I took the medicine bowl and lifted the moon invitation, so that she could gently scoop up a spoonful in her arms and feed it to the mouth of the moon invitation. In a coma, the moon invitation rejected the bitter medicine juice and refused to drink it. Finally, it flowed down the corner of her mouth to the neck and soaked her chest collar.
I couldn’t think of the simplest and oldest way. He poured the soup into his mouth, bowed his head and invited the moon lips to pour the medicine into the mouth, and the dryness immediately filled his mouth …
Inviting Yue Neng wanted to spit out the medicine juice and immediately noticed that his tongue resisted Inviting Yue’s tongue and insisted on letting the medicine juice flow into Inviting Yue’s throat. The tongue intertwined from feeding medicine to kissing deeply …
Looking at this scene, I lowered my eyes and left the room to invite the moon and two people …
Finally, after the medicine juice is fed, the moon is slowly put back to the table, and the bowl is carefully tucked for the moon, while she keeps changing wet towels for her.
"Well … it’s so hot …" Invited the moon to feel hot and want to be bored and tuck her in.
"Cold … cold …" Cold is such a torture. It’s cold and hot. At the moment, I invited the moon to be shivering and braved the cold sweat to hold her tight, but I invited the moon to be cold and cold. My fingers grabbed my hand. "It’s so cold …"
"Invite the moon …" Love dearly held the invitation and kissed her cheek.
"Don’t go, don’t go … don’t lose me … don’t lose me …" I invited the moon to see those brown eyes in my dream.
"Invite the moon, invite the moon … you won’t die … invite the moon …" It suddenly occurred to me that human body is the best heater, and the body temperature won’t make her cold or hot.
Thought of here, I faded my tunic and got into bed naked, and my heart suddenly accelerated inexplicably. Little by little, my thin tunic slowly faded, and two graceful bodies were intertwined. Suddenly, there was a hot body around me to invite the moon. I wanted to climb and he tried to rub it in my arms …
"It’s cold … hug me …" Invite the moon to hug and whisper "it’s cold …"
This temptation is a desire to torture the body, and he is awakened. He holds the moon invitation tightly, and his soft body clings to his hot body. At this moment, he is crazy about melting her "inviting the moon …"
The voice is full of desire and depression. The palm of your hand caresses the smooth skin of inviting the moon like a warm wind. "Hmm …" Inviting the moon to sing a more tightly.
"Invite the moon … don’t touch …" Trying to endure her illness, he can’t help himself at this time.
In the morning, the sun shines through the window on the bed in every corner of the room. A man and a woman are hugging each other and sleeping. There are already busy footwork outside the door.
I invited the moon to sleep bleakly only to find that my body could not move. Only then did I notice that there was a person sleeping beside me, and his hands were tightly locked.
Invited on one leng feel naked, they last night … Don’t … Try to remember but can’t think of anything, and feel very painful and dizzy. "Hmm …"
It seems that the wedding night is a veritable invitation to the moon. She was a little annoyed last night. She was a little uncomfortable and listened to what she said in her ear. Later, her eyes were black and she couldn’t remember anything.
I remember the first time I saw him, he was so refined, and the moonlight looked so beautiful, giving people a sense of beauty that can be seen from a distance but can’t be abused.
Fingers gently climb his face and follow his outline and lines to outline him. He is really beautiful.
Open your eyes and stare at your lips and pull an arc. He woke up with a smile.
Invite the moon to look at him with a pair of bright star eyes.
"See what?" Smile "You were sick last night and scared me to death … but it’s okay …" I will invite the moon to hug my arms and lean on his generous chest to listen to his strong heartbeat. He is still nervous.
"You took care of me all night?"
"What do you say?" Spoil a little bit and invite the tip of the moon to be charming and say, "You were very enthusiastic to drill into my arms last night!" "
Inviting the moon turned red. Although this kind of thing has long been used to it, she is really a little embarrassed to say it. Otherwise, how can he mix a bed and blush … will be laughed at.
"By the way, you should take medicine …"
"Drink medicine?" Inviting the moon suddenly recalled the bitter taste "taking medicine again …" I hate Chinese medicine the most.
Put on a gown, bring a coat to invite the moon, and then knock on the door "bring the temple medicine!" "
"Yes!" After a while, the footman brought the fried medicine juice over and took the tray to the door again. "I have asked them to prepare candied fruit!" "
Inviting the moon to take over the medicine bowl didn’t get angry and said, "although I said I was bitter, I haven’t reached the point where I can’t swallow!" "
"…" I don’t know who refused to swallow a bite last night.