Gong Xiao summoned one shield after another to protect himself.
Water’ beast let out a scream and jumped up from the crocodile turtle’s back and fell to the top of the building. The huge golden flash was released in all directions. These blood spiders screamed and were chopped over.
The people came to the roof one after another, and an endless stream of three and four blood spiders appeared.
Su Li’s attack is mainly aimed at the middle and fourth blood spiders. Every time they kill the first and fourth blood spiders, they can harvest a spiritual source.
Soon, more than 34 blood spiders died and released their own thunder. The number of spiritual sources he had has become 16, and the distance breakthrough is getting closer and closer.
Suddenly, a very strange spider appeared among the blood spiders. This spider is about the same size as a four-level blood spider, but there is an extra layer of spikes on the red carapace outside its body, which makes it look particularly ferocious.
Su Li hit the "peep symbol pattern" and immediately captured its message.
"The name bloodthirsty spider level 4 bloodthirsty spider evolved from the blood spider, and the elite beast will have faster speed and stronger power than the blood spider bloodthirsty spider. Spitting out the silk contains stronger neurotoxins, and the bloodthirsty spider has a certain probability of evolving the leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider to kill the bloodthirsty spider to gain special abilities."
Su Li’s induction message secretly nodded. A more powerful four-level elite bloodthirsty spider finally appeared outside the three-level and four-level blood spiders.
Since this is a monster’s lair, it will certainly not simply hide some ordinary blood spiders. There should be more powerful monsters. Perhaps there are more powerful monsters besides this elite beast-level bloodthirsty spider, such as the leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider, which may appear soon.
Suri read this. The first bloodthirsty spider has quickly climbed to Suri. Now it is released. The power of thunder attack is not inferior to that of general skill attack. This bloodthirsty spider was immediately killed and brought him two spiritual sources. It immediately emerged in my mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 14/2"
Behind this bloodthirsty spider, there are more and more blood spiders on the water surface, and the number is less than 1000 in a short time, while bloodthirsty spiders appear around this building one after another.
Five people and one beast surrounded a small circle, surrounded by an endless stream of monsters.
More and more spider corpses piled up around the crowd.
"How much is Su Li still short?" Ding Longyun’s continuous launching of "air missiles" can harvest a large number of spiritual sources, but a few of them are fighting for a long time because of their limited physical strength, unlike the ancient city, when they encountered more monsters, they were not afraid that they could be replaced in shifts.
The existing five-person and one-beast method is replaced.
Su Li’s harvest spiritual source has broken through 1,900 pieces. Ding Longyun asked, "It’s almost a few dozen pieces short."
Conveniently, the Red Crescent Dragon was cut and pulled out. From just fighting to now, he didn’t move the Red Crescent Dragon. He attacked with "black thunder energy" and "high pressure strike" to save physical strength.
When the red light flashed, the red crescent dragon cut and so on, a bloodthirsty spider was split in half, and Su Li’s mind immediately reappeared the message.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 1912/2"
Now he still needs a spiritual source.
A scream sounded, and a huge giant spider suddenly jumped on the edge of the roof behind the bloodthirsty spider he killed.
Some of these giant spiders and bloodthirsty spiders are covered with ferocious spikes like their backs, but they are twice as big. It’s like having a car there.
Su Li can guess that it must be a leader-class bloodthirsty giant spider without moving the "peep symbol pattern"
Followed by his "peeping symbol pattern", he captured the information of this giant spider in front of him. As he guessed, this is a level 1-5 bloodthirsty giant spider.
The bloodthirsty giant spider is a five-level leader. The strength of the beast is almost comparable to that of the four-level rare beast. It is absolutely not weak. It has a sharp mouth and claws, and its huge body leaps up and presses against Su Li, with a faint wind.
Su Li summoned the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow to appear and take the initiative to meet this blood-thirsty giant bead. He put his hands together and cut the red crescent dragon into the first form of "devil muscle"
Before, he has always been in a normal state, and he can deal with these ordinary or elite spider monsters with his realistic strength without moving "devil muscles", which can also save physical strength.
If it is a normal combat, you can fight for 45 minutes with Su Li’s abundant physical strength.
However, the first form of "Devil’s Muscle" was seriously entered by the five-level leader beast Su Li, and the physical strength was doubled, and the strength and speed were doubled.
Whew, a red crescent dragon chop faster speed and power. This five-level bloodthirsty giant spider root doesn’t dodge, and I didn’t expect its strength and hard armor, Su Li strength and monarch weapons to be vulnerable.
