As soon as I put my hand on her slender waist and gently rubbed it, my hands and feet were tender and delicate. "Ah!" With a thrill, he threw himself on his body and stared at him with clear eyes, accusing him of "you, you are necrotic!" Necrosis! Don’t! "

"Don’t what?" Li Yunyue low smile simply will people forcibly took into my arms kam was a lift a cover will she wrapped in judo "aren’t you tired? Just lie down for a while and wait for me to get water. "
He’s going to be a little hard on his little wife when she’s new, but he thinks she’s been thinking for so long. He’s a man. How can he control it at that time?
Kannika nimtragol, the more charming cry for mercy, the more he seems to have a force in his body clamoring to hit her hard, accounting for the 1736 chapter 1736 Cheng Li 16.
Of course, he was satisfied at that time, and afterwards, many soft words were whispered, and I didn’t know how many good words were coaxed by the crying kannika nimtragol and how many small fists were punched on his chest, so it was temporary.
But he was still happy and satisfied.
After joy and satisfaction, it is a deep affection and compassion. Where can she be willing to give up her hands and feet?
The little princess was so angry that she showed him Baba’s way, "Call, call what water! Be quiet and give tea to your father and mother! "
It’s daylight …
I also complained that "Nanny, Blue and White, Bamboo, they don’t know what’s going on and don’t remember to call me one!"
Aunt and uncle-er, it should be my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Although I feel distressed that I have never treated myself as an outsider, now I am somebody else’s daughter-in-law. There must be no less manners, and I must do what I should do.
I think so myself, and so did my mother before she became a monk.
"They?" Li Yunyue raised her eyebrows and smiled. "No, their business is that I told them not to bother!"
The little princess opened her eyes wide and was so depressed that she was speechless. "You-"
Li Yunyue laughed at her leisure. "Don’t worry, my mother has been getting up late these days. She is exhausted from preparing our wedding. She was even more tired after greeting so many guests yesterday. She couldn’t get up so early!"
"No buts! I have the final say! " Li Yunyue clapped her little head in her arms and said, "Go to sleep. I’ll ask someone to prepare hot water later. You can take a hot bath again. It’s just right for us to greet our parents after breakfast!"
"…" The little princess opened her mouth with wide eyes.
Li Yunyue slightly rough fingertips gently stroked her red, swollen, charming and moist like flowers, with narrow lips and half-narrowed eyes. "Is Jin Jin not tired?" If you’re not tire-"
Suddenly, the deep eyes stared straight at her expression and tone, which scared the little princess to close her eyes and drill into his arms and did not dare to move.
Li Yunyue hugged her and laughed in a low voice, kissed her sweet hair and slept with her eyes closed.
The little princess remembered to get up and inquire after tea, but she was afraid to talk to Li Yunyue about waiting for a while, waiting for a while, but she was too sleepy, and soon her consciousness gradually blurred and she fell asleep.
When she wakes up again, don’t say that the sky is bright and the sun has been shining into the house! Projected on the red embroidered peony carpet is bright and festive.
The little princess sat up and exclaimed repeatedly, "Oh, no! Shit! What time is it! "
Li Yunyue had already woken up to see kannika nimtragol sleeping soundly and didn’t disturb her. At this time, she also sat up and pulled up the bedside clothes while wearing them. "Don’t worry, it won’t be too late for you to wait for the husband to go to hot water."
The little princess was in a hurry to cry, grabbed the pillow and smashed it at Li Yunyue. "What are you doing?" It’s all your fault How can a new wife sleep until late at night! I’m going to be laughed at to death! "
Li Yunyue brushed the pillow aside and took Kannika nimtragol Judo "Don’t cry, don’t cry! Don’t worry, our family rules are different from other families. No one dares to laugh at you! Well, this is a good relationship between us. How can I blame you if my parents are happy and don’t come? What do minions do if they have one or two mouths to talk about? "
After a lot of coaxing, the little princess felt a little less ashamed and still pouted. Why would she take a bath? Be determined to get up
Li Yunyue was obedient to her.
I won’t eat breakfast first
Two people rushed to the room, even Fang Zhou and Li Fu had just got up, and the little princess was only slightly relieved.
In fact, Li Fu will get up at dawn and practice sword and boxing in the martial arts field in the garden, which has also been a habit for many years.
But this morning, as soon as he was about to get up, he was dragged down by Lian Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou muttered, "What do you do when you get up so early? How can I get by with my daughter-in-law? Go to sleep … "
After a short sleep, I slept until the third pole of the day.
Where can Li Fu stand? Just get up and sit in the room.
Even Fang Zhou opened his eyes and saw it secretly funny.
