"Hear my words? Duke! You don’t move and then accept me [holy light] "Gavin Rudd turned to glance out of the next room Ilyushia big drink a way" immediately notify Wu Seer to come over! It is best to call antonidas! "
Duke opened his heart, and the massive light rushed into his body and soul.
Inhalation and exhalation
Inhale and exhale, then inhale and exhale.
The original heart beats and the lungs breathe, which is absolutely common for a living person, but for Duke, it is necessary to force the body to move by its own will, and every movement is bound to be accompanied by pain.
Beads of sweat the size of soybeans billowed from every pore in Duke’s forehead, and Vanessa, who was waiting next to him, could not be wiped away even if her skill was faster than agility.
On the contrary, antonidas, the number one human exorcist, came quickly and brought Wu Seer directly to the door.
Fortunately, Duke accepted Gavin Rudd as a bodyguard, and fortunately, several key figures in the league had Duke, and the situation quickly stabilized.
Except Alonso, a group of big shots came to a chilling conclusion after consultation-if we leave Duke alone, he will die in a month with exhausted vitality.
Chapter 46 The Last Hope
Duke will probably die! ?
The league is really shocked these days.
Alonso Fao was once critically ill, which brought only surprise to the league level.
After all, the Holy Light Church has the greatest influence only in Lordaeron and Storm Kingdom. There are Holy Light Churches in other countries, but believers are still in the majority.
When the kings heard the news of Alonso, they said, "I’m sorry to hear that."
But Duke is different.
Almost every king except Aiden, who has already hung up on the king of Outlak, is a soldier. They know very well that it is more straightforward to act boldly than upright. Anduin Losaduk is the one who integrates the countries of the alliance into a glue and command tower.
Terenas Lordaeron is the target of public criticism. Everyone knows that Terenas’ motives are a little impure. It should not be said that Terenas’ intention to be Soladine II is simply well known.
Less troops. That’s the Lordaeron pot.
If you send troops to pay too much, you have to worry about whether Lordaeron’s plot is a condescending charity, and no kingdom is comfortable.
With Duke, kings of all countries are much more comfortable.
The support force, manpower and material resources are absolutely sufficient and on time, and anyone can see that Duke’s killing strategy is the key to the alliance.
If Anduin is the spiritual leader of the League, Duke is the brain of the League, which is second only to Anduin in importance.
Now when the alliance is about to turn into the counter-offensive stage, the news that Duke is dying suddenly comes out. Kings of various countries are really anxious.
Visit the Archbishop of the Holy Light. That’s when the world’s bosses choke, they go to express their condolences one by one.
Where’s Duke?
A state guesthouse almost turned into a throne meeting.
As a result, Duke had to be moved directly to the Royal Palace in Lordaeron. Otherwise, what would it be like for six or seven kings to surround a small state guesthouse?
Even so, even King Dai Lin Proudmoore, who is in charge of the navy, came here on a Griffin, which shows that Duke is very important.
To everyone’s surprise, we saw a Duke with a different face, but we didn’t see a Duke who was dying. His short hair was a little gray like dye, and there was such a handful of silver on his forehead.
Nothing else.
It doesn’t seem to be a big deal. It is all the high-ranking priests and the most influential people who study curses. antonidas told all kings that it was not that simple.
"Now Duke is like a bucket with many holes in it. Every moment, his vitality is lost. Ten days later, you will see a 30-year-old Duke who will be 40 in 20 days and not 50 in a month, but will die directly."
"Is there no way to plug those holes or something?" King Ryan is the most nervous about losing a Duke to others, that is, losing an alliance commander. The main force of the tribe has been almost destroyed. If you are not an idiot, you can win the next battle, which is different from how many lives you lose and how much time you spend.
But for the storm kingdom, the loss is likely to be the cornerstone of the most important kingdom in the next 30 years.
Antonidas shook his head with regret. "A single curse is like a thread wrapped around a ball. Even if it is messy, you can take the thread around the thread. But Duke’s situation is like a bunch of threads of the same color rolled into a ball. I can’t find a clue. This is a hole in the soul level created by different methods from many worlds. I also have the ability. The most important thing is that this is a demigod mage casting a curse …"
The guardian of the world does good deeds. Can a sunrise mage handle it?
Ryan and Anduin are all bitter.
I didn’t expect it to be their dead friend Medivh’s pot after a circle.
The greatest irony in the world is this.
The temperature in the air is gradually sinking, and so is the atmosphere. Almost everyone has a feeling of being breathless.
"Hate Gourdain!" Anduin gnashed his teeth and pounded on the wall.
At this time, it was Duke who said, "The actual situation may not be as serious as you think."
"It’s not serious? Then what is serious? " King Ryan’s eyes were red and his voice broke into tears.
Ryan didn’t cry when he lost his ancestral land.
A symbol of the fall of Stormwind, the Lord of the whole kingdom. Ryan didn’t cry.
Now Duke is dying, and Ryan is crying. It’s only two seconds from the most red eyes to crying.
"Smelly little you are dying now! I was thinking of you helping Varian to reproduce the glory of Storm Kingdom! I was thinking about one thousand don’t make you … "The last word" king "didn’t say Anduin patted Ryan on the shoulder and stopped him.
"Listen to Duke first."
Duke breathed a sigh of relief. "I guess worldly power is ability."