I always feel that it is not reliable at all!

Okabo took a deep look at Zhuang, not far from Zhuang, and the kindness glow was as dazzling as the sun and the moon.
It’s just that I hope he is really a kind manor owner.
Okabo bowed hard and said, "Okabo, the pupil of the manor master’s adult, implores you to be kind …"
Then I gave a big gift with all my heart.
"Good …" Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand to help Okabo, and a message came at this time.
"Congratulations to the cruel manor owner for completing the brutal achievement of’ spending a lot of money’"
"Spending a lot of money on the manor identity card is a rarity that several powerful people desperately pursue, but your cruel manor owner has spent a lot of money on abandoning our shoes. Your local tyrants have deeply stimulated the humble civilians, who have offered their knees …"
"You’ve achieved a cruel goal, and now you’re a cruel manor owner …"
Zhuang talked for a long time as if I lost it and wouldn’t pick it up!
Losing the card is refreshing, picking up the card and crying two lines.
Those who don’t meet the requirements are the ones who pick up the manor identity card and can pick it up everywhere by themselves not far from the manor.
I spilled my identity card from the fifteenth floor and it floated everywhere. When did I have to pick it up?
Yu is cruel again. I’m used to it not far from Zhuang. What is this? Cruel is cruel!
Cruel or merciful, I am still myself.
Not far from Zhuang, I haven’t finished worrying yet. As soon as I turned my face, I saw that Okabo was gone.
"Where’s Okabo?" Not far from Zhuang, I wonder if Laura nai stretched out her hand and pointed to the ceiling.
Zhuang looked up not far away and saw Okabo sticking to the ceiling like a frightened cat.
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly feel that it is no wonder that the third pupil can become the sworn enemy of the Samsonians!
This flying skill is worse than Zhao Min’s.
How can you be so agile when you are fat as a ball? It’s not easy!
"You really are a … disabled … cruel manor owner!" Gang Bao was frightened. "No … don’t kill me!"
"Come on, don’t look at me like this. I’m really kind." Not far from Zhuang, I felt kindness and kindness. "Kindness" stared at Okabo. Look at my sparkling eyes. Look at my handsome face!
It’s a pity that Okabo was so scared that his eyes and six pupils were out of focus.
I’m so kind. You trust me. You trust me!
Not far from the eye attack, Xiaozhuang was impatient and reached out and ordered Lao Bang to "catch him for me!"
The Nathanians and the Three Pupils have been fighting for centuries …
"I’m sorry to respect the manor master’s adult, please forgive my rudeness …" I took Okabo to take him to visit the manor for a moment and let Liu Jingue sit for him for half an hour. Okabo, an ideological worker, calmed down.
In fact, he mainly found that there was a third-order adult plow cow banyan in the manor, and he could win by himself.
"I’d like to wear armor, if you don’t mind?" Gombo took his front, attracted the attention of the Nathanians, threw away his armor and put it on.
Gloves, wristbands, arm armor, breastplate, leg armor, helmet
Wearing a suit of armor is not far from hou zhuang. I feel like I’m watching a magic show
After wearing all kinds of armor, Okabo pinched his face again and blinked. A handsome little Hu man appeared in front of Zhuang not far away.
Not far from Zhuang "…"
Coach, I want to be handsome, too!
Please give me advice, for example, from a guy with a height of 1.3 meters and a waist of 1.3 meters, walking like a wriggling fat to a handsome guy with a height of 1.5 abdominal muscles!
Don’t become so handsome. Did you ask my permission? I will never allow anyone more handsome than me in this manor!
Zhuang’s heart is slowly moving closer to cruelty!
Do you want to use this guy as fertilizer for Daniel?
Okabo didn’t realize that he was in a crisis. He bowed deeply and made a very elegant ancient gift. "Respect for the manor owner’s adult exile era adventure team’ slime anger’ captain Okabo is loyal to you. Your will is my direction. Your kindness is my sun! Since I have become a manor nursing home, please allow me to protect you personally from today. "
Zhuang is a bit at a loss.
