His voice is hoarse, as if he had caught a cold.
"Are you still in the hospital? How’s the little darling?"
"I’ve already gone home," Han Zhaolin whispered. "I just got out of the hospital and it’s not a big problem for the time being. I fell asleep."
Gao Ge was relieved and whispered, "When the little darling wakes up, please tell her that I will visit her in a couple of days."
Han Zhaolin should be in a hurry. "Sister-in-law, I have to hang up. I have work here."
Song dazed, just when Han Zhaolin hung up, there was a hysterical word "roll" in the microphone, which was the essence sound.
It seems that the two people have not been relieved by the improvement of their children’s health.
Sing with a sigh put away the phone.
"Come on, every family has difficulty chanting scriptures. They must have had problems a long time ago, and they can’t solve them overnight."
Sugar cube reminds her with a makeup brush, and while giving her makeup, she says, "It’s enough for you to bewitch your president if you see such a thing or stay away."
Speaking of MuYunZe singing, I thought of Xu Anyan. She drooped her ears and sighed, "MuYunZe’s childhood is back."
Sugar cube Zheng "You mean what’s that called?"
I nodded in a high voice. "I met someone at the party last night who was very beautiful, with big breasts and big hips. I should be thin and fleshy."
"Gee, is this to boost others’ morale and destroy their prestige?"
"I mean, really, she speaks in an orderly way, and her voice is as smooth as water, which makes your bones crisp."
Sing a song and smash it. "It turns out that the president likes this kind of tone before."
Sugar cube looked at her again and asked, "Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?"
"Of course not!"
Singing is very serious. "Of course, I admit that she is a little worse than me."
Sugar cube.
"No one is more suitable for you than you and MuYunZe."
Laughing loudly and bending your eyes "Thank you for your compliment"
Two people chatting one build what did not build.
Today’s itinerary is simple. There is a fashion magazine interview that can be done before noon.
No sooner had the makeup been painted than the cell phone rang.
She wiped her hands and pressed the answer with her mobile phone.
Singing in front of the mirror and stroking the folds of the clothes, the sugar cube had finished speaking when I turned around.
"Ge ‘er may go back to the company in the afternoon."
"What is it?"
Singing doubts
"The role of" Flame "has changed, as if it is going to be replaced."
Chapter 154 Can’t be a man and talk about acting
Chapter 154
Since she was drugged by Su Jinghuan at the hotel, she has been avoiding going to the company so that she will be uncomfortable if she doesn’t meet.
After the magazine interview, Fang Tang drove back to Borui singing loudly.
Just entering the hall, I saw Sister Chin waving to them.
Two people tandem walked past.
Section 17
Singing and lip-licking, "What’s the matter with Sister Qin?"
Sister Qin whispered, "Flame has attracted investors. At their request, they need to install several actors from other companies. I’m not sure about the details. The crew of Flame is meeting you in the building to have a look."
"Why didn’t they all sign the contract before? They said that changing actors would make fun of people?"
Sugar cube frowned in a bad tone.
She has been in the circle for a long time, and she hates this kind of role being cut off halfway.
It’s not easy for anyone to work hard to get the role, and someone else will change it for you in a few words. Who wants it?
Singing is calm. She pressed the sugar cube and whispered, "Let’s go and have a look first."