"To tell the truth, eldest brother, younger brother also had this idea, but South Vietnam sent there is not good. When the limelight of this matter has passed, I will immediately send a trip to South Vietnam and quickly close the mine. "
"well. I will send someone to keep an eye on it these days, and you must not relax there. Anyway, wait until the limelight passes. "
Listening to those words, Xiao Wen’s heart has set off waves. What the fuck is going on?
Look at this situation, the deacon Wang has been bribed, and the one opposite who is called the eldest brother by Qian Fu calls himself "Qi Mou", and some people even call him "Fu Ye". Who the hell can this be but Qi Ruiwen?
Feelings, they took the trouble to pick out two trustworthy big shots, which have been turned against by Qian Fu first …
However, what is the "incident" mentioned opposite? What else do you say, "Let’s wait until the limelight passes"? What limelight?
The specific situation Xiao asked is not clear, but with a little judgment Xiao asked, it must be related to the black mine!
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Chapter 44 Thunder
Can it be said that Niu Tong has also successfully escaped and is taking action?
However, it’s just a small Niutong, enough to make "this incident" and let Qian Fu say such a thing as "avoid the limelight first". Xiao Wen always feels that Niutong can’t have that much energy. Who is Qian Fu? He has a backer in Xianji House. Once someone showed up and told on him, but he didn’t sue him. Isn’t it too serious to take Niu Tong?
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei just listened until the people next door left Lanyuelou.
In the private room called IELTS, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei looked at each other, and no one spoke for a long time.
"We must have overlooked something." Shi Guangwei suddenly frowned.
"I think so too. Well, let’s find out one more day tomorrow. "
"No matter what they say, they must pay great attention to confidentiality, and there will be very few people who know it. I don’t think it is possible to find out the real situation again."
"Then just grab a Qian Fu’s hand and say hello, er …" Xiao asked suddenly to stop, and his brow wrinkled.
Shi Guangwei took a look at Xiao Wen and said with a wry smile, "Did you think of that, too?"
"With Qian Fu alert now, it is impossible for us to get any news from those unimportant people. If we catch his confidant, it will be extremely difficult …" Xiao asked slowly to express his thoughts.
"Yes. We can’t do this anymore, maybe we’ll head into Qian Fu’s trap. "
"Wang Wangyue and QiRuiWen already can’t count on it. The only thing that can help us is the Luo Fu Lord who has never been in charge, right? I will blow up! "
Sensing Xiao Wen’s negative emotions, Shi Guangwei stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Wen’s shoulder, and sink a track: "What we ordinary people are doing is to make a black mine owner and a famous businessman with a surname in Changqing City ruin his reputation. How can it be so easy to succeed? Brother Xiao, hold on. "
"I know, that is, the fire in my heart is really uncomfortable. This dog thief, if I have a high level, I will directly cut off his dog’s head with a sword, which will not require so much effort. "
"Ha ha, that makes sense, but you’re only a junior fairy, and there’s still a long way to go."
"It’s time for us to repair our hearts. In two three months, we will be a middle-ranking fairy. Hehe, we are only a small realm away from Brother Shi."
"You are quite optimistic. Let’s go and go back to the inn first."
After a quiet night, the two went out together the next morning, but instead of going to Xianji, they went directly outside Xianji House.
The Xianji Mansion in Changqing City is quite large in scale, and many places in the periphery are designed to better serve the people who cultivate immortals, just like public ones, so basically many outsiders visit here every day.
Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei mixed in the crowd and looked aimlessly, but in fact they were paying attention to the people around them.
It only took one morning for them to see the problem. Some Fuwei paid too much attention to tourists, and there were about twenty or thirty tourists who were completely pretended by locals. Xiao Wen even found the guys in Qian Fu’s shop!
One morning in the past, a total of two waves of people came forward to set Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei’s words, all of which were prevaricated by them. Although it was near misses, Xiao Wen still couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Should I set you up?
So enraged, Xiao Wen and Shi Guangwei all felt that if they were so eager to bring down Qian Fu again, they would definitely give away the clues; Also, they did miss any important information that was unfavorable to Qian Fu. Otherwise, Qian Fu wouldn’t need to put on such a big show.
