Zoom in with J and jīng, and look carefully, where is the pill! It is clearly a rough embryo of a sword with complicated inscriptions!
I am eager for thunder, Xuan Ji, overlapping waves, playing deep in the golden scales, stealing thirteen swordsmanships, and clearing up the mysterious and mysterious tactics …
Each rune represents what he has learned, and this rough sword is his experience of practicing sword so far.
See it, Chen Shaobai also feel a little surprised, for their own struggle and regrets. The rough embryo of this sword is still illusory, not solid, and may dissipate at any time. Chen Shaobai has just given birth to a little distracting thoughts, and it tends to dissipate.
However, since Chen Shaobai chose this time to use the pressure to shock the quenching gas, how could it be easily broken?
"JΟ ng Qi Xian Pupil, help me to gather together, break through Tianyuan, and gather sword species!"
Mana runes flow in my heart, and the dark eyes in the sea suddenly shake, becomijīng more j and ng, closer to perfection and stronger. Two monty flying swords attacked and killed him, but Chen Shaobai didn’t hide or flash, so he took a hard blow with his eyes.
The power of the shock, its own strength, quickly gathered and conducted, like a sledgehammer, beating a red-hot soldering iron, and severely exercised Chen Shaobai’s rough sword. Remove impurities and leave the essence.
Break down, reorganize.
After thousands of tempering, a pure white Se sword emerged, which contains no impurities and is as clean as a piece of rice paper.
A heavy quenching gas, [sword species] territory!
J Ο ng God’s physical mana is condensed into a whole, and the whole person is round and golden, and there is no half of the vitality leaked and dried up. When you make moves, there will be wind and thunder, and the mana quality will be refined and purified, and it will come from the same source and no longer rely on foreign objects. This kind of sword is condensed, which represents Chen Shaobai’s turning all things into immortals and embarking on the road of immortality.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty Fairy clouds vitality!
Chapter one hundred and sixty
"Still want to cut my soul?"
Two handle monty soul sword stubbornly stuck to fly to cut over, Chen Shaobai face a cold se, suo xìng directly let go of the dark eyes, snow-white woven sword shuttle boom will be in the past.
The belief of firm persistence and breaking all obstacles is derived from the sword.
Bang! Bang!
Two crisp sounds remind of the collapse of two monty swords.
Now that the internal troubles have been solved, Chen Shaobai can concentrate on solving foreign troubles.
When he opened his eyes, he saw Zhang Sidong’s face frantically offering sacrifices to burn up his vitality and burst into strength beyond his own limits. He barely attacked Cai Raner at the moment, and it seems that he could be completely destroyed at any moment.
Although Zhang Sidong is a basket case now, and he is bewitched, he burned Shou Yuan, and there is no threat at all, but after all, he left his name on the list of dragons and phoenixes. If he died in the battlefield of the Milky Way, he could not get away from Chen Shaobai, so he reached out a little.
White Se horses practice across the void, and sword pills appear at first sight.
The soul sword of Monty, which has been forbidden to enter the body, was instantly shattered, turned into a product of many negative emotions, such as sin, greed, affection and yin evil, and dissipated in a cosmic vacuum.
Feeling the pressure drop suddenly, Cai Raner looked up with a hint of relief on his picturesque eyes: "Brother Chen!"
Although she didn’t fully express her intention, Chen Shaobai already knew it.
Although monty is not as fragile as human beings, and can be distracted by hundreds of millions of people, it is ubiquitous, but it has been wiped out three times, and the quenching demon named "empty illusion" must have a short period of weakness.
Chen Shaobai is not a defender of five stresses and four beauties, but believes in …
Take advantage of his illness and kill him!
Wind, fire, and black Ri’s great ship moved from the side, temporarily suppressing the illusion of the Heavenly King. Chen Shaobai raised his hand, and the five stars immediately gathered together to form a super sword with indifferent purple light and smoke.
White robe, purple sword, black eyes and huafa. Obstinate and powerful, mysterious and introverted.
Breaking through to the secret realm of quenching gas, a mass of information particles hidden in the sea of knowledge burst out instantly, which became the fourth skill brought to Chen Shaobai by The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man-the fairy wind and cloud vitality.
This magical secret method is still very strange to him now, and it takes a long time to master it completely, but some of the techniques can also inspire him a lot.
Mana gathered feet, transported vanity step, Chen Shaobai figure across a time in the sky, instantly beheaded.
A loud whistling, full of power in the vacuum tumbling, splashing pieces of disintegrated pieces of dark space, empty three magic pupil gleaming, full of negative emotions such as evil, filth and depravity, as if at first glance, it would make J and jīng God collapse.
"It’s just a quenching gas a heavy kid, also want to kill me! You all deserve to die! "
Swelling. Swelling.