Thank you [Mr.zhou sings softly] Thank you for kissing the pen [uiui53] Thank you for kissing the purse [1586579315] Thank you for kissing the flowers ~ ~ I love you so much ~ ~
The principle of three primary colors yellow+blue [6] is as I wish.
Words didn’t say that finish phoenix shadow ink light coagulation eyes light look at the night away.
The night left without saying anything
The meaning in the other party’s words is already very obvious.
He is the drug dealer.
Slightly lowered his eyebrows and pulled out a handkerchief from his robe sleeve at night, wiping the palm with a touch of green bit by bit.
"It was you! It’s a waste of time for me and the queen mother to believe in you. You’re the owner of the workshop who knows the law and breaks the law! " I have been silent for a long time, and my angry tone is finally out. I have already lost my previous warmth.
The night quivers from the eyes.
At the same time, Fengying Ink has stepped back to the table and returned the paint box in her hand to its original position. Finally, she turned around and looked at him. "Do you have anything to say, Lord Night?"
Looking down at his palm at night
Although the thick ink has been wiped off, there are still faint traces left.
Throw the dirty brocade handkerchief into a garbage bamboo basket at the foot, and slowly turn around and kneel in the direction of the emperor and queen mother.
"I can talk!" You can’t hear emotions when you are indifferent.
Surprised that he would be so three people are slightly zheng.
The queen mother gently sipped her red lips and looked at him deeply.
Mo Qianyu looks good and handsome, and his eyebrows are twisted in an unobservable way. "Can you understand that you have confessed?"
Silence at night
This moment of silence and doubt is tantamount to acquiescence.
"I believe that night adults know very well that drug trafficking is a capital crime!"
I don’t know when this speech is Feng Ying Mo. He has walked to the front of the night and leaned slightly and looked at him.
So the night away once again saw his beautiful thin-cut lips, which seemed like a micro-arc and dark deep pupil, which could not be erased.
Night away, of course, knows that drug trafficking is a capital crime, and the whole people know that drug trafficking is a capital crime. Is it him?
Have put aside the line of sight at night and ignored the stare at the man in front of you, but looked at the young emperor with a light gaze.
"Slave but at the disposal of the emperor!"
He calmly let the emperor be stunned and then more angry. "Well, in this case, I will become you!"
Words fall is to shout people suddenly heard Feng Ying ink sound rang again.
"Night adults want to take the fall for others?"
Take the rap?
Emperor Zheng
The queen mother’s eyes flashed slightly.
Night away from my heart, but I didn’t react too much. I turned my eyes again to the man who leaned over in front of me and breathed lightly.
Blue musk deer’s breath is faint and lingering over the tip of nose.
"What does Lord Feng mean?" Open your mouth at night
"What do you mean?" Feng Ying Mo smiled in a low voice and suddenly straightened up. "Actually, when the drug dealer in Pingju Dyeing House fled, he grabbed the cloth. The original cloth was not dyed, but at that time, I saw the drug dealer fly away and deliberately threw it to the Ministry, saying,’ I have a way to recognize it as evidence’. Now it seems that the drug dealer heard it as I hoped."
All three people in the house changed their faces slightly.
Thank you [uiui53] for kissing Cui. Thank you [sunhan59】【597] [597] for kissing Hua Hua ~ ~ Thank you [1871373687] for loving you. [7] Who is that man?
All three people in the house changed their faces slightly.
"Where?" Night away from Yang face looking at commanding in front of the man.
"So if you are not a drug dealer, you will have your own hands close to the yellow skin. How can you smear it again? There is a possibility that the drug dealer is someone else and you are protecting that person, no matter whether you are a drug dealer with yellow hands, get rid of the design and frame you, or you smear your excuses and take the initiative to confess. Who is that person? "
When I said the last sentence, Phoenix Shadow Ink leaned forward again to face the night away from her eyes, deeply Gherardini.
Don’t hide from each other at night.