But Qiye’s burning treasure really tells his origin.

How do you know that the word burning treasure can call her like this if you are not an acquaintance in previous lives? Even the tone is as gentle as Brother Ye in the past.
But at this time, if the king of Jin is seen by others who are familiar with him, he is afraid to be surprised. He is slightly bent over to look at the little girl in front of him, and her eyes are as gentle as spring in March and she is overwhelmed with joy.
"It’s my burning treasure. I remember your uncle and aunt Yiqing Boyuan Hanyuan. We used to live in Fencheng Yiyang living area, and the network video phone …" He casually chose a few things from past lives, and Tao’s burning eyes became more and more shiny and excited to say that they were like a sign.
"It’s very kind of you Ye Ge" Tao Zhuo grabbed his sleeve and looked up excitedly. "Did you just remember? The first time I saw you in Nanyuan Taolin, you still pushed me. "
She complained of injustice.
Qiye eye dew remorse "I’m sorry, burning, I didn’t recover my memory at that time. It was this coma that I remembered my past life." Seeing the little girl wronged Baba, he consciously rubbed his head and realized that her head was covered with a beautiful little pull, and a small black hair, gold and silver thread, embroidered with Hosta flowers.
Tao Zhuo took the initiative to put his head into his palm. "Ye Ge, I was really you at that time, but later I felt that it was the same as my parents. They didn’t have the same memory as me, so I thought that I wouldn’t know you in the future. It’s great that you came back."
She looked at his thin cheeks, which was much thinner than the one she met at her grandparents’ house. It turned out that his coma was due to his memory recovery.
Qiye caught the focus in her words and asked, "You mean your parents …"
"Oh, that is, they look exactly like previous lives, but they don’t have memories of previous lives," she explained. "Yes, I was born with memories. Maybe I forgot to drink Meng Po Tang." She joked, "Now there are more Ye Ge. Although you just recovered your memory, how did you suddenly recover it?"
Tao Zhuo looked at him curiously with a puzzled face.
Qiye’s eyes are weird. Looking at her chubby cheeks when she was the same age as the world, "I probably met you more times and triggered a memory point."
I can’t tell her that every time I see you, he will have a terrible headache and feel strange in his dreams, and finally he will simply come into a coma to restore his memory.
Although he was vague, Tao Zhuo was in a happy mood, but he noticed that he had brought some small pride. "Oh, it turned out that it was my credit. I must have had past memories. It was also the first time we met in Nanyuan Peach Blossom Forest. If I had known that this would restore your memory, I should have called you earlier, but I didn’t know that the current King of Jin turned out to be Ye Ge." And she was still very uncomfortable at that time
Then I was confused. "But I don’t see my parents recover some past life memories every day. Brother Ye, you only met a few times before you recovered."
"Isn’t that a good thing?" Qiye laughed and said, "Maybe they drank a bowl of Meng Po Tang when they were reborn, but I didn’t drink enough."
"Rational" Tao burning little head looks like the past life, and the heart of the second Jin king is more cheerful.
"Who is the past family in that mansion? I remember Cheng Ningbo’s previous life was different. "
"Hum check is not the same root is not big uncle reincarnation, ok? I’m a cheap big uncle now, but it’s not good for my big brother at all. "Tao Zhuo whined and said something to the king of Jin without hesitation." My big uncle and aunt love and love my big brother. Now this cheap big uncle looks like a house full of concubines. The most important thing is that he has always been bad for his big brother. My big brother is blind! "
She, Tao Yiqing, felt the same way and nodded, but this girl didn’t say that he asked "which house?"
"Oh, just my parents, eldest brother, second brother and third brother, our family are all past lives, and they hurt me as much as before. Although the others are this aristocratic family, my grandmother, elder sister, second sister and third sister are all fine, and my second uncle and second aunt, fourth brother and fifth brother are fine, but I don’t like the fourth sister, fifth sister and those aunts very much."
She lifted the Bofu people out and told them again.
This loss is that Qiye can’t do this if he is an outsider.
Qi Ye felt that Zhuo Bao was pampered and naive compared with her previous life. For example, today she has more experience and maturity, but she is still pure and kind, and her personality is more lively and naughty.
After she finished, she got a general understanding of the situation around her, and Qi Ye also talked about her own situation. "Although I was born in the imperial family, I was raised by my brother and sister-in-law as my own child. It’s good to read with my wife." He paused. "It also made up for my longing for family."
Although he stayed for a moment quickly, Tao Zhuo felt her holding his cool hand lovingly.
You have something to say.
