And the last three inches are unresponsive.
There is no response to those fierce and murderous eyes in Chen Senran’s eyes, which behave like the most normal eyes of the dead.
Flame sword into two inches.
Last inch
The flame has licked the frost that wrapped the peerless head.
Still no response
The sword finally stuck to the frost, and Chen Senran almost stuck to the body. His face was facing the peerless face, and his eyes were less than two inches from hers.
The flame has been denuded, and those not thick frost have to be stopped.
At most, those flames will penetrate the ice and directly burn that peerless face to ashes.
Chen Senran looked at those beautiful eyes close at hand, and there was no pity in his eyes.
He almost breathed a sigh of relief
Just before his breath was halfway out, his eyes, which had been quiet like a dead man, suddenly blinked, and his lonely mouth slightly narrowed.
In less than a moment, a smile flashed from that aloof mouth, and with that sound, a half note was emitted from that mouth, and a layer of dark blue light rushed out from that head and that crown directly bombarded Chen Senran.
Chen Senran saw those eyes blink to a half, and a sky-blue light completely swallowed him up. It was a constantly magnifying echo smile.
The smile was grand and cold to the extreme, and it invaded his body inch by inch. With the surging blue light, Chen Senran was thrown directly from the throne.
He didn’t come to finish the work in shuriken.
At that moment, he wanted to yell at Lao Du to do it.
But before he could shout, he heard a sound, a sound that came out of the laughter all over the sky
Don’t want to complain. That’s too melodramatic.
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Page two hundred and thirty-three Lao Du Dao
Lao du’s knife
The knife roared like a strong wind, and the grand laughter in the wind was directly torn into pieces, and the laughter came to an abrupt end.
The whole hall is like a wind knife.
Knives resounded in every corner of the hall, and the whole hall was shrouded and echoed constantly.
The potential of the knife is terrible, and adults can stop the knife from soaring inch by inch, crushing every inch of frost in the hall, groaning and counting cracks, and the frost spreads like snakes in those years
The knife is like a mountain.
Knife is like fire.
When that knife was still ringing in Chen Senran’s ear, that knife called Moon Beauty had reached that peerless head.
Lao Du didn’t stand in the same place this time. He moved him with an unpredictable speed and suddenly rushed at the Frost Queen with the knife in his hand.
The blade of leisure has been attached to the head, and the layer of frost and violent knife means that even the raging flame can’t melt the ice and shatter it.
Knife potential into an inch Lao Du, the whole person has been like a bow to pull others to a standstill, a pair of original white leisure as the best jade hands have been covered with veins stood out like pythons.
Roar with a knife in the palm.
The knife is as powerful as a thunder, and it has become a raging dragon.
The seemingly indestructible frost on the unbridled rushing layer of the dragon can’t stop the rage of that knife. It almost turned into grinding powder at the moment when it was pressed in front of the blade, and completely exposed that peerless face to the rage.
Everything hindered the knife gas from climbing her skin in an instant, and the knife strength directly cut off her long silver-blue hair at the temples.
All rude and brutal violence has crossed hundreds of years and once again came to this once unyielding king’s face.
If you want the knife to enter the next level, the knife will be completely raging on this face, and several scars will spread like mushrooms after rain, and flesh and blood will be splashed with bones.
When there is another breath, everything will be over.
Lao Du’s figure was pulled an inch again, and his bones exploded, and the veins stood out in his arms became thicker by three points. At this moment, he is no longer the old man who bent his back and drove the car, but more like a tiger who made the strongest blow out of the mountain.
When qi stagnates again, it stops at that moment.
Chen Senran has been able to breathe. He felt the gas in the whole hall rushing in the direction of Lao Du. At the end of his knife, it melted into the knife, which seemed to completely suck up all the essence of the world.
The world is dim
The whole world is waiting for a moment, waiting for the knife to explode.
The moment everything returned to normal.
a moment
For a moment, the world is right.
No knife, no anger, no roar of the world, no flesh and blood, nothing, nothing happened.
After all, the knife didn’t enter a dime. Those who were forcibly pulled over and leaked the knife inch by inch let go.
Laodu Luodi