Lv Yanzhong screamed and shouted a number of eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting to quickly send Qin Kai back to the bedroom.
"Water and water" Qin Kai licked the chapped lip and called out the eyes full of spirits in the past. At this time, Qin Kai woke up with some unconsciousness. At this time, he was white and everywhere.
"Water comes to the emperor, you drink slowly." Lv Yanzhong kept by his side and made too many things this night. The soldiers in front also competed with the Chu people. I didn’t expect the harem to be messed up, which was never favored by women.
Lv Yanzhong thinks that everything has a warning. Today, this Su Zhimo is supercilious, too spineless and abnormal!
"I’m all right, you go to rest." Although Qin Kai can’t accept this fact, people are still awake
"I’m sorry for your loss, Emperor. Male and female servants didn’t know that you and the queen seemed to be male and female servants. They won’t talk about it again after being affectionate." Lv Yanzhong twisted herself to put Qin Kai on the table after drinking the cup.
A dead person will always be right. Only when she is dead will he remember her gentlest and most lovely side. Now, arguing with him about these things is nothing that will make him not high.
What will make him unhappy? Lv Yanzhong grew up in a palace since childhood and naturally saw through these things and psychology.
"Don’t say that you have experienced it?" When Qin Kai woke up, he calmed down a little, and he still remembered it in his heart. When the eunuch came to report that the Palace of Kunning was on fire, he had a score in his heart, but he couldn’t believe it.
"I’ve experienced a person’s temple outside, but I can’t tell the difference. It seems that the queen’s sister and her maid-in-waiting are not fake. When we left, they were just a person’s temple outside." Lv Yanzhong said softly, it’s convenient to set it on fire now.
It happened that she hated the original palace. After the victory of this war, he had to build a palace for her.
"Buried! Tell the department of rites to prepare a queen’s funeral! " Qin Kai said this and lay back with his back to her side, motionless but not asleep.
Su Zhimo is not a queen anymore, and Qin Kai, the biggest in the harem, is in a bad mood at this time, so it’s up to her to decide the big and small things!
"good!" Lv Yanzhong happily replied and then tucked the quilt for him and slowly walked out of the temple.
Su Zhimo De can be demoted before her death, but after her death, she was added as a queen! Lv Yanzhong can’t sleep, but on second thought, everyone is gone, but it’s just an empty name. Everyone has her. What can she argue about now? This is the most perfect thing. Even she didn’t expect her to die so soon.
It’s getting light. Qin Kai slept very uneasily. Fortunately, there was no news ahead. Qi Ying had slept enough in the middle of the night and was thinking about something at the front window.
"The root of the Queen of the Lord Qin State was not burned to death!" Qi Ying heard about it early, and everything was too coincidental. He always felt that something was strange tonight, and then he sent someone to find out and found out the clue.
"Is there such a thing?" Although he felt something was wrong in his heart, he was shocked when he heard the news. If it was said that the princess in Chu had it, he believed that the woman was not even her opponent, let alone escaped from the high wall of the palace.
But this Su Zhimo, he’s seen passive Nuo Nuo, and she can’t speak martial arts. It’s hard for her to escape.
She and Su Shiyuan are not at peace. Without her as a backer, how can she afford to fight that gorgeous princess?
"Yes, it seems that the king of Chu sent someone. At this time, they have already left the palace." Qi Ying’s best man truthfully reported that he could not help but sigh in his heart.
"Today things are too accidental. If you follow them, you must bring back the queen of Qin." Qi Ying thought and said.
This woman is also a trump card. Since Chu Lin is willing to take care of his aunt, she and Su Shiyuan will definitely not be stiff. Now the two countries are at war. Although not counting the Qin State and the snowy people, he still holds hundreds of thousands of troops in his hand, but Chu is not a vegetarian to attack, nor is it to say that he has always had his ability.
In case you can’t beat them, you can exchange this woman for a trump card.
"Yes!" Qi Ying’s hand finished and he had disappeared. In the middle of the night, Qi Ying’s lips were slightly sipped. I believe that he has not done anything.
Su Zhimo’s eyes are missing. Chu Lin heard about it long ago. After hearing about it, he sent someone to protect him. When the time was right, he took her to Chu and they reunited.
Prime Minister Su and his second wife Su Shiyuan didn’t even know that Chu Lin dared not say that he was afraid. Before saying that they were thinking about it, they might as well bring people directly to them to benefit.
Dawn Su Zhimo was nervous. The man sitting in front of the carriage didn’t say much.
Because Chu has attacked Qin Guocheng, which is heavily defended, Chu Lin took her around the city on foot for a long time before the carriage just left the gate and planned to sail towards the capital of Chu.
Suddenly the horse neighed and Su Zhi Mo felt the carriage shake quickly, and the whole person fell to one side with that force.
"Look out!" Su Zhimo heard a neat step. It should be that the man has got into the carriage.
"Are you human?" Ordered to protect Su Zhi Mo people looked at the black dress person in front and asked.
Qi Ying looked at his man with a hand-to-face expression and suddenly felt a flash of white light in front of him, wrapped in cold firm but gentle, and the speed was already stabbing him.
The man quickly drew out his sword. He wanted to resist, but suddenly a man in black came out at this time. Su Zhi Mo’s eyes couldn’t see it. At this time, even the struggle opportunity was not directly caught by the man in black.
An oncoming cool breeze blew her shivers. Su Zhi Mo stretched out her hand and tried two times, but suddenly she felt a tight wrist. Su Zhi Mo listened to the conversation between the two people and knew what was going on. Then she quickly shook her wrist and tried to get rid of this one who caught her own.
"It’s me. Let’s go!" Chu Lin sent someone to get rid of it with a knife at this time. When Su Zhi Mo was caught, he repelled Qi Ying’s hand. At that moment, he quickly grabbed her and left. At this time, the horse was frightened, raised its front paws and ran away with the carriage.