This shop is the most square in that row of apartment buildings
Will there be any other export categories? Wait a minute. Isn’t everything in the secret world loaded? How about the wall?
With this in mind, Lin Yue gently retreated to the store and put the sheepskin on the ground and greeted Xiaobai with a piece of wood.
"poof-poof?" Xiao Bai can’t understand the master this time. What is this for?
The bakery is gloomy, but it seems quite spacious inside. Lin Yue gently searched around and found that it did not lead to the stairs on the second floor.
Holding a hand tube, Lin Yue didn’t forget to search all kinds of things all the way to the kitchen oven. He just collected an oven and accidentally found a rusty metal door.
Door? Is it the way to the rear? Luck seems good.
I was wondering if I should try to include the back wall, but now it seems that it can’t be rooted.
"Poof Ji" Xiao Bai signaled that there was no danger behind the door. Lin Yue’s hand touched the goalkeeper and earned it.
A light instantly entered the dark kitchen, and Lin Yue also leaned against the wall and waited for a short time before he stepped into the tall grass behind the house.
"There are a lot of cars behind this apartment building." There is a parking lot behind the apartment building. Large and small cars are parked here, but most of them are rusty.
The volume of cars is not large. Lin Yue calculated that it is smaller, about three cubic meters, and larger, just four or five. For his current 42 cubic meters, it is no problem to put six or seven cars except some necessary things.
But even if you want to do this, you have to remove the danger first.
So go around to the front or just leave?
I’m afraid I can’t. Lin Yue looks ahead, and behind this apartment building is a vast expanse of land. It seems that he wants to build something. It seems that cement has paved a considerable area. Further on, there is a road that is not wide. Although there are trees, it is much more sparse.
If you want him to go forward and meet any enemy or the enemy behind you, there is no way to hide. It would be sour if he was attacked from front to back.
What’s more, regardless of this broad undertaking, it is also the best attack place for those monster pterosaurs.
Seems to be able to bypass the building and go back and fight those people? Or …
Lin Yue looked around a circle and suddenly found an escape staircase at the end of the building.
"Small white attention alert" Lin Yue will take off the exoskeleton and wear the bone armor and run quickly.
He could hear what the people in front were shouting, but it didn’t matter anymore.
I hope this metal escape staircase won’t rot for decades.
Lin Yue called Xiaobai, one person and one pet, and kept climbing to Lin Yue. Although the stairs are full of rust marks, they seem to be quite strong. Every pedal is thick and there is nothing deformed.
Climbed all the way to the 12th floor, and Lin Yue went straight to the roof.
The wind on the roof is stronger than the surface, and it is covered with all kinds of rusty machines. There is even a water tower that is not too small.
However, the water tower has been completely damaged, and there are many things like feces on the surface.
Lin Yue didn’t step into this rooftop with a horse, but took a piece of sheepskin cover and slowly moved to the edge and looked around.
A pile of coke with a strong smell came into view and the shouting seemed to continue.
What the hell are these people doing? Why do we have to fight to the death?
Lin Yue said no, Sister Li.
He shook his head and aimed the crossbow at the ground from the roof.
Condescending, he has the advantage!
Chapter 124 Give them the last lesson in life!
Rooftop breeze bursts
Lin Yue and the little white head covered with sheepskin quietly waited for the opportunity.
He aimed at the ground with an alloy crossbow in his hand, while Xiaobai continued to be alert to danger.
Lin Yue also has regrets.
This place is less than 30 meters from the ground, but he hasn’t been here several times, and he hasn’t seen the ground almost vertically.
He was glad that he didn’t have acrophobia, which made acrophobia patients die instantly.
He moved from the bakery to this high place, and he almost took advantage of it. Otherwise, the small bakery that was blocked might be in a great passive position if the other party sprinted.
The sight scorched the body of the monster pterosaur, smoking plumes of smoke, but the former propagandist still didn’t stop, and it even meant to intensify.
Moreover, there is more than one sound, one is that he can’t understand, and the other is English.
Is there anyone else? How many people are there altogether, or is this a large group of people?
With too little information, Lin Yue can guess by some clues now.
The alloy tactical crossbow is taut, and the crossbow keeps firing at any time. He is also waiting for the moment when the enemy can’t help but rush out.
People don’t attack me, I don’t commit crimes. If these people leave him after a verbal attack, there is no need to do anything to them.
We’re all earthlings. Why do we have to fight to the death?
Lin Yue upholds the principle that everyone should be peaceful without interfering with each other, but if the other side wants him dead, then he will never be soft.
The first three marauders are the best examples. Which one got away alive?