"You uncle!" Suddenly, there came a penetrating sound on the roof. Two men were a little flustered. Looking down the sound source, a man and a woman were sitting on the roof, eating and drinking.
"You little yellow-haired uncle, I" the first troublemaker was about to say something but was suddenly stopped by Chu Lin.
"Uncle, killing you is as simple as stepping on an ant." Chulin’s lip angle is slightly sipped, and the pebbles are stretched out with an intoxicating radian.
It is not good to eat when Su Shiyuan is angry because he has stopped eating. Although he has not continued to string together, he still shakes hands after eating bamboo sticks.
"You don’t learn from me!" At that time, the troublemaker was a little tongue-tied, but Su Shiyuan couldn’t help laughing.
Set up a stall to buy tofu pudding. The couple stepped back several steps, as far as they could from those two people.
"I learn from you? I said, but it’s true. Why don’t you try? " Chu Lin got up and looked down at two gangsters like clowns.
"Go for a walk" Two men want to run when one thing gets too big. That’s a five-story building. How dare they eat and drink in such a high place? Their expressions are so leisurely and calm.
Two people started to run when they suddenly felt a cool breeze blowing over their cheeks. Two big fellow clothes were immediately punctured by bamboo sticks and nailed directly to the wooden stake next to them.
The difference between the two people will be seen carefully by this bamboo stick. There is still some cumin sweat on the bamboo stick.
"Grandpa, give us a break!" Although the two men had a lot of strength, they couldn’t pull out the bamboo stick, which showed how much effort Chu had made.
"Let you go? Have you ever thought about letting them go, knowing that bullying is too full, and have you never thought about the consequences? I see that you are not young. Which one is not a bully who has a family? " In Chu, Su Shiyuan flew, and then they followed suit. Su Shiyuan, in front of the couple, was very angry and kicked each other.
Two men saw Su Shiyuan’s appearance by moonlight and immediately gasped at the ugly girl.
"The girl’s lesson is the lesson." The two dare not neglect to say yes again and again.
"In that case, you go," said Su Shiyuan, looking at the two bullies who were slightly embarrassed.
In the palm of Chu’s hand, the bamboo stick was transported to the ground by a powerful force.
When the two men heard this, they touched their chests and slapped them. They were scared and kept bossing their thighs. When they were just about to leave, they felt that their arms were caught from behind.
"ah!" Two men turned around and looked that this man was none other than a catcher!
"Ah, what? Let’s go!" The two catchers pushed and shoved them for a while, and soon they took away the people and vendors around them before they could react and immediately returned their hands.
"Thank you for your help!" The couple selling tofu pudding hurriedly came over and wanted to kneel down. Su Shiyuan raised his hand in succession. The couple suddenly felt that their knees were hot and they had straightened up.
"It’s so late to sell tofu pudding?" As far as Su Shiyuan knows, according to the eating habits of Chu people, tofu pudding should be breakfast, but it can’t be sold quickly at night. There are still so many full-bodied bullies who come to make trouble.
"The child was ill and didn’t have enough silver at home to get medicine. He came out to set up a stall late, hoping to save enough silver as soon as possible." Speaking of the sad virgin, she sobbed gently. Her husband took hold of her shoulder and wiped her tears with a sleeve. His eyes were also full of sadness.
"I am a doctor. If you trust me, I will go to your home to see" Su Shiyuan looked at Chu Lin and then at the couple.
"Then it’s troublesome for Eun Gong!" The couple almost cried and hurried to clean up the stall. Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin followed the couple in the night.
Little did they know that Chu Lin and Su Shiyuan followed the couple in the dark night, and the Catharine became more and more remote and inaccessible, so it was not like they were inhabited.
"Elder sister, where do you live? How can you have gone so far and not arrived yet? " Su Shiyuan’s tone is cold so he has detected something wrong. Chu Lin is holding her fingertips. The two men look at each other’s thoughts and seem to have been clear for a moment.
"Don’t worry when the horse arrives at my sister." When Su Shiyuan said this, the woman suddenly slowed down, but in the dark night, her eyes flashed a bit cold.
Chu Lin suddenly felt a white light flash away at the moment, and the front woman suddenly stopped, revealing a dagger at each cuff.
"Come on!" In front of the two men, a man and a woman suddenly turned around and thought about Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin. The blade struck with a cold chill and freaky and deadly.
Be alert and relax when you are new here. Su Shiyuan has some regrets that he didn’t bring the Xuantie sword.
Chu Lin suddenly took hold of her waist. When I didn’t know, my right hand and my left hand were already wearing a pair of semi-transparent gloves. It seems that she is very similar in gold armor.
"ah!" Just as the woman was coming towards Chu Lin, the male forefinger and middle finger suddenly caught hold of the dagger in her hand and heard that the dagger in Peng Yi’s hand had been broken and the black princess was not easy to handle.
Chu Linqu is a slap in the face, and the female cheek has been scratched and bleeding.
"You heartless man actually hit a woman!" The woman dressed in cloth was overturned, and the man reached for a bench and waved at Su Shiyuan.
When in danger, the silk white silk twill came out of the sleeve. Su Shiyuan turned the white silk twill into a chilling white light with great strength. Suddenly, the white silk twill was as hard as a sword, and the wooden bench was suddenly broken into sawdust!
"Radish, how much debt do you owe outside?" Two people with their backs to their backs Su Shiyuan’s words were filled with strong jealousy. Su Shiyuan’s words had fallen in love with the white silk in his hand, and the couple had been wrapped up.
"I don’t know who she is at all." Chu Lin took the white silk from her hand and stretched out his hand and pulled the man and the woman.
Don’t you know any fickle and disloyal words?
Two people walk a few steps in an instant has come to the restaurant Chu Lin untied two people and found a rope to tie them up again and directly tie the horse.
"The prince’s charm is really great." The two men jumped into the horse and sweated blood. The BMW screamed and then raised their front feet and ran in the direction of the Wangfu.
"Smelly girl charm conference was chased?" The horse galloped Su Shiyuan’s long hair swept the man’s cheek behind him like satin, and Chu Limba said to her shoulder