People are social creatures, everyone has his own position, but everyone’s position is never in direct proportion to his own ability, but more or less in proportion to certain characteristics of his body.
Not far from Zhuang, it seems that Zhou Xiang’ an is the type he admires most. From the day he first met Glory’ an, Zhuang had an ambition not far away, that is, to bring Zhou Xiang’ an in.
Today, not far from Zhuang, my dream finally came true.
And Zhou Xiang’ an didn’t let him down, so he presided over the earth planner after returning to work.
At this time, not far from Zhuangfang, several schemes are very mature.
Zhuang looked through it not far away and asked Zhou Xiangan, "Uncle Zhou, which one do you think is the most feasible?"
"The plan of in-situ reconstruction in all States is the highest. After all, it is difficult to leave the homeland, but it is no longer feasible."
"The offset projection scheme is to rebuild all the States according to their original geographical relative positions. This scheme is also supported by many people, but it also has some disadvantages."
"Some people suggest rearranging, for example, dividing some States that used to be feuds and conflicts with each other to reduce the earth conflict. It looks beautiful, but the fact is meaningless. Conflicts always happen and some States are not very popular. Everyone is reluctant to get close to them … and some States are too popular."
Such as the current state
Moreover, the present technology has reshaped the concept, and it doesn’t make sense to be near or far.
Zhuang nodded not far away. Now the sugar ball factory in the manor supports steel doors with almost exhausted resources. All isolation has lost its meaning.
"So I personally support this plan … Hundred Cities and Thousand Towns Plan …"
"The original ruins rebuilt 100 largest and most important cities and built 10 super-large cities. In addition, 1,000 functional towns were restored. Everyone temporarily arranged 1,000 small towns to live according to their origin. All cities stripped their residential properties from the current cities, and only the administrative, commercial, industrial and educational centers built various large-scale facilities … His population flow was relatively closed, and control was strengthened to create a relatively closed and stable living and living environment."
Not far from Zhuang, Zhou Xiangan was tongue-tied. This plan is really too radical.
Changed the living environment and habits of human beings from the root.
In the past, everyone squeezed their heads and squeezed into big cities to enjoy more resources and a better life.
Is this good or bad? Zhou Xiangan, an important official in the world’s largest city, must have a deeper understanding than Zhuang.
But now everyone has been pulled back to the horizontal line, and the big cities have occupied more and more resources, and the characteristics have been erased.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Residential workers and others say that this can be said to redefine the human way of life, and what changes will it bring?
But on second thought, it seems to be similar to the manor. The whole manor is completely separated from work because of the trail.
A large number of steel doors can ensure that the distance between two points on the earth is not more than half an hour, which is enough to undertake the responsibility of manor trails.
Now the earth has more than one billion people, and the plan of 100 cities and 1,000 towns can be fulfilled.
Even if there are any omissions in this plan, the manor has enough ability to control the situation and change the plan.
"Then do it," Zhuang said.
Zhou Xiangan hesitated instead. "Do you really want this plan?"
"This plan is for you to come out," Zhuang said.
Xiang-an zhou nodded his head.
He must have been brewing such radical and bold ideas for a long time.
"Then do it. I believe you." Zhuang said not far away.
He took the tablet in his hand and reached forward with a stroke.
This scheme is projected on the magic turtle back, and the earth projection lights up one by one.