With this dream, it grew up gradually, and in the celestial world, it faintly heard the legend about the taxiing of immortals and beasts. But I’m not sure
Then, when soaring, the tie came to the Lan demon world. To be honest, it once deeply blamed itself for this, because if it weren’t for it, Xiao Wen wouldn’t fly to the Lan demon world by mistake. But when it knows exactly in this world that it can be transformed into a human form as long as it reaches the realm of the fairy king, it secretly rejoices at this mistake. If it hadn’t soared to the demon world of Tianlan, it might not be able to transform even if it reached the realm of the fairy king!
Because of remorse. It wants to ask more for Xiao, in order to alleviate this remorse, so it needs to improve its strength; Because I am looking forward to taxiing, I want to hold Xiao Wen tightly in my arms with my own arms one day, not my wings. So it wants to get to the realm of the fairy king quickly …
There is actually a shortcut to improve the realm in Tianlan demon world, and that is Lingzhu.
Xiao Wen always scolds it for eating goods, and it never denies it, but. Only it knows that it is not so greedy. No matter how delicious things are. Will it be as delicious as it was at first if you eat too much?
It has never explained to Xiao Wen. It actually wants to improve its strength quickly to help him. In fact, it is because of the dream that I have had since I was a child that I want to quickly change the shape of chéng rén …
Now, that taxiing Dan has appeared so suddenly that it is really at a loss.
It has been looking forward to some kind of happiness, knowing that it will be obtained through hard work, but this happiness suddenly comes, which is too sudden.
It really doesn’t know what to do.
"Ninety thousand?" Xiao asked voice suddenly remind of.
"I haven’t decided yet." 90 thousand is a little lost.
"Haven’t you decided yet? What is there to think about? Just take it directly. " Xiao asked understated tunnel.
After 90,000 yuan, he got angry and said angrily, "My girl said she didn’t think it over! Leave me alone! ! !”
I’ll go!
Xiao Wen was startled, and he had never seen ninety thousand people get so angry.
The purple Yan at the other end shrank her neck when Xiao asked suddenly, and asked, "What?"
"I don’t know what’s wrong with it, saying that I haven’t thought about it yet, and I have been trained."
Purple Yan heart, and took a deep look at Xiao asked, slowly shook his head, also don’t know what’s going on.
Xiao asked to close the jade box and put it away, and then took out the jade bottle, but because he had just been yelled at by 90 thousand, he was not in the mood to open it again.
Seeing that Xiao Wen was depressed, Ziyan said, "Don’t read it if you don’t want to. My intuition is that what is in this bottle is very harmful to me, so it should be very beneficial to you monks. You can find a chance to take a drop or two later. "
"What if it’s poison!" Xiao asked nu way.
"Have you ever seen a poison full of sacred breath?"
"That didn’t …"
"We have been out for a long time." Purple Yan warned.
"Then go back."
Two people teleport back to the Ming emperor demon alliance, and waited for a moment, Li Qiushi there finally received the news, so the coalition forces immediately launched, teleport to the Ming emperor demon alliance west.
Just after a column of incense time, Xiao Wen, standing on the head of the big aojiang, saw the army of the world god alliance assembled in the distance!
It was obviously more than ten United front divisions, and it was dark all over the sky, and it was faintly arranged in a battle.
After the two sides meet, Li Qiushi will dispatch them in a unified way, and then fly together in a certain direction!
This time, their goal is no longer a demon alliance, because they have got the exact news, and more than ten nearby demon alliances have been assembled. Rushing towards this side, their goal is the coalition of more than ten demon leagues!
In the past, regardless of the size of the battle, the God League and the Demon League will control the losses within a certain range, but that is based on the premise that they cannot adowa each other! This time. The World God League has already seen the opportunity to wipe out the demon race from the previous eight victories. There is no need to consider the loss!
This time the battle, their world god alliance and is fairy will be the party that has done enough preparation!
Demon clan there although there are more than a dozen demon au forces assembled, but they certainly haven’t really realized that the weather is going to change!
"We will win this battle!" The forefront of the Coalition forces. Li Qiushi to Xue Zhu around very betting tunnel.
Xue Zhu didn’t answer, but he raised his eyes slightly, and looked up at the sky, which seemed to attract the world.
Tens of thousands of miles away from here, the 16 demon alliance Coalition forces also did not teleport. But honestly flying in a certain direction. If someone’s eyes can see the range of tens of thousands of miles, they will be able to see that it won’t be long before the 16 demon alliance forces will directly collide with the alliance forces of the world gods and the positive immortals.
