Naruto and impatience. He shouted opposite Shu Mao and opposite Sasuke, but Shu Mao and Sasuke seemed to be dead, and they didn’t respond. Naruto’s eyes were foxed and his face and beard became thicker! Naruto tried to break the cage, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make any chakra, as if he were sealed.
As impatient as Naruto, and the tooth fell outside the cage because of Akamaru, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t reach Akamaru, and there was blood flowing out of Akamaru’s mouth, which made the tooth even more anxious.
Ningji and Ueda wanted to look around the machine with a dirty look, but it’s a pity that now they can’t use a little chakra.
Every day, I kicked the cage naively until my feet hurt and I squatted down. Now she has no sense of security! I am afraid every day.
When Sasuke woke up, he also found himself being caught up and saw those companions who fell to the ground and didn’t know what to do. chakra sat quietly and worked, but no matter how hard he tried, he felt a little chakra. He didn’t know that his chakra had been sucked away by the cage.
Also very calm, there are two people, Lu Maru Zhinai, and the other one is also very calm, that is, Ding Dingji also took out several bags of food from his glove bag and ate it on the spot in this way to suppress his fears.
Inoue Shi woke up long ago, but Inoue didn’t believe it was true because he saw a lot of blood flowing out of the opposite tree Mao and the smell of blood was in her nose. As soon as Inoue thought of going to that cottage for the first time, she thought of watching the scene at that time. She was very afraid of Inoue, just like seeing those bleeding corpses at that time. Inoue wanted to escape, but this place was a place where she could escape. Inoue chose to pretend to sleep to paralyze herself!
At the moment, the most rewarding is KINOMOTO SAKURA, whose strength is at the bottom. KINOMOTO SAKURA is very happy to learn medical skills because his body skills and endurance are very weak. What does KINOMOTO SAKURA say is rewarding? It’s simple because KINOMOTO SAKURA found out that some people in his cage were not breathing. What does this say? These people who are not breathing are corpses? Some people still breathe, but that’s normal people’s standard breathing. After the ups and downs, it doesn’t look like injuries, serious injuries and other diseases. KINOMOTO SAKURA quickly judged that all the people in this cell were fake, so he sat in the prison very calmly
The last one is Xiao Li, which is different from others. Now Xiao Li’s condition is quite bad, because Xiao Li has been tied to a column and has suffered some torture. Those people gave Xiao Li a whip without saying a word. It is very simple that Xiao Li resisted when he was stunned in this cage during the process of being restrained, and then the people around him got angry on the spot and tied Xiao Li up directly without saying anything. Now Xiao Li can be said to be raw. To be continued.
Chapter 7 Trial of KINOMOTO SAKURA’s Choice
"Be honest and tell me how on earth you found our village and what is going to destroy so many of our villages!" A man with a whip in his hand whipped Xiao Li and yelled at Xiao Li!
This face has a long scar and a face of hair (beard and long hair). It looks particularly fierce and has a very strong figure. Although it is still a long way from Xiao Li, when he speaks, he spits out spittle and splashes Xiao Li’s face. Xiao Li feels an abnormal stench, and he immediately feels a thread in his nose and stomach.
Retching along while xiao li glared at him "little ye just don’t like you mountain bandits that zha ground? Young master, I just want to kill you inhuman animals! " Then he vomited blood in his mouth to the scar face.
There’s a situation in KINOMOTO SAKURA, because KINOMOTO SAKURA has obviously discovered that those people are fake places. KINOMOTO SAKURA is very calm. When she thinks of Shumao’s abnormal human training measures, she immediately knows that this is also an examination place. When KINOMOTO SAKURA saw those people coming to prepare for her trial, KINOMOTO SAKURA said the first thing.
"The elder brother of the tree mau? Take me there! "
Sure enough, the two men were immediately stopped by KINOMOTO SAKURA’s bombing. At this time, KINOMOTO SAKURA suddenly smiled at the eyebrows. At this moment, the two men didn’t know that they were fooled by this Xiao Ni! One of the men beat a stone wall to show that he seemed sorry 2.
At this time, Shu Mao came in with Meimei with Xiao Bury. Shu Mao’s first sentence was
"How did you know about this training plan?"
"I observed that the people in those cages are not our people at all. Some people don’t even have heartbeats. Some people are bleeding around them. It really smells like blood, but his breathing is exactly the same as that of normal people. He is not a weak and seriously injured patient. Although his people are injured, you should know that we are children. How can children not moan when they are most afraid of pain? Even crying won’t feel strange! But, uh, they’re all dozing off. Am I right?
Besides, I’ve seen this cage without sound insulation, but they can’t hear me. Isn’t that strange?
Finally, I just tested them and they were blown out by me, so I decided that this was just an assessment. "
"Very well, in view of the fact that you are the first to find the problem here, you don’t attend this assessment and I will give you full marks directly!
Of course, now I can give you a second choice, that is, you should rescue those teammates.
The former is that you can’t tell them that these are assessments, and you can’t even hint that they are assessments. At the same time, during the assessment process, our people will secretly stare at you and ask you to do something bad, so you will be out. If the other people are out, you will be divided with them.
But if you want to save them, then you can get full marks for all those people you save, and you will have a try after the examination.
KINOMOTO SAKURA, what choice are you going to make now? "
"then what can I get if I continue to participate?"
"It’s very simple. This cell will come out. You can walk around the base at will, but if you are caught by those guards, you are still out!"
"How so?"
"You know, if you take part in it, it’s a secret rescue. We know it, but we won’t say anything because of the principle of confidentiality. Those guards outside certainly don’t know your identity, so if they catch you, you’re a failure! To be honest, the risk is quite high. You should choose to rest directly instead of tossing. "
"Well, I understand. Does that mean that if I attend, I can find a way to save them myself? Without help? "
"That’s true!"
KINOMOTO SAKURA gritted his teeth and thought for half a day to take part in the conversation, which is not good for himself, but also has the risk of being found at any time! If you don’t attend, you may still have food to eat, but will you attend?
"I’m in!"
"Really? Are you sure? "
"Well, I’m sure!"
"good! I know! " Shu Mao picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted into it, "This is No.1, this is No.1. When KINOMOTO SAKURA is tried in all cells, KINOMOTO SAKURA will die!"
"Well, after we go out, you can move!
All right, stop it! "The second sentence is obviously to wear a mask Meimei said Meimei didn’t speak. All the cages suddenly disappeared and KINOMOTO SAKURA’s heavy feelings disappeared.
When receiving orders from Shu Mao, all the cells tried KINOMOTO SAKURA and beat KINOMOTO SAKURA. There are two questions: "Who are your planners?"? What will destroy so many of our mountains? "
KINOMOTO SAKURA, who was being interrogated, didn’t say a word. The man on the last side was snorting! "The little girl in charge has become warped!"
"Become warped braid? Drag it to the back hill to feed the wolves! "
As the manager in each cell said, several people immediately put KINOMOTO SAKURA in a bag and prepared to throw it to the back to feed the wolves.