Five leaders beast will be a cliff was killed a lot of juice spilled out.
As Lingyuan sank into his forehead, new information appeared in Su Li’s mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 192/2"
Slaughtering this five-level bloodthirsty giant spider once gave him a spiritual source.
Entering the first form of "devil’s muscle", Su Li became faster and killed the bloodthirsty giant spider. After he shook his body, he flew around the edge of the building like a disease arrow, and red light flashed everywhere, one after another, and the blood spider or bloodthirsty spider broke.
In an instant, Su Li killed four or four blood spiders and three or four bloodthirsty spiders and harvested one spiritual source in one breath. The number of spiritual sources he now owns has become 193.
"There are still 70 pieces left!" Su Li silently thought that there was a scream and a low noise around the roof, and suddenly five giant spiders appeared, all of which were bloodthirsty giant spiders of the five leaders.
Chapter 434 Monty
"There are so many chief spiders in this little spider nest?" Su Li’s eyes were slightly surprised.
In addition to his initiative to meet a water’ beast also jump towards a rush to the water’ beast strength is very strong, let alone the five-level leader spider, even the five-level rare beast will be able to fight it.
Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuijue also blocked one after another, and Ding Longyun and Xu Xuehui dealt with it together.
Su Li first succeeded in slaying a bloodthirsty giant spider and harvesting a spiritual source, followed by Jiang Shuixuan.
Now, she can use three or three Jiang Shuijue’s "fog doppelganger" respectively, and nine figures formed by black fog surround a bloodthirsty giant spider, which will soon succeed.
Su Li secretly nodded in his eyes. Jiang Shuixuan succeeded before Gong Xiao. From this small detail, it can be seen that if Gong Xiaojun’s main skill is not counted, Jiang Shuixuan’s strength has surpassed Gong Xiao.
Of course, this Gong Xiao body combines part of the energy of the mysterious blood. That blood does not evolve her immortal spear into a monarch-level immortal spear. It also strengthens her strength in all aspects of her body and gains a substantial increase. Compared with Jiang Shuixuan’s ability, it is a lot worse.
Su Li feels that Gong Xiao can be judged by the "peeping symbol pattern". Perhaps she has occupied the monarch’s skills alone. Otherwise, it seems that it is still difficult to crush the leader and the strong by her realistic strength. It is a bit reluctant to judge the medium strength.
Three howls, three howls, and suddenly three bloodthirsty giant spiders jumped on the edge of the building.
Along with them, there are more bloodthirsty spiders, because there are more and more bloodthirsty giant spiders, and they are almost impossible to insert.
"There is something wrong with this. Why are there so many leaders and beasts hidden in this spider nest?"
Su Li looked at the three bloodthirsty giant spiders again. It seems that this nest still doesn’t know how many leader beasts are hidden. This situation is somewhat abnormal. Don’t say that it looks like a small monster nest. Even every time a monster attacks a city, there are not many leader monsters.
Not Su Li, several of him also realized that there was something wrong with this spider nest.
Su Li’s figure, if attached to slay two giant spiders, will slay several elite spiders. He is now short of 40 spiritual sources to break through the opportunity, so he can’t give up naturally.
In order to kill these leaders and elite spiders faster, he suddenly entered the second form of the more powerful "devil muscle", and his fighting power suddenly rose to three times, which made the speed a little scary. Spiders broke one after another everywhere.
And a more amazing scene is also constantly emerging. There are fewer and fewer ordinary blood spiders and elite bloodthirsty spiders. On the contrary, the number of this leader-level bloodthirsty giant spider is increasing. Soon, this area is not large, and the number of bloodthirsty giant spiders on the roof has reached ten, which does not include the fact that they have just been killed by everyone.
More than fifteen leaders beast Ding Longyun, Gongxiao several people felt a little pressure Ding Longyun strength this bloodthirsty giant spider is able to do harm to him.
Su Li prevented him from having an accident. The second form of power broke out and ran all over the place. He showed the crushing power of this five-level leader spider, and even the five-level leader bloodthirsty giant spider immediately shattered and killed, and he felt that messages kept coming to his mind.
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 1973/2"
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 191/2"
"Level 4 Holy Knight Spirit Source 19/2"
Every time you kill a bloodthirsty giant spider, you can get a spiritual source. The number of spiritual sources in Suli is changing at an alarming rate.