This man is not even a first-class player under normal conditions, that is, he is almost the same as Chen Young, but his ability to benefit from terrain is absolutely the top level. Even Cheyenne is better than him. If it weren’t for his terrible fuck, this man can be a super-class player at worst!
This contradictory combination appears in a person who is really wonderful, but Cheyenne has a flash of light and thinks of a weirdo who is also the only one in the game history of Evolution!
Data can be a god!
Cheyenne almost immediately decided that the player in front of him was a psychic!
Nengshen is very paranoid. It is said that he is a mathematical genius with the strongest data analysis ability but poor hands-on ability, but he just boasted that he can become a master of gods, which made him the most funny person in Huaxia for a long time until he changed his profession and became a second-rate team data analyst. He immediately made that team rank among the first-class teams!
Nengshen is definitely the dream of every team to get a logistics person. With him, the team can be qualitatively optimized by studying league maps and analyzing opponent data.
Cheyenne thought of this place and tried his best to chase it. If he missed the genius who needed guidance because of this, he would definitely regret putting such a good opportunity in front of Cheyenne. Isn’t it a place for him to accept this genius?
Because of the limitation of operation, the god of energy often needs a roundabout way to distance the giant of ice and snow. If it is a French profession, the operation will be relatively simple, but the god of energy has chosen a thief, a very difficult profession. Such a clumsy thief really makes Cheyenne feel angry and funny.
Soon Cheyenne chased Nengshen again.
"Friend, are you going to keep running with the ice giant?" Cheyenne yang call way
The man obviously didn’t have time to reply to Cheyenne. Just dodging the ice giant’s attack has made his heart fail. Cheyenne suddenly inserted a crosscut directly into the gap of his ice giant and successfully blocked the pursuit of the ice giant.
"What are you doing!" The man shouted angrily
Cheyenne said with a smile "thin silk! Anyway, you can’t beat it. Don’t you want to just walk around and let it collapse? "
Obviously, Cheyenne poked the man in the soft spot. He was so angry that he shouted, "If you don’t make trouble, I will definitely find an ideal place to kill it!"
Cheyenne shook his head. "I’m afraid you can’t kill it for days and nights. What do you think?"
"Don’t need it! Please leave quickly! " The man was in a hurry, but he got involved in Cheyenne’s battle.
The man was soon shocked to find that if he launched an attack on the ice giant, the hatred of the ice giant was firmly under control. He was surprised and at the same time he held back his strength and concentrated on sabotage.
It’s a pity that this man is doomed to fail. Instead, Cheyenne succeeded in attacking the ice giant several times, but the ice giant still obediently followed Cheyenne’s pace.
"You … you are the big devil!" The man suddenly call way
"Ha ha, I’m sorry, it’s me …" Speaking of which, Cheyenne suddenly froze my class. It’s wrong. I’m a statue of treasure now. How can he see through me?
The man sighed with a sigh, "No wonder several people can’t catch you. You have a hidden identity!"
"You mistook me for someone else. Didn’t you see my name?" Cheyenne tried to save
"Don’t pretend that your area evasion and target control skills alone can tell that you are the big devil! You can do this in the whole game! " This root is not affected.
"Is that how you recognize me?" Cheyenne no longer denies it.
For example, after jumping continuously, you usually connect a backward roll, and your body will keep a certain swing frequency every time you crouch … Some people may have these exercise habits, but in so many small habits, you are alone when you are alone!
Cheyenne sighed, "It’s amazing that you can analyze so many things with just a little clue!"
"So what? As you said, I’m a terrible fuck, but I won’t be discouraged. I will break the forum people’s opinion of me one day!"
Cheyenne said, "What’s your name and a friend to play with?"
In Cheyenne’s impression, I am afraid that I will not accept Cheyenne’s invitation, but to his surprise, this person actually accepted Cheyenne’s friend application.
"I’ll go. Isn’t this product magical?" Cheyenne looked at the list of friends and saw that the name was really a god.