In front of the Sixteen Demon Alliance forces, dozens of demon clan bosses gather in one place. It’s easy to see that the guys who turned into human beings are quite dignified.
"I really don’t know what the hell is going on this time. Are you tired of living?"
"Recently, there has been no vibration transmitted by breaking the boundary, and it is expected that there will be no reinforcements in the boundary alliance. How can we provide them with such great help only by relying on a small positive fairy society?"
"But I heard that SAN peng is dead. Even used by the enemy, this when there will be no false … "
With the phrase "Shengpeng is dead", the arrogance of these people was doused once again.
The golden body and the holy Peng are all dead. That’s the invincible existence of Tianlan demon world. They really want to know how this could happen!
They only know that they can never be destroyed by the God League in the boundary. That is not allowed by the dignity of their demon race!
In the tens of thousands of years of fighting, their demon race has always had the upper hand. This time, even if God Union and Zhengxian will join hands with Y and N, the final victory must belong to their demon race!
In order to fully regain self-confidence, someone has turned to look behind him.
What kind of scene is that? Hundreds of thousands of monsters fly in the air, which has filled their whole field of vision. It is no exaggeration to say that it is overwhelming! That’s the top fighting power of their demon race. For the monks of the same order, one is worth several!
Looking down again, there are countless monster beasts running faster than flying, and their vanguard troops have even surpassed the Coalition forces in the air! Those monster beasts on the ground are all tigers and wolves, but they are not ordinary tigers and wolves, but powerful monster beasts, and the lowest is the realm of great immortals!
The three cities of Shaowan, Lanping and Laohu in Tianlan demon world will always remember today, just because these three cities are on the route of the sixteen demon alliance Coalition forces.
It’s afternoon, and it’s already been found that there will be a war in Shaowan City near Ri. It’s quite deserted, but the war is only a war between the demon race and the God League. What does it have to do with their ordinary people?
It can be seen from here that the local residents of the demon world in these days have no sense of belonging under the control of the demon family.
In a word, when the news that the war was about to start spread in the city, many people did not stay at home honestly, but went to the street and even climbed high on purpose.
But it doesn’t matter whether you are outside or hiding in the house, because the whole earth is shaking!
Dense rings came from afar, and with this noise, the ground of the whole spoon bay city was shaking at a very high frequency!
A little boy who cried for a long time just cried a bowl of sugar water from his mother, and was still blowing the hot air in the sugar water bowl, when he suddenly saw the small water surface in the bowl tremble and get faster and faster! When the frequency of the vibration reached a certain level, the sugar water jumped out of the bowl and splashed outward. The little boy was stunned by this scene, and he also heard the sound and felt the vibration under his feet. Finally, he was scared to cry and shouted, "Mom!" "
The child’s mother has rushed to the house, squatted down and put her arms around the little boy, pressed the boy’s head hard in her arms, and comforted: "Ann, don’t be afraid!"
When his mother arrived, the little boy named Aner was really not so scared. At this time, he actually remembered his sugar water again. You know, this is because he cried for a long time until his mother was soft-hearted.
"Niang, sugar water!"
"Mother will make you another bowl later!"
"well. Aner is not afraid. "
Then, the room suddenly darkened, so dark that it was like a sudden change from day to night!
The little boy was really not afraid. At this time, I was scared to cry again: "Mom. I am afraid of the dark! "
"Well, I’ll put you to bed first, and I’ll get some wax."
After all, there was still some brightness in the room, so the mother took her son to bed by the dim light. Cover your son with a quilt.
Mother turned and went to look for wax, but after all, she didn’t suppress her curiosity, because at this time her ears were full of sharp whistling and screaming wings, so dense and so loud. Never met in my life!
She lifted her feet lightly, turned around and walked out of the door. Just looking up slightly, she saw a scene that she would never look at again in her life.
Head monster beast covered the whole sky, some of them are huge, some are only about the size, but regardless of the size, they are all very fast! Only by setting eyes on a monster beast in the distance in advance can it barely feel its speed. As for those nearby, they all passed by in a flash … The reason why the sky suddenly turned black is precisely because these monster beasts are too dense and have covered the whole sky with darkness!
In fact, those monsters are all shining, and some of them are even particularly bright. But after all, it is too far from the ground, and they themselves will block their own light, so there is not much light on the ground. But even so, the sky looks strange because of them. Lines of each se line straight across from the sky …