Yan Wang and Jiu Zhong successively chose the "reconciliation" option, and the reconciliation effect took effect. The hell of Tiandao League was released from the battle state.

Here, the anticlimactic battle of Heaven League’s Hell Blossom has officially come to an end.
Office of Chairman of Yanhuang Building, Greater China Game Group
Hear the announcement of the mass Gao Qian all can’t help but be surprised "how can it be so fast? This "Era" game has just entered the middle stage. How did Japan block the border so quickly? !”
HuaWenChang smell speech smile "fast? It’s already a week late. If it hadn’t been that small … Huaxia District would have been in a war disaster by now! "
"Chairman of the Japanese area with Huaxia area but feud they this a dozen border blockade is bound to be the first to point to my Huaxia area! We haven’t hit the border to block the Japanese area yet, but we have no scruples about limiting the repeated surge of troops and invading China’s Huaxia area. We are bound to fall into a very passive situation! "
"Yes, chairman, do you think we can send a unified notice to inform the players in Huaxia area to quickly find the border scrolls and complete the national war and the border blockade in the shortest time? !”
"Hum …!" Hua Wenchang smiled mysteriously. "We don’t need to worry about this … someone already wants to be ahead of us!"
"… who’s that? !”
"Don’t you know it when you look at it ~!"
Ri qu da Shen Meng hui Zhu cheng Tian Zhao cheng hui yi Shi center
Jiugong Great God’s face is as heavy as water, and a face of serious sitting in the main seat. All the people in the hall swept the sink and said, "Are you ready?" !”
"Ready! !”
"good!" Huo Ran, the great god of Jiugong, got up and said, "The soldier is very expensive. We’ll start now! !”
An hour later, Jiuzhong led the marine corps with 10 million troops, and 5 million troops were tied in the sea in front of the coastline with dozens of super warships.
Although the border is blocked, there is still a sea separating the Huaxia area in the Japanese area. If players want to invade Huaxia area, they must first cross the natural barrier.
With a wave of his hand, the Nine Heavenly Gods "Body Marines board the ship! !”
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Invasion
? Ten million marines go their separate ways like a black dragon, and dozens of super warships go into the sea in an orderly way.
After the Marine Corps boarded the ship, the Jiugong Great God did not board the ship, but gave the command of the Marine Corps to his confidant Liangchen. "Liangchen Marine Corps will be led by you! And I will lead the combat troops to rush to Huaxia District as soon as possible to land on the beach in the shortest time and pave the way for you to arrive unprepared in Huaxia District! "
"white!" Good minister Zheng Chongchong nodded at Jiugong Great God and said, "Please rest assured, young master, that good minister will not fail in his mission!"
"Well! Then I’ll go first! !” Jiugong great god drove the mount beast straight into the sky and came to the front of the battle force with a wave of his arm. "Let’s go! !”
Five million ghost war troops roared across the sky like locusts crossing the border and went straight to the Huaxia area across the sea.
On the way of the troops marching, Jiugong God made voice communication, which made the international channel call four people successively. They all said the same thing: "Did you pull out your troops? !”
Answering Jiugong Great God is also the same sentence "already on the way! !”
"Very well, don’t move to the designated place without authorization, wait for the other ministries and departments to arrive, and then we will act together!"
"This is natural!"
Huaxia district ethereal imperial city jinluan hall
All the heads of the army and all the players in hell are gathered here, and their eyes are focused on the Nine Heavenly Bodies of Longtai Golden Tower.
"hey!" Nine heavy said a pick from her brow, "I said, why are you all staring at me with small eyes at each other? ! What should I do? I think it’s getting late. Wash and sleep! "
They smell speech looked at each other, and finally, someone asked on behalf of Double Lyu3 bu4 at the place, "The Japanese area has been blocked and I don’t know when it will come to invade our Huaxia area, so … shall we? !”
Nine heavy responded "what’s wrong? Now that we have been ruled out by a cancer in Huaxia District, why are we still worried about such a national event? !”
"But …!"
"Nothing but!" Jiuzhong flatly said, "No matter what you are thinking now, put it away for the time being. Do what I ask you to do. Don’t ruin my plan!"
Say to see all the people still hesitate to look nine m not m not earlobe inscrutable one laughs "rest assured that there will be time for you to play, but not now! Is it white? !”