The old boomed up and said, "The three pupils have always been loyal lackeys of the manor. If they were not forced to resist, they would never rebel against the manor. Later, they betrayed the Industrial Party and turned to the manor owners again, almost making the restoration of the manor owners successful. These so-called adventure teams are all over the world looking for the benevolent manor. If you are kind to him, he will become your best bodyguard …"
Is it? Not far away, Zhuang quickly put aside the cruel desire in his heart and replaced it with the kindest smiling face "I accept your loyalty"
"Lord Manor, I beg you to give me a bottle of’ Qubing Wine’ to save my best friend Mr. Cao Xiqing."
Not far from Zhuang wondered, "Qubing wine? What’s that? "
"It’s a kind of medicinal liquor brewed by Li Manor, which can get rid of all diseases. My best friend Mr. Cao Xiqing took me in at the most critical moment and gave me a place to live, but I made him infected with pub disease, which made me sleepless. Even if you don’t look for me, I’m afraid I must come to the manor owner for help!"
Cao Xiqing took you in? Give you a place to live? Are you sure you didn’t move in by force?
Zhuang bu Li Jian Yu
But in a blink of an eye, his attention was attracted by "Qubing Liquor"
"How is this wine brewed?" Zhuang asked not far away
At the same time, the urgent words of the virtual city disease control department rang.
"What? A large-scale flu was found in the west courtyard of Xucheng? I immediately record a "
"What? Did the Second Hospital of Virtual City also find symptoms of pandemic influenza? The number of infected people has exceeded 300? "
"What? Also found in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Virtual City University? "
"The symptoms of this flu infection are very serious, and many patients have had complications."
"The fast emergency report has confirmed that a large-scale epidemic broke out in the virtual city. Please ask the expert group to act quickly and monitor the virus source immediately!"
After hanging up, the staff of the disease control department sighed, "Why come again?"
"Not used to it?" Next to a stout veteran cadre, while flipping through the newspaper, he said, "There will be a big epidemic in other places in three to five years. Our virtual city has a large flow of people, and the foreign population doesn’t come for two or three times a year. Don’t worry, the virtual city disease control experts are the best, and they will definitely be able to control the situation soon."
Chapter 119 This is the strength of big companies!
There is no windtight wall under the sun. Glory Anhe and several consultants discussed the promotion of the Magic Mountain Tunnel in the office. On the second day, Xu, the state group, got the news.
He also heard that Zhou Xiang ‘an’s opinion was rejected by several experts, who were very firm and said that the geological conditions of Phantom Mountain were too complicated for tunnel construction.
Xu has done a lot of homework on the magic mountain tunnel. He knows that the geological conditions of the magic mountain are not good
However, a large company like the State Construction Group has long been familiar with this problem.

The first wave of confrontation between the two sides did not occupy the wind, but the black-clad elephant was more concerned that the golden heavenly heart went to the gods to detect the position of the other side, but it suddenly came to an abrupt end.

The black elephant suddenly felt a black in front of her eyes, and her consciousness turned very dizzy. In her heart, she heard a louder sound than thunder and sky collapse.
"the spirit of separation of yin and yang is absolutely"
The statue in black trembled, and he felt that he was going to be divided into two individuals, and the sacred momentum of the heavens behind him suddenly became shorter, and his breath was flowing to these shapes and gods, making them seem to be separated from themselves to form independence.
Jin guang Tian Xin yin is indifferent
"I said that some kung fu is really’ a little’"
"I, Confucianism, also understand Taoism, which is a common thing in ancient times. Although you are a Taoist, you are not physically robbing others of everything. Here, the acquired state inherits the change of the separation of Yin and Yang in Tianzi, and your body is vividly displayed. Once you separate this yin and Yang, you will disappear. This is spiritual extinction."
"For example, God will split and form, and God’s wishes will split into wishes and thoughts will split into intentions and aspirations. This is my understanding of Yin and Yang, Confucianism and Yin and Yang."
"Everything is made up of Yin and Yang, even if it is a congenital one, so Yin and Yang are born in chaos instead of chaos. Yin and Yang are the two that construct the return of chaos. It is a kind of progress to return to nature, and it is also a kind of progress. Yin and Yang are eternal and have no entity, but they actually affect the world."