It was not until the servant girl said that there was movement over there between Master Shi and Lady Shi that they got up slowly.
Even Fangzhou is in a particularly good mood and a little excited. She also has a daughter-in-law! Well, the young couple are so in love that they may be grandmothers in 2008!
Alas, it’s better for the daughter-in-law to have a daughter at the first birth to make up for her regret that she has no daughter …
It seems interesting to think about being softly called "grandma" by a small, jade-snow-pink doll, and then to think about your thirties …
Two people dressed up Li Yunyue came in with a small infanta.
The little princess’s bun has been curled up, and she is wearing a wishful concentric bun with a little emerald bottle and a little emerald bottle. She walks with a long rice bead embedded with a treasure and a double happiness word. The tassel falls on the other side of the earlobe, and two palace-made red velvet flowers are on the temples. If the eyes are as sharp as a knife, a pair of autumn waters are black and white, clear and smart as white jade, and her free-time face is dizzy with a faint blush. The eyebrows of her eyes can’t hide the faint shyness and joy. She is wearing a red and Jin Mudan Ruyi pattern with wide sleeves.
On the other hand, she wore a sapphire blue ruyi moire collar, a gold moire arrow sleeve, a pomegranate red ball flower, a silk round neck cover, a gold ball pattern embroidered on her chest, a luxurious and expensive jade crown, and a touch of tenderness and joy in her cold eyes.
Together, they are a perfect match, and heaven is a perfect match.
Even fangzhou is not satisfied with the dark praise.
Without saying a few words, Li Yunhuan and Xiao Yaoer came soon, and the maids came to serve tea cheerfully.
Li Yunyue, the little princess, knelt down and offered tea to her parents, changed her mouth, and the two little brothers met and gave a greeting. Even Fang Zhou smiled and said some intimate words with her hand.
Then the family went to worship the ancestral temple again.
The little princess’s mother-in-law is more familiar than the new wife’s face. She is afraid of joking and joking. Seeing that everyone is very kind to her, even the two brothers-in-law are smiling and joking, and their hearts are gradually relaxed. Soon, the family is laughing and joking.
Having breakfast together on the first side, we dispersed separately. The little princess was really sorry and blushed and apologized to her mother-in-law-she shouldn’t have got up so late.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t care about this. Seeing that she was so clever and sensible and didn’t say anything about her husband-I didn’t want her to know that she was pestering her daughter-in-law!
More and more pity for her, holding her hand, but smiling and comforting her for a while, the little princess finally let go, but she was grateful to serve her in-laws more and more, and her husband’s love was not said.
Even Fang Zhou is really relieved. She was still a daughter-in-law, pampering and thinking about their marriage, and then slowly teaching one or two things. Obviously, she thinks too much!
After not staying too long, the princess of the county said "surprise", she felt that the new wife was a good housekeeper, accountant, business manager and human relations, and she didn’t need to worry about anything with her wife, mammy, housekeeper and stewardess!
Even Fang Zhou found an opportunity to hand over all the housekeepers to her daughter-in-law and crossed her husband to discuss and go there again!
This time, she doesn’t even want to take her baby with her.
The eldest sister-in-law is like a mother, isn’t it?
Fan finished scattering flowers 1737 Chapter 1737 Sad 1
In late summer and early autumn, the sea has long since disappeared. In spring and summer, weeping willows are shady, bright green and bright with yellow leaves, which are somewhat bleak even when the sun shines.
As soon as the wind blows, there will be rustling and falling.
In a secluded place on the shore, a young girl in a silver-red embroidered gown and a long, coupled skirt sat beside a willow tree with her arms folded, and the grass was resting on her knees, staring at the silver light and jumping off the lake.
The girl’s skin is fair, her nose is pretty, her eyelashes are long, and her side face is handsome and beautiful. An elegant sapphire hairpin makes her more beautiful and free from vulgarity. Sitting by the bleak lake, her little body is more and more thin, which makes people feel a little distressed for no reason.
The girl has been sitting for a long time until Li Yunhuan yawned after following her and hiding in a clump of holly.
But she still sat there motionless like a woodcarving clay sculpture.
Li Yunhuan opened his arm and stretched himself, then gave the girl a long yawn and didn’t good the spirit muttered, "Silly girl! Stupid girl! Stupid! Stupid! Forget it! I didn’t know until today that you are such a stupid girl with such good concentration! You are a wood after sitting still for so long! "
Suddenly, Li Yunhuan a glaring "hey hey" sneer at the two.
It turned out that he was distracted and muttered that a deadly local tyrant came out of nowhere for a while and surrounded the girl with five or six hao slaves.
The girl has got up, sipped her lips and glared at the smirked local tyrant pig.