She didn’t do anything bad. What’s her guilt?

Yu Guifei looked at Dong Yuling’s mouth and evoked a smile. It was O Jiing’s eyes. Apart from her identity, what is this girl better than these raised in darling daughter since childhood? Those gossips are just sour grapes.
Miss Tang San gave a wry smile. She became a sacrifice when one or two people played the game. Can the Queen grind her teeth with anger now?
So miss Tang San’s strange atmosphere got up and went to the middle of the field to greet a person.
Actually, Miss Tang San is very upset.
Tang Jia is the queen’s mother, and she is also Miss Tang Di. Even if some people don’t like Tang Jia, the upstart in Shengjing, they also want to have status, status, status and what party they attend on weekdays. Many people revolve around her, and even many aristocratic ladies may not be able to compare with her scenery.
Being held like that and envied by others is what Miss Tang San should live.
Miss San’s own generation will be happy in the past because she voted for a good baby. After all, if she wants to have a Tang family, her husband will never be bad in the future, and her generation will certainly be smooth and smooth.
It’s a pity that Miss Tang San never thought that someone would die if she didn’t die.
Miss Tang San, an unreliable and ambitious elder sister, dissipated her glory. This day is more like living in hell.
The queen’s decision with Tang Jia simply pushed Tang Jia to the abyss.
Miss Tang San has never been white from beginning to end. How dare her big sister, who is very competitive in everything, peep at her uncle? Even if the emperor is young, it is her uncle.
What’s more, how dare her father support her daughter to pry into the corner of her own family?
The queen has a decree that the first emperor will not abolish the legacy. If it weren’t for rebellion, she would be able to sit firmly for a generation of queens. Even if the palace is like this, wouldn’t the Tang family prosper for many years? That would have developed into a noble family and stood firm on its own feet.
But what is Miss Tang? Let’s not say whether this calculation can succeed or not, but it will succeed and we can still get past the queen. Is the emperor really so faint that he dares to take the opportunity to laugh at the infamous future generations and help Miss Tang?
Ha ha ….. Every time I think of here, Miss Tang San feels ridiculous. She is the favorite jade imperial concubine in the palace, isn’t she?
What kind of soup did your dad get drunk by his elder sister?
The most important thing is to calculate one’s own people, and dare to give a monarch a green hat before the plan is completed?
Miss Tang San realized that she really wanted to pry her elder sister’s head to see what was inside. Don’t bully her. I don’t know if my parents have taught this eldest daughter since childhood.
Since that incident broke out, Miss Tang’s life has plummeted, and it has become the laughing stock of the prosperous capital society.
For almost a year or two, Miss Tang San didn’t go out much and was ashamed to go out.
But now that she is old, Miss Tang San can’t go out. Although she knows that her generation has been destroyed, she is not willing to be married casually. Only in this way can she do her best to feast and perform her best dance, hoping to meet a willing heart to rescue her from the fading Tang family and live her own life.
Who ever thought that her surname Tang would never change? If she kept a low profile, she would still be used by others to deal with the queen’s chips.
If you don’t look up, Miss Tang San will know that the Queen even hates her Tang family at the moment.
On the unwillingness and entanglement in my heart, Miss Tang San has no qualification to refuse. She can do as others have arranged.
Dong Yuling’s position is closer to the performance center, and some of them are interested in seeing some emotions of Miss Tang San and can’t help but be thoughtful.
Because I was close to Yu Guifei, Dong Ling reached out and whispered to her, "This Miss Tang San seems to be not simple!"
Yu Guifei squinted at Miss Tang San’s graceful rotation, lightness and elegance, but it did have an eye-catching aesthetic feeling, but it was not so amazing that it was better than most people.
Your daughter has a lot of talents to choose from, and naturally there will not be too many dances. If it is mixed with practice, it is really not as good as this Miss Tang San.
"This idea is really not simple. She is not the same as a princess, but she is not self-reliant and ambitious, but it is more practical. It’s a pity that the Tang family didn’t end up soon after that, and the queen ignored it." Yu Guifei seems to say something that doesn’t mean much.
Dong Yuling naturally ignored what "a certain monarch" and "that thing" were in the imperial concubine’s mouth and smiled gently. "If it was the former Tang family, she would definitely have a good life now … hehe …"
Even though few people know the truth about the princess, it is obvious that the emperor dislikes the Tang family. Who would risk offending the emperor and queen to associate with the Tang family when they break up?
Miss Tang San was cheated by her first sister.
In any case, Miss Tang San still bears the title of Queen’s niece. Even if the Queen is neither salty nor light, she didn’t say anything. This has the effect of attracting jade, and it has played a role in the performance of many daughters.
Especially later, it seems that there are still some young talents who are not far away, and many expensive women are even more energetic.
I was a little reluctant to perform just now, but now I feel like I’m scrambling.