The Terran Imperial City and the Terran Emperor also thought of this.
The roar and roar of the emperor of the Terran in the court is deafening here!
"Then I lost Heisen City! Lost it! Do you know! "
"The whole empire ranked the third largest city! East Wan Li Territory Economic City! It’s gone! "
The Terran Emperor was so angry that his face was flushed and his wings trembled slightly behind him. He was so angry that he almost fainted.
There are not many cities in the Terran Empire. There are seven big cities left, all of which are small towns and villages. It is precisely because of the small number of cities that every big city in the Terran is the leading city in the western continent! Representing a powerful racial, economic and political background! God’s anthropomorphic treasure!
However, this treasure actually changed hands overnight!
"positions! Hey! Don’t be angry! "
King hand Alberta hurriedly knelt down.
"Hum! Aren’t you angry? The Alberta family camp has been captured! What do you think I should do! "
The Terran King looked at Alberta with a smile.
This is an important minister of the empire. He made the whole Alberta family shine, and his name became the family name.
"Old minister, old minister"
Alberta’s sadness comes from the heart, tears are shining, and she is kneeling and crying. You want the old minister to make decisions! The old minister Heisen city people are lucky! Even my seven-year-old grandson didn’t escape! "
"what! Little Alberta didn’t escape! "
"How hateful! Where did this group of lowly humans come from? It’s so bold that they don’t look at my God Terran! "
"kill! Must kill! "
"Pursuit minister request rate army to play! Get back my Terran Treasure City! "
"I also request to play!"
The whole court martial ministers were indignant, and they all went out and knelt down, full of blood and hatred, and asked to play.
This Terran God was much better than the Night Clan in the East China. At least the court is not so easy to deal with because of its strong national strength.
The Terran Emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly and suppressed his anger. He sat back on the throne and suppressed his anger. His fingers tapped on the throne and ignored a group of kneeling martial ministers.
It was a long time before he murmured, "Playing is a must! Heisen city should come back as often as possible! Otherwise, the world will bully me! "
"But how to play! I have to think twice about this matter. "
The emperor of the Terran asked with a sigh, "These Terran soldiers must rely on Heisen City. They are definitely not so easy to deal with!"
"If you wait any longer, I’m afraid that the prisoners in Heisen City will suffer!"
There are Wu Chen worried about all kinds of said
The protoss is very powerful, but the population is not too large, barely exceeding 100 million in the vast imperial territory, so the population is really too small.
All these ministers are really worried about the captured Heisen people.
"I know!"
The Terran monarch is impatient and irritable, but he always tells himself to calm down.
Damn it, lowly humans dare to attack our Heisen city. I must let you know that the Terran is powerful!
"Scatter the DPRK!"
"I’m going to the Vatican headquarters to meet the Pope!"
The cold voice of the Terran monarch made him want to use the power of the kingdom to help him, because they are now a community of interests, and the priest of Heisen City has disappeared. It is impossible for the Pope to ignore this matter!
On the afternoon of the same day, the headquarters of the Terran Didu Church.
"I’ve joined the Crusader in the secret law, and both the Crusader and the Pioneer have lost contact."
An old church with resplendent sound sounded, "Father Emmanuel and Archangel Torenus can’t have suffered an accident."
The emperor of the Terran has a terrible expression, and the hot tea in his hand is shaking and spilling a little. He muttered, "Pope, do you mean that something has happened to the adults?"
The Terran King did not show disdain for the Terran in front of the Pope, because the Pope is also a human being, and he is a higher-level human being.
The old pope has a good eye, but his eyes are drooping and he has the strength to say, "The Crusades may also be wiped out."
"If I guess right, this group of people who suddenly appeared in the east and hit Heisen City may be from the eastern mainland."
The Pope took a sip of hot tea like a dying old man. "Don’t forget that there are humans in the west continent but there are humans in the east continent! Moreover, human beings in the eastern continent have unified the entire eastern continent. "
"There is a powerful country in the east! It’s called Yanhuang! "