The small medicine bottle is almost full. After all, the medicine just arrived in his hand and it didn’t take long to consume much.
Qin Sang also don’t polite to him, stuffed a terrier neck pharynx in the mouth.
"This game NPC? How did you get us involved without showing up? " Zhong Yan nao nao head muttered
Looking around, there is a rich and vast grass color, and there is no living thing except them.
Far and wide
And … It seems windy?
The tall grass leaves sway slightly as if they were alive.
"This is not the same as before." Fang Yin put his fingertips on the swinging blade of grass, feeling that it was not sharp, and the blade of grass slid over the palm of his hand, itching, trying to judge the chaotic wind direction. He looked at everyone’s eyes and remained silent for more than two seconds, then moved away without trace.
He turned his eyes back to Qin Xu and said, "Let’s say for the time being that the vortex door leading to the environment in each game environment rotates clockwise and is not as attractive as this time, but this time the vortex rotation direction is counterclockwise. I guess …"
Fang Yin paused and then said, "What did Qu Youyou do?"
"Music leisurely? Is she that big? We all come in together, so many people are still confused about how she can know so much about the dreamland. How can the dreamland be her home? "Zhong Yan waved and felt that Fang Yin was a little too demonized and long-winded.
But as he spoke, his voice gradually dropped to a stupefied look, and Fang Yin didn’t look very good.
After he joined the Seven Killings, Ji Du cooperated with Lu Li and Xu Sirui in the dreamland and Qu Youyou. When he acted together, there were not many two people whose goals were inconsistent, so it was difficult to get together.
It suddenly occurred to him that the woman who had contacted Qu Youyou several times really mastered the dreamland.
Zhong Yan was silent.
After half a ring, the words "It’s not impossible" were suppressed.
Fang Yin just wanted to say something about Qin Gui and Zhong Yan, but suddenly his face changed and he stood sideways in front of them.
"Someone" Qin Yougui said.
Not necessarily a person, to be exact.
As soon as Qin Xugui’s voice fell, they felt the ground shaking. It seemed that something was leaning towards them.
Half-man tall grass leaves also stagger up.
That root is not due to the wind.
It’s the high-speed movement of that thing that drives the airflow
How big is this?
Fang Yin’s face was black and his muscles were tense.
It’s not a monster
But a rabbit
Except for being bigger, it seems to be the most common kind of rabbit
Except big.
This rabbit can beat ten squares, and its size is more than three times as high as theirs. No wonder it makes them feel that the ground is shaking when they run.
The giant rabbit was not aggressive, and even when it was near them, it was startled by the sudden fire in generate in Qin Sang’s hand.
The rabbit confronted each other for a moment. The rabbit suddenly turned around and aimed his ass at several people. His ears were soft and he stuck them behind his back. His red eyes looked back and looked at them affectionately.
And then …
Shake its fat ass.
See people face a red.
This little rabbit, uh, no, this giant rabbit doesn’t seem to be as delicious as a former NPC
Its limbs are moving to print what information they are sending.
"You want us to … go to your back?" Fang Yin carefully leaned over and gently caressed the rabbit’s soft fur and tentatively asked
The giant rabbit has a gentle temper
When Fang Yin touched it, it didn’t listen to him at all. The rabbit must have looked at him for two seconds and shook with excitement, bending down even lower.
I don’t seem to understand its meaning correctly
Fang Yin spread her wings and landed firmly on its back. Seeing that the rabbit was motionless and didn’t mean to resist, she looked down at Qin Zuo and returned to them. "I’ll bring you."
Take one at a time.
Qin Hui’s return and Zhong Yan’s improper printing tape can go on their own.
After a few trips, everyone settled down on the rabbit’s back
Fang Yin once again lamented that the rabbit was huge.
They don’t feel crowded at all on its back, which shows that its back is wide.
Hardly had they sat still when the rabbit suddenly moved.
It jumped too suddenly, and a few people caught the rabbit’s back fluff in the turbulence to stabilize themselves. Qin Sang had a wound in his left arm and almost flashed from the rabbit’s back with one hand and was dragged back by Zhong Yan’s load.
The rabbit moved quickly and took them across the vast grassland all the way to a huge iron gate.
Then he turned in from the gap in the iron gate and ran along Shier Road.
What I saw along the way was ridiculously big. For example, they gradually turned white. Maybe it was not that the rabbit was too big, but that they all became smaller. Everything became huge for them.
What is this?
Alice in Wonderland? Or lilliput?
The rabbit jumped up the steps and got in through the door left unlocked. The room was dark and the piano came from the floor intermittently.
The rabbit stopped at the edge of the table leg and shook a few people.
"It seems to be a sign for us to go." Zhao Ganyin timidly looked back at a few people at the edge, and she immediately bowed her head without panic.
When she suddenly spoke, several people didn’t react at the moment.
The rabbit shakes again.
This time, Zhao Gan didn’t speak again. He hung his head and clutched Mao Mao on the rabbit’s back.
Xu Sirui easily understood that her mood was bright, and there was something in the fox’s eyes. Then she turned to look at Fang Yin and said, "She said it makes sense."