best place.
In all likelihood, Zhu Gaozhi’s statement that he brought himself into the ancient ruins was true, not deceptive.
Of course, after entering the ancient ruins, it is not to help yourself to make a breakthrough, but to find a suitable hidden place to seize your body.
It is not surprising that Zhu Gaozhi can know some ancient ruins when the top of these bases has broken the boundary and has been constantly honed.
Zhu Gaozhi doesn’t have too many thoughts in his heart at the moment. After all, Su Li is also a 15-level newcomer, and he has a 5-level difference with himself. Isn’t it just casual to hold him as a newcomer?
Zhu Gaozhi did Sarah laugh and thought that Su Li was still very grateful to himself at the moment, knowing that he had concealed three talents for him, and now he is taking him to the ancient ruins to help him break through the promotion. It is estimated that he has regarded himself as his patron and the most respectable predecessor at the moment.
With Zhu Gaozhi’s command, the black wind eagle fluttered into the sky and flew half with two people in an instant.
The black wind carving is very fast, and Zhu Gaozhi commands to fly to the north.
It’s the first time for Su Li to look down from the top for half a year. All the land is flooded, and almost no large land can be seen. Many small pieces of monster nests like floating islands can be seen.
These monster nests are scattered all over the place.
It’s wonderful to be in the half line of sight and look down, and it’s very easy to find the monster’s nest
"This flying mount is great. We have to find a way to get one."
Su Li envied him, but he was afraid to play it for the time being.
After all, if Zhu Gaozhi is killed by himself, riding his black wind carving will inevitably arouse the suspicion of the base.
Zhu Gaozhi took Su Li riding a black wind sculpture and flew for nearly an hour, all the way north, at least 100 kilometers from Shoude City, before finally landing.
Su Li arrived in vain.
Fang is a vast body of water, and at first glance there is nothing.
It’s just seven o’clock in the morning, and the black wind carving soon landed at a height of only thirty or forty meters above the water.
"Let’s go," said Zhu Gaozhi, taking the initiative to turn over and fall from this black wind carving back.
Su Li took a deep breath gently, showing that the equipment covered her body and followed closely.
Zhu Gaozhi showed a set of metallic monarch equipment, which was shrouded in golden brilliance, and he appeared to be majestic and fell into the water, and waved at the half-black wind sculpture at the same time.
The black wind carving immediately flew away into the distance.
He and Su Li have similar ideas. Once he has captured Su Li’s body, the black wind carving can’t be used for the time being, otherwise it will inevitably arouse suspicion in the high-level ears of the base.
Zhu Gaozhi never doubted the IQ of executive adults.
This time, I was able to fool him completely because I was too hidden. He never thought that I actually had the ability to move my soul away from me. I didn’t think about it, but if I suddenly found myself in the dead zone and disappeared, Su Li was riding a black wind sculpture that I used to mount, so I didn’t doubt it.
The black wind eagle flew towards the distance and soon disappeared. Zhu Gaozhi was shrouded in golden light and sank into the water. Su Li followed closely and the two men continued to sink.
With the continuous sinking, Su Li found that a large number of green algae plants were floating in the water, and the more algae there were, the more dense they were, and there was a faint fish-like shadow shuttling through Su Li’s "peep symbol pattern", which immediately captured these 12-level ordinary beasts, the black-scaled fish beasts.
They may have been frightened by Zhu Gaozhi’s golden splendor, and they all fled from their roots and dared not approach.
Su Li saw in his eyes and thought that this is about the coercion of the level 2 super strong.
Compared with Zhu Gaozhi, who is covered with golden splendor, his body is covered with dragon attribute equipment, and the surface also has a halo. This water exudes a soft light, which is far less dazzling and blazing than Zhu Gaozhi’s equipment.
Soon Su Li saw a lot of green algae and a pile of black rocks.
A large number of black rocks piled up into a stone mound, the surface of which was covered with green algae. Zhu Gaozhi waved the golden light with his right hand, and the waves in the water quickly covered the surface of this pile of black rocks with green algae, showing a deep pit inside.
Zhu Gaozhi made a gesture toward Su Li and then drew toward this deep pit.
When Su Li saw this, he realized that this pile of black rocks should be the entrance to the ancient ruins.
He silently followed Zhu Gaozhi behind him. Once he entered the ancient ruins, it meant that Zhu Gaozhi could do it for himself at any time. His nerves immediately tightened and he was in the highest alert state. The third talent has been quietly launched and triggered at any time.
Su Li followed Zhu Gaozhi into the deep pit in this pile of black rocks, just like passing through a black passage. Suddenly, the deep pit brightened at the moment, and the two of them had entered a square stone room about 20 meters vertically and horizontally.
There is no water in this square stone room, and you can breathe and talk freely. At the end of the stone room, there is a stone door with a light curtain on its surface, which will seal it up.
Su Li can see at a glance that this light curtain is a seal crystal, which should be Zhu Gaozhi’s stay to seal it against being intruded by outsiders and gain the benefits in this relic.
Zhu Gaozhi finally entered the ancient ruins and breathed a sigh of relief. When he got here, he was not afraid of being peeped by outsiders. This is an ideal place to start work.
In my heart, I immediately had a plan to plot against Su Li, but I converged on my face. The golden helmet smiled gently and confused Su Li. "This is the ancient heritage …"
As he spoke, he quietly moved his strength to prepare for the surprise attack on Su Li.
Halfway through the conversation, I suddenly realized that something was wrong