But this wave will kill him.
Nunu wants the first E to hit the opponent, and then the base with enough blue can limit E to stick the opposite face to death.
The blind monk was stuck to death in this way. The output of the opposite male gun was always shown to Nunu. I wanted to change Nunu’s side A and retreat and hit a critical blow. Nunu’s blood volume immediately bottomed out.
The position of the male gun is very close to me. Because he was slowed down by Nunu, I put a W skill on him to double slow down.
However, the tree is blue at this time, and there is no W skill and Q skill to control the opposite male gun. One-third of the blood volume is not going to run, because he can’t run away, so he flashes directly in front of Nunu and orders Nunu.
Nunu’s blood tank has been completely destroyed.
A male gun needs two shots to kill him.
I still have a pity in my heart that the regiment won a wave and forced this Sun to change it. There’s nothing I can do. If Nunu didn’t put down the deceleration skill just now, this male gun might have run away and we wouldn’t have killed him.
Just then, a miracle appeared.
Yu Mu, the cargo, flashed to him at the moment when the male gun flashed, flashed directly behind the male gun into the enemy soldier pile, and a Q skill brutally took away a soldier and then gave himself back a blood.
The male gun was dumbfounded. A made a second discovery and didn’t die. Then he stood still and gave up resistance directly.
I laughed. A gave him two, and then an E took him away directly.
This wave completes three kills at a time!
FD2_LCH has dominated the game! !
We lost a clown and a card.
Everyone across the street is dead except Cassadine.
After their death, Thain was beaten because of their formation, which didn’t have a good effect. The body was restricted by a card and a yellow card, and it could not be exported to me or delayed by the other side. Anyway, this wave Thain was a failure.
The opposite male gun received a clown’s head, and Casadin received a card and a head.
But fortunately, I developed, and then no one can stop me from developing.
I can dream a dream one minute ago.
I should be able to have broken and dreamy dreams in about 17 minutes.
This means that I will completely defeat.
"Zhong Xin, thanks to you for blocking that hook for me just now, I am dead. I love you." After winning this wave, we also took the tower and the second dragon to make a big idiot. I am in a good mood.
Zhong Xin glanced at me lightly and said, "Pay attention to yourself every time."
"Got it," I laughed.
Well, it’s really not that I didn’t pay attention to my position. I can say that the hammer stone on the other side is amazing
I’m a hero without displacement, and she flashed me to predict my position. I can’t flash anything. I didn’t expect the opposite side to make such a hand. It’s a bit embarrassing
"Zhong Xin, is the clown funny?" I asked the clock heart
"It’s not fun, it’s boring. I want to play with the hammer stone," said Zhong Xin.
"Well, win the game first and let you play with the hammer stone," I said.
"Well, remember to pay attention to your position." Zhong Xin woke up again.
"I know! Shit, if I get hooked by the hammer stone on the other side again, I’ll … "I stretched out a finger and thought I should make a poison oath, but I don’t know what poison oath to make to forget my words."
"What are you?" Zhong Xin turned his head and looked at me jokingly.
"I’ll just … force myself to give you a kiss. Alas, why should I swear so much? I’ll lose my innocent face if I accidentally get hooked!" I shook my head and said, should I flash the hair extension hook later
Zhong Xin’s face is as frosty as frost, and I feel a little anxious when I see it. What should I do if this chick loses the game in a bad mood later?
"Eh, don’t … don’t do this. I’ll just play a joke with you. I’m hooked. I’ll invite you with me later, right?" I said the next best thing
Zhong Xin’s pretty face is very tasteful even when he is angry. It is more elaborate than priceless white jade, more delicate and generous than the first rose. It is really a disaster for the country and the people.
"Roll don’t talk to me again! Play well! " Clock heart bad tone said
"Well, alas, life is really lonely as snow," I said, looking at the screen carefully and entering the game state again.
Chapter 36 They are planning something, and I know what it is.
That wave group battle was really good. My equipment was removed and then the opposite tower was taken off. Now it is the golden age of my development. Once the dream is made, it will be killed from beginning to end!
It’s a period of gentle rhythm. Xiaolong doesn’t have a tower to be taken across the middle road and a single one depends on equipment. When Thain P doesn’t have a CD, the other side shouldn’t actively seek a team battle with us.
Now I’m afraid that Casadin and the blind monk across the street will catch people on a small scale with rhythm. They, Casadin and the blind monk, are too strong to catch people. Anyone who is caught alone will die.
17 minutes
My timing is very accurate. I took out the enemy’s three-piece broken dream attack shoes on time at this time.
And now that I have flash therapy, it’s time to be dominated by rats
When I went back to the city, I went back to the city quietly. At that time, my equipment was attack speed, shoes were broken, violence was broken, and the opposite side should not know that I had a dream.
According to the mouse rules and routines, I don’t know the first wave of loading on the opposite side. I must catch anyone on the opposite side.
But now my base has given up on Thain …
It’s too rough to kill him, and it’s hard to kill him. Maybe we’ll wait for the other side to support him.
I’m considering the opposite road now.
That is, the male gun. Now you’d better catch it. I want to kill people most.
Road, after I pushed the line of soldiers, the male gun was on the opposite side of the second tower to stabilize the line of control and replenish soldiers.
This is also an important skill of AD.
Some people wonder when they play AD that they have just been pushed by a tower on the opposite side, and then they gradually feel that the disadvantage is getting bigger and bigger, and the soldiers are fifty times worse than the opposite side. How did the opposite side do it?
The obvious reason is that we can’t control the line to replenish troops here.
As soon as some AD towers are broken, they run around with the team, sometimes pushing them in the middle and sometimes brushing them in the wild, and then the road lines come over, and then the skills department clears them up and then repeats things.
In this way, the soldiers will be replenished less and less. If there is no group battle, a good AD is to take advantage of the opposite line of soldiers to control the line, so that the opposite soldiers can eat up our soldiers, and then slowly wait for the waves of soldiers from the opposite side to come to their own tower to make up for it and achieve the goal of development.
That’s what the male gun is doing now
Thain and Casadin are on their own lines.
The blind monk and the hammer stone didn’t show up
The opposite semi-wild area, that is, the wild area opposite the blue BUFF, we didn’t have a deep view, so there was an eye and three wolves in front of the blue BUFF, and it was all dark there.
So I’m not sure whether the hammer stone and the blind monk are squatting at this man’s gun. If they are squatting at him, as soon as I am controlled, I will wave the first wave of sneak attack, and I will be killed in the golden age.
Although this wave of sneak attack is very good, we still can’t be careless and cautious.
"A little more obscene" is invisible in the original tower opposite.
Mice are usually the main e and vice q. Now my Q skill has reached five seconds when I am invisible. It is best to be invisible from this position.