"In ancient times, there was no secret in amityville horror’s word-making in Cangjie, and all kinds of things could be composed and solved by words. If a single word was not enough to describe this kind of thing, then more words would be combined to express it, and I, Confucianism, Yin and Yang, would change and reverse this combination, then this kind of thing would return to an indescribable hole state, and the world would not know its name and it would die."
The statue in black looked at the sacred heavens behind her and found that they all seemed to give birth to self-will, except for self-will, Xuanwu, white face and Zhenwu, and all of them were abnormal.
Their eyes become more agile.
They are full of vitality.
"You and I separate the Yin and Yang forces and then use the hands of the three officials … not through my destiny, but through all things!"
The black-clad elephant looks gloomy. At present, the Confucian heavenly heart is beyond the previous observation, but Daoyi can’t be easily erased. So for a moment, the years shine around the black-clad elephant’s body.
Brother Jade Qing is powerful, but he didn’t reach the state of mind before going back to the past. But now he is naturally occupied by Qingyang, and he has the magical power of Jade Qing. The state of black elephant goes back to being influenced by the three officials, and everything is torn down again.
"I have a past in my past life, and I fell into the past sword."
The black-clad statue disappeared in this world and then went back to the past, waving a broken magic male sword, so the past and the future influenced each other. The gods in the hands of the three officials and the emperor were once again folded into a golden light, and the heavenly heart was once again disappeared!
"In the past … ah, it seems that Dao Yi, you still have a little lead me. You can’t make this trick."
The present body is the past body, the present body disappears, and the past body will never make a mistake again, so that the present body will always swing from the past.
The future will continue to be detrimental.
[Success or failure depends on living and moving, but it will change if you don’t stop]
[It is also called "suffering from this condition"]
Once again, the voice rang in the heart of the black elephant, and even though it was a moment ago, the black elephant was suddenly hit hard!
Yin and Yang tear the black elephant and immediately go back to the past, but every time I go back to the past, the tearing force of Yin and Yang will last forever!
"Once life is born, there is physical harm, and the disaster is already hidden. In other words, there are achievements and failures, and there is physical suffering, life and death."
"Where there is life, there is death"
"Those who die without dying are called longevity"
"The strength of heavenly heart lies in the fact that death is true for heavenly heart. When can you kill heavenly heart and die? You go back to the past, but in the past, heavenly heart tasted that it was not me?"
"After all, I am the heavenly heart here."
There is no difference between the past and the future, although you can’t really go back to the past, you can still modify the past in black. The elephant in black jumps over to kill himself in the future, but the past and the future are all his own. If he kills himself once, he can modify it once.
Tianxin’s killing Tianxin is rooted in killing this "heart"
If the sky is vast and the world is full of thoughts, and the world circulation can replace the heavenly heart, it has absolute control over the secret and cause and effect. The past, that is, the future, can be reflected in the past. When I say that the past hurts the future, it will never hurt!
"What about Tao?"
"I understand that Confucianism, Taoism and alchemy have three teachings, and I may understand Taoism better than you."
Black Ji Xiang is suddenly gushing out of Hongyun without words.
Seven red clouds ascended into the sky, but turned into darkness. A blue sheep appeared distorted from the body. When this blue sheep appeared, all Taoism stopped rotating, and Yin and Yang were no longer separated. I wished to restore the past and the future to return to one again, and a twelve-phase Taiji diagram emerged around me.
Everything in the world has been destroyed and turned into a state of order, and the past and the future have been revealed.
"hmm? Disrupt the operation of Tao, but even Tao Tianxin remains. "
Jin Guang Tian Xin Yin has some doubts, but there is no mood fluctuation.
The black image of Ji Xiang is a sneer.
"As will not die can die die? There is still a way. "
"Ah …"
The black-clad elephant has a lisp.
There used to be a magic spell that could cut off the heavenly heart. After inheriting everything from the image of Ji, the image of Ji in black naturally knew the magic spell, and the image of Ji could not be cast differently.
Of course, Daoyi himself can display it with the help of Lingbao Buddha!