How can we be content to advance and retreat when there is danger?
Gloomily, then two people had a lunch, Xiao asked also rare to accompany Shi Guangwei to drink some wine.
"Xiao brothers, this matter is urgent. What do you think? Let’s quit Changqing City and go to a nearby town. "
"Go to the nearby town?" Xiao asked stare big eyes.
Shi Guangwei smiled, still seriously looking at Xiao asked.
Xiao asked immediately to know that this was Shi Dage testing him again, and immediately used his brain.
After a while, Xiao Wen suddenly flashed his eyes: "You mean that we can’t get that news in Changqing City, but it is possible in a nearby town?"
"Not bad!" Shi Guangwei nodded appreciatively, and further analyzed, "Qian Fu’s power is no matter how big it is, it’s just in Changqing City. On the other hand, no matter who caused him trouble, the other party probably didn’t mind spreading the news to those small places on the edge of Changqing City first. "
"Well, there’s nothing going on here anyway, so let’s go."
Shi Guangwei liked Xiao Wen’s style of doing things, and immediately replied, "Go, I’ll return the room in the inn."
Just in the afternoon, they left Changqing City, and wanted to go straight to the nearest small town. On the way, Xiao Wen saw Shi Guangwei’s hesitation, and after a little thought, he understood, so he took the initiative to say, "Brother Shi, we don’t know how long it will take us to find out outside this time, and we have been out of Qiyun Town for a few days. I’m afraid Cui Jing has been waiting. Why don’t we let her know first and then go on?"
"Ha ha, your boy’s eyes are quite poisonous. Things have changed, and I think we really should tell Cui Jing, so let’s go back to Qiyun Town first. "
"I don’t have this eyesight, I still come out to mix, hehe."
Two people immediately changed the reverse, at full speed to habitat cloud town.
After a few days of getting along, the two of them got to know each other a little.
In Xiao Wen’s eyes, Shi Guangwei is definitely a friend worthy of making friends. Because Cui Jing was in trouble, he immediately devoted himself to this matter, knowing that there was danger and never gave up. What’s more, he had already seen that there was something wrong with the money and fairy wares that Xiao asked, but he never asked more. It felt like he didn’t care about anything, even if it wasn’t reasonable.
In Shi Guangwei’s eyes, Xiao Wen is simpler. He is an upright young man who has just entered the celestial world. He is pure in nature and full of hope for the future, but he is not so green. His career as a mining slave for more than half a year has made him more mature than his peers.
Nothing happened all the way. When the sun sets and the moon rises and the stars are all over the sky, the two of them are finally close to Qiyun Town.
I couldn’t wait to come back immediately to tell Cui Jing everything, but at the moment, both of them have a different mood.
At the thought that Lao Cui’s head is still in hot water, it’s more likely that he is actually dead, but they haven’t done anything for the time being, and they have failed. How dare they see Cui Jing?
This is a fucking reality!
The heart was shaken, but they didn’t stop at their feet. Soon they arrived outside Qiyun Town. When they saw the scattered pedestrians in the street, even the technique of soil dun was too lazy to use, and they ran directly to Cui Jinggu’s small stone alley.
In a moment, they reached the corner, and they always slowed down and walked towards the door of the steamed bun shop step by step.
At this moment, two people almost at the same time heard a faint cry coming from the steamed stuffed bun shop, Cui Jing!
What’s going on? !
Two people glances, all is to speed up the pace, soon arrived at the door, I saw the shop door wide open, there are a bunch of neighbors in the room!
Cui Jing was completely surrounded by the crowd. Shi Guangwei was very concerned and immediately shouted: "Cui Jing!"
This sound immediately alarmed the people in the room, and the neighbors immediately separated, looking at the door and letting the two inside out.
Cui Jing has been crying pear flower with rain, although it is looking to the door, Youzi and an old man like a beggar embrace together.
Shi Guangwei didn’t have anything, but Xiao asked, "Uh", and then completely froze on the spot. It really felt like thunder exploding in his ear in his sleep.
That old beggar who hugged Cui Jing, his mother is old Cui Tou! ! !
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