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Chapter 44 Chapter 44
"Brother Ye, don’t be sad. Actually, Uncle Qi is still very concerned about you and loves you. I don’t know that it was no accident when you were in a car accident. It was your stepmother who hurt you. Later, after she was arrested, Uncle Qi particularly blamed herself and failed to see her true face." But let Tao Zhuo say that no matter how much she blames herself, it won’t save Brother Ye’s life. Fortunately, her brother Ye has a lot of luck after being reborn.
Qiye is very calm, "the so-called is a lifetime."
Tao asked earnestly, "So this coma has no harm to your body, right? By the way, I heard that a Taoist saved you. "
"It doesn’t matter if you wake up weak. After all, you haven’t had a serious meal for ten days." Qiye told her the truth, and simply said everything that happened in her sick harem, and Tao Zhuo was crying.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Although Brother Ye is now the only brother of Saint and still loves him very much, the harem and the imperial court are all complicated places, and this is quite confusing.
"Brother Ye, you must be good."
Qiye smiled, but realized another problem and asked solemnly, "KeZhaoBao, how did you come here? It can be said that a family is so neat. "
After Tao Zhuo died, they mourned the earthquake that hit him on his way back and said, "In fact, I don’t know how it ended here."
Maybe it was destined for them to meet?
Where can I guess this fantastic thing, Tao Zhuo?
But that’s not the point. Come and be safe, regardless of the past.
"Ahem …"
Just as the two continued to chat, the courtyard came and coughed deliberately. Listen to the sound of Tao burning and you will know that it is your third brother.
Can Tao Han wake up without coughing for a long time? Even under their noses, the king of Jin won’t do anything to his sister, but the king of Jin really makes them uneasy.
Therefore, the more I think about it, the more I don’t trust Tao Hanyuan, and I quietly moved to the place. It happened that Tao Zhuo and Qi Ye were very close to her sister’s hand, and Qi Ye held it in her hand to detain her hair.
In fact, although Jinger was far away according to the orders of the King of Jin, he was a powerful and protected film TV. Even if he couldn’t hear the sound, he had to let the King of Jin witness two scenes that seemed to hit it off from the beginning in his sight.
Yu was seen by Tao Hanyuan that Qiye was holding Tao’s burning hand, and let Jing Er see that it was Tao’s six girls who went to hold his temple hand first before holding it back.
But Tao Han doesn’t know. He thinks that Qi Ye is not interested in his little sister.
Although there are many people who are engaged to their sister at this time, it is someone else. His sister is still a child.
At this moment, Tao Hanyuan felt that the King of Jin was better than the beast.
He deliberately coughed to interrupt the house.
Where did Tao Zhuo and Qiye know that Tao Han was far away from this idea? They stopped just now and Qiye asked, "Then they know you …"

Chen Shaobai’s heart is horizontal, and the sun’s inflammation mana flows along the meridians, gradually gathering his life J and jīng Hua, and all his strength and feelings converge. He seems to "see" that a round Dan pill emerges in front of his eyes.

Zoom in with J and jīng, and look carefully, where is the pill! It is clearly a rough embryo of a sword with complicated inscriptions!
I am eager for thunder, Xuan Ji, overlapping waves, playing deep in the golden scales, stealing thirteen swordsmanships, and clearing up the mysterious and mysterious tactics …
Each rune represents what he has learned, and this rough sword is his experience of practicing sword so far.
See it, Chen Shaobai also feel a little surprised, for their own struggle and regrets. The rough embryo of this sword is still illusory, not solid, and may dissipate at any time. Chen Shaobai has just given birth to a little distracting thoughts, and it tends to dissipate.
However, since Chen Shaobai chose this time to use the pressure to shock the quenching gas, how could it be easily broken?
"JΟ ng Qi Xian Pupil, help me to gather together, break through Tianyuan, and gather sword species!"
Mana runes flow in my heart, and the dark eyes in the sea suddenly shake, becomijīng more j and ng, closer to perfection and stronger. Two monty flying swords attacked and killed him, but Chen Shaobai didn’t hide or flash, so he took a hard blow with his eyes.
The power of the shock, its own strength, quickly gathered and conducted, like a sledgehammer, beating a red-hot soldering iron, and severely exercised Chen Shaobai’s rough sword. Remove impurities and leave the essence.
Break down, reorganize.
After thousands of tempering, a pure white Se sword emerged, which contains no impurities and is as clean as a piece of rice paper.
A heavy quenching gas, [sword species] territory!
J Ο ng God’s physical mana is condensed into a whole, and the whole person is round and golden, and there is no half of the vitality leaked and dried up. When you make moves, there will be wind and thunder, and the mana quality will be refined and purified, and it will come from the same source and no longer rely on foreign objects. This kind of sword is condensed, which represents Chen Shaobai’s turning all things into immortals and embarking on the road of immortality.
