Jean girl sighed in her heart, which annoyed her stubbornness and moved her. all of my heart was a little confused at the moment!
She explained in a low voice, "I don’t want to worry my brother about these trivial things. You know where the capital is, and not just anyone can stand up and eat!" Can you be white when I say this? "
What does even Fangzhou know about the small place where a shrew is born? Sooner or later, when she gets to the capital, she will hit a wall and learn a lesson!
See what confidence and confidence she has at that time when she has suffered, learned a lesson and made a big fool of herself!
At that time, if I give my brother a quarrel and quarrel because of my depressed mood, I will get tired of her sooner or later if I give my brother a gift day by day.
She relies on her background status in Beijing to give her brother a tired of her, and she will be even more sad in the future! What will you argue with yourself then?
There are many stumbles in the capital! Don’t say don’t say the Li family and Fannie family-
You must try to make things difficult for her? I’m so angry!
Qin girl stared at Lilac Lilac unblinkingly and thought about it. Finally, a flash of light came to her mind.
"Is the handmaiden white! Still a girl! " Lilac crossed and smiled, and her eyes danced with joy.
Miss Qin smiled and waved, "mind your own personality and stop being impulsive!"
"It’s a handmaiden, remember!" Lilac readily promised to wait and see! Have them fall!
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu came to Su Fu to meet Master Su and Mrs Su, and then Jessica Fong Ching and Su Jinghe talked about the previous events, and all four of them were deeply moved.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled and said to Lian Fangzhou, "My cousin is really a blessed man. Who would have thought that there would be such a miracle! Your marriage is really predestined! General Li’s capital is no better than other places. None of us have ever seen a rough cousin in a big country. No matter how capable she is, she is a teenager. You should take care of her! "
Nowadays, the identity is different, and it is inconvenient for Jessica Fong Ching to say something directly, but even Fang Zhou and Li Fu can hear it. What she means is to let Li Fu not fail even Fang Zhou.
Even Fang Zhou smiled gratefully at her with a warm heart. "Cousin!"
Li Fu took a glance at Fang Zhou and touched her unconsciously. She nodded to Fang Qing with a gentle smile. "Don’t worry, I won’t let Fang Zhou down! It would be better to treat her later! "
"Then I’m relieved!" Jessica Fong Ching laughed.
"Cousin don’t worry about me!" Even Fang Zhou smiled gently and said, "I’m not easy to bully!"
Said several people laughed.
Li Fuchong smiled at her. Of course, she is not easy to bully, and he loves her and loves her. It is better to bully her!
Jessica Fong Ching got up and laughed "this don’t also don’t know when to meet! Let’s cousins have a good talk! Husband, please greet General Li! "
Li Fu also got up and smiled. "You said go and wait for us to leave! Cousin, you’re welcome to call me Jane, but you can also call me my cousin’s husband. Just don’t call General Li a stranger! "
Jessica Fong Ching saw that he was so happy in his heart that he knew that his temperament was still the same. Even Fang Zhou went with him in the past, and he would never suffer. Then he smiled, "In this case, I can’t see my cousin!"
"Exactly!" Li Fu laughed
Even Fangzhou followed Jessica Fong Ching’s speech elsewhere. Fang Qingping opened a cousin. The two sisters looked at each other for a while and didn’t know what to do. Chapter 63 Don’t be a cousin.
"alas!" Jessica Fong Ching gently sigh laughed "all say you never know this amiable see! It’s this heart that’s full of troubles! Seeing that our business is getting bigger and bigger, who knows that you are going to Beijing again! "
Even fangzhou tasted not reluctantly smiled. "That’s what my cousin thought in my heart! However, Azeri and others are still in business, and Jane and I have arranged it, so it will not be affected! "
She said and got up and threw herself at Jessica Fong Ching Yingying. "My cousin Azeri was still young and experienced many things, so I also asked my cousin and brother-in-law to take more photos! Please give me more advice if he does not do it properly or well! I have explained that he is difficult to make up his mind and will ask you for advice! "
Even fangzhou words didn’t say that finish was Jessica Fong Ching lifted up "come on! Even without your words, we would have noticed that Azeri had something to wake him up! You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry at home! "
Even Fang Zhou nodded and smiled gratefully. "Even so, I don’t want to say anything to my cousin. Thank you!"
"That’s right!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled and pulled her to sit still.
Jessica Fong Ching primly said again, "Beijing should pay attention to everything than entering Beijing elsewhere! The customs of one side are soil and water, especially the cousin’s husband is a general, and there is another set of unspeakable rules for human relations in officialdom. When you come to Beijing, you should inquire more about the rules and etiquette, the customs of social intercourse, the habits of the world, and so on. Don’t let people catch the shortcomings here! And general Li’s family doesn’t know what it is. Some relatives, friends and relatives have inquired about it in detail! Can you bring someone with you? "
Jessica Fong Ching said that even Fangzhou nodded and agreed. When she heard her question, she laughed. "I brought four people, Chunxing, Bitao and two clever pages to run an errand and go out to inquire about things!"
"That’s more like it!" Jessica Fong Ching nodded and smiled. "You are the cleverest, but your mind is also carefully adapted to a burst of entertainment. It is not difficult to expect. There is a saying that when you get there, don’t be too brave in everything. I think my cousin is a good man and hasn’t changed at all! Don’t always think about solving things by yourself. Discuss with him more and ask him to help him. He is much more familiar with you in Beijing! With his help, there will always be many detours! "
Even Fang Zhou was a little embarrassed to say with smile, "Cousin, rest assured that I won’t try to be brave! I’m his wife. If I don’t ask him for advice, who should I look for? "
Said the two men smiled at one another.
"That’s good!" Jessica Fong Ching said with a smile and turned around and picked up a small box that was already prepared beside him. He gently pushed it in front of Fangzhou with a smile. "Here is a silver ticket of five hundred and two thousand-don’t be too busy refusing to hear me out first! Take it. It’s good to have more money. Even if you can’t spend it for a while to defend yourself and be brave! Xiuyuan is here. I’ll just deduct your share of the profits! "
Jessica Fong Ching has already put the words to this copy of Lian Fangzhou. If you refuse again, it will be a bit too hurtful.
She simply generous jinhe laughed "cousin and cousin’s kindness fangzhou received! Thank you very much! "
"We don’t have to talk about this!" Jessica Fong Ching smiled and added, "Nanchang Branch Garden is also under construction. As usual, you also have a share! No matter where the capital is built in the future! With the experience here, it’s easy to build it elsewhere. You don’t have to worry! Of course, if you have any fresh and good ideas, don’t forget to write and let me know! "
"That’s natural!" Even fangzhou laughed
The two chatted for a while and got up and went out together when it was not early.
Jessica Fong Ching sighed, "You are in a hurry, and I won’t keep you overnight. Anyway, let’s go to lunch! The kitchen is ready to eat and leave. You’re welcome! "
This is also can’t refuse even Fang Zhou smiled and promised Jessica Fong Ching together with Su Jinghe and Li Fu to leave after dinner.
Even Fang Zhou wanted to ask Cui Shaoxi about his recent situation. It seems that I haven’t heard from him for quite a long time.
But on second thought, I refrained from asking after all.
Even if he is a little sad in spring and autumn, I believe it will pass soon. His family background is a pastime and money, which really doesn’t need her to worry about.
It is better to be ruthless and indifferent so that he can be completely dead.