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Chapter one hundred and sixty Fairy clouds vitality!
Chapter one hundred and sixty
"Still want to cut my soul?"
Two handle monty soul sword stubbornly stuck to fly to cut over, Chen Shaobai face a cold se, suo xìng directly let go of the dark eyes, snow-white woven sword shuttle boom will be in the past.
The belief of firm persistence and breaking all obstacles is derived from the sword.
Bang! Bang!
Two crisp sounds remind of the collapse of two monty swords.
Now that the internal troubles have been solved, Chen Shaobai can concentrate on solving foreign troubles.
When he opened his eyes, he saw Zhang Sidong’s face frantically offering sacrifices to burn up his vitality and burst into strength beyond his own limits. He barely attacked Cai Raner at the moment, and it seems that he could be completely destroyed at any moment.
Although Zhang Sidong is a basket case now, and he is bewitched, he burned Shou Yuan, and there is no threat at all, but after all, he left his name on the list of dragons and phoenixes. If he died in the battlefield of the Milky Way, he could not get away from Chen Shaobai, so he reached out a little.
White Se horses practice across the void, and sword pills appear at first sight.
The soul sword of Monty, which has been forbidden to enter the body, was instantly shattered, turned into a product of many negative emotions, such as sin, greed, affection and yin evil, and dissipated in a cosmic vacuum.
Feeling the pressure drop suddenly, Cai Raner looked up with a hint of relief on his picturesque eyes: "Brother Chen!"
Although she didn’t fully express her intention, Chen Shaobai already knew it.
Although monty is not as fragile as human beings, and can be distracted by hundreds of millions of people, it is ubiquitous, but it has been wiped out three times, and the quenching demon named "empty illusion" must have a short period of weakness.
Chen Shaobai is not a defender of five stresses and four beauties, but believes in …
Take advantage of his illness and kill him!
Wind, fire, and black Ri’s great ship moved from the side, temporarily suppressing the illusion of the Heavenly King. Chen Shaobai raised his hand, and the five stars immediately gathered together to form a super sword with indifferent purple light and smoke.
White robe, purple sword, black eyes and huafa. Obstinate and powerful, mysterious and introverted.
Breaking through to the secret realm of quenching gas, a mass of information particles hidden in the sea of knowledge burst out instantly, which became the fourth skill brought to Chen Shaobai by The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man-the fairy wind and cloud vitality.
This magical secret method is still very strange to him now, and it takes a long time to master it completely, but some of the techniques can also inspire him a lot.
Mana gathered feet, transported vanity step, Chen Shaobai figure across a time in the sky, instantly beheaded.
A loud whistling, full of power in the vacuum tumbling, splashing pieces of disintegrated pieces of dark space, empty three magic pupil gleaming, full of negative emotions such as evil, filth and depravity, as if at first glance, it would make J and jīng God collapse.
"It’s just a quenching gas a heavy kid, also want to kill me! You all deserve to die! "
Swelling. Swelling.

These two men are famous bullies in this street. They know almost all the vendors. None of them know any martial arts. Who are the ordinary people?

"You uncle!" Suddenly, there came a penetrating sound on the roof. Two men were a little flustered. Looking down the sound source, a man and a woman were sitting on the roof, eating and drinking.
"You little yellow-haired uncle, I" the first troublemaker was about to say something but was suddenly stopped by Chu Lin.
"Uncle, killing you is as simple as stepping on an ant." Chulin’s lip angle is slightly sipped, and the pebbles are stretched out with an intoxicating radian.
It is not good to eat when Su Shiyuan is angry because he has stopped eating. Although he has not continued to string together, he still shakes hands after eating bamboo sticks.
"You don’t learn from me!" At that time, the troublemaker was a little tongue-tied, but Su Shiyuan couldn’t help laughing.
Set up a stall to buy tofu pudding. The couple stepped back several steps, as far as they could from those two people.
"I learn from you? I said, but it’s true. Why don’t you try? " Chu Lin got up and looked down at two gangsters like clowns.
"Go for a walk" Two men want to run when one thing gets too big. That’s a five-story building. How dare they eat and drink in such a high place? Their expressions are so leisurely and calm.
Two people started to run when they suddenly felt a cool breeze blowing over their cheeks. Two big fellow clothes were immediately punctured by bamboo sticks and nailed directly to the wooden stake next to them.
The difference between the two people will be seen carefully by this bamboo stick. There is still some cumin sweat on the bamboo stick.
"Grandpa, give us a break!" Although the two men had a lot of strength, they couldn’t pull out the bamboo stick, which showed how much effort Chu had made.
"Let you go? Have you ever thought about letting them go, knowing that bullying is too full, and have you never thought about the consequences? I see that you are not young. Which one is not a bully who has a family? " In Chu, Su Shiyuan flew, and then they followed suit. Su Shiyuan, in front of the couple, was very angry and kicked each other.
Two men saw Su Shiyuan’s appearance by moonlight and immediately gasped at the ugly girl.
"The girl’s lesson is the lesson." The two dare not neglect to say yes again and again.
"In that case, you go," said Su Shiyuan, looking at the two bullies who were slightly embarrassed.
In the palm of Chu’s hand, the bamboo stick was transported to the ground by a powerful force.
When the two men heard this, they touched their chests and slapped them. They were scared and kept bossing their thighs. When they were just about to leave, they felt that their arms were caught from behind.
"ah!" Two men turned around and looked that this man was none other than a catcher!
"Ah, what? Let’s go!" The two catchers pushed and shoved them for a while, and soon they took away the people and vendors around them before they could react and immediately returned their hands.
"Thank you for your help!" The couple selling tofu pudding hurriedly came over and wanted to kneel down. Su Shiyuan raised his hand in succession. The couple suddenly felt that their knees were hot and they had straightened up.
"It’s so late to sell tofu pudding?" As far as Su Shiyuan knows, according to the eating habits of Chu people, tofu pudding should be breakfast, but it can’t be sold quickly at night. There are still so many full-bodied bullies who come to make trouble.
"The child was ill and didn’t have enough silver at home to get medicine. He came out to set up a stall late, hoping to save enough silver as soon as possible." Speaking of the sad virgin, she sobbed gently. Her husband took hold of her shoulder and wiped her tears with a sleeve. His eyes were also full of sadness.
"I am a doctor. If you trust me, I will go to your home to see" Su Shiyuan looked at Chu Lin and then at the couple.
"Then it’s troublesome for Eun Gong!" The couple almost cried and hurried to clean up the stall. Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin followed the couple in the night.
Little did they know that Chu Lin and Su Shiyuan followed the couple in the dark night, and the Catharine became more and more remote and inaccessible, so it was not like they were inhabited.
"Elder sister, where do you live? How can you have gone so far and not arrived yet? " Su Shiyuan’s tone is cold so he has detected something wrong. Chu Lin is holding her fingertips. The two men look at each other’s thoughts and seem to have been clear for a moment.
"Don’t worry when the horse arrives at my sister." When Su Shiyuan said this, the woman suddenly slowed down, but in the dark night, her eyes flashed a bit cold.
Chu Lin suddenly felt a white light flash away at the moment, and the front woman suddenly stopped, revealing a dagger at each cuff.
"Come on!" In front of the two men, a man and a woman suddenly turned around and thought about Su Shiyuan and Chu Lin. The blade struck with a cold chill and freaky and deadly.
Be alert and relax when you are new here. Su Shiyuan has some regrets that he didn’t bring the Xuantie sword.
Chu Lin suddenly took hold of her waist. When I didn’t know, my right hand and my left hand were already wearing a pair of semi-transparent gloves. It seems that she is very similar in gold armor.
"ah!" Just as the woman was coming towards Chu Lin, the male forefinger and middle finger suddenly caught hold of the dagger in her hand and heard that the dagger in Peng Yi’s hand had been broken and the black princess was not easy to handle.
Chu Linqu is a slap in the face, and the female cheek has been scratched and bleeding.
"You heartless man actually hit a woman!" The woman dressed in cloth was overturned, and the man reached for a bench and waved at Su Shiyuan.
When in danger, the silk white silk twill came out of the sleeve. Su Shiyuan turned the white silk twill into a chilling white light with great strength. Suddenly, the white silk twill was as hard as a sword, and the wooden bench was suddenly broken into sawdust!
"Radish, how much debt do you owe outside?" Two people with their backs to their backs Su Shiyuan’s words were filled with strong jealousy. Su Shiyuan’s words had fallen in love with the white silk in his hand, and the couple had been wrapped up.
"I don’t know who she is at all." Chu Lin took the white silk from her hand and stretched out his hand and pulled the man and the woman.
Don’t you know any fickle and disloyal words?
Two people walk a few steps in an instant has come to the restaurant Chu Lin untied two people and found a rope to tie them up again and directly tie the horse.
"The prince’s charm is really great." The two men jumped into the horse and sweated blood. The BMW screamed and then raised their front feet and ran in the direction of the Wangfu.
"Smelly girl charm conference was chased?" The horse galloped Su Shiyuan’s long hair swept the man’s cheek behind him like satin, and Chu Limba said to her shoulder