Nengshen was a little excited and said, "What do you think of my imitation of you, Big Devil?"
Cheyenne said this for nothing. What’s more, this guy is still his loyal fan. Just dodging exercises turned out to be imitating his big devil!
I finally met an admirer, but the bad news is whether he is a man or a donkey-type man … Cheyenne silently thinks about it in his heart.
Chapter 163 Data Emperor
Cheyenne didn’t have the heart to comment on the imitation of God. He felt that he was in the eyes of others. In that case, he would rather buy a piece of tofu and kill him.
"Concentrate on killing thin silk!" Cheyenne changed the subject.
Encouraged by idols, NengShen tightened his arms and stepped forward to the ice giant. His arms should be dropped.
Cheyenne wants to stop it. It’s not the moment when he controls the ice giant. It’s so simple and rude for him to cut bss directly. It really makes him have some words. Cheyenne just prepared for the front camp to save the ice giant’s feet and suddenly spread out thick ice. Although he tried his best to avoid it, he was still frozen into an ice sculpture.
Ice giant skills frozen step!
Cheyenne hurriedly waved his sword before the purple weapon, and the attack power was really not built. Let the ice giant turn his attention to him again.
"Don’t get too close to the ice giant. Its skills are more troublesome." Cheyenne said to the ice sculpture god while the ice giant was fighting.
"Oh, yes, what do you want to hide your identity? A skill like you should be the first in the world! " Can god is very interested in chatting and asked.
Cheyenne didn’t bother to explain his humiliation. "It’s just a fun cover-up."
God can unfreeze and then carefully approach the ice giant again and get Cheyenne’s instructions before he starts to attack.
It’s a common blow for the ice giant’s ice hammer to fall in Xia ‘an, but suddenly there is a phantom. It’s another skill of the ice giant, the phantom. The ice hammer is triggered, and a virtual ice hammer phantom is smashed in Xia ‘an.
Fortunately, Cheyenne has given himself a just trial before, greatly reducing the damage caused by the phantom ice hammer. While chatting, the two men killed the ice giant, and when the monster was about to fall, a team suddenly appeared in the distance and was approaching rapidly.
"Force attack!" Cheyenne woke up without giving birth to an accident and directly launched a powerful skill. Until now, the ice giant didn’t realize that the big devil rarely finished his skill when he killed the ice giant by fighting with the ice giant!
It’s really enviable to be so strong and capable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had the same level? I can think of it with delight
Just then Cheyenne received a sign that he killed the ice giant, only to remember that the two did not form a team, and according to Evolution, whoever killed the monster last would get experience.
"Sorry I forgot to form a team …" Cheyenne said with a smile.
God waved his hand as if he didn’t care. It was exciting to look at the ice giant’s explosive equipment and stare at Cheyenne as if his face had a photo.
"Now that I have the experience and equipment, it belongs to you," Cheyenne said.
It was obviously the first time that NengShen participated in the killing of BoSi, the BM. He went over and picked up the ground equipment. After reading it, he was excited and said, "The blue weapon of the ice giant’s ice hammer broke out!"
"Don’t you have a guild? Why don’t you come to our pig ring association … "Cheyenne’s voice did not fall when he suddenly received a unified statement saying that someone was attacking him!
"Zunbao finally let us catch you. You are dead this time!" A player shouted and said
Cheyenne twist a head angry way "I have been enemies with you? I don’t have any thin silk. What do you have to hit me for? "
"Killing you in our eyes is better than killing Thin Silk!" The player resented and shouted, "Brothers, God opened our eyes and finally let us meet Zunbao again. Today will be our day of revenge!"
"ha? Do we really have enemies? " Cheyenne really froze. He really can’t remember when he offended this player named Sword Sky Breaker.
The sword gnashed its teeth. "Don’t you remember?"
Cheyenne scratched his head and said, "Wake up."
Jian skyshatter seems confident in killing Cheyenne. Tan Xing said, "Show you the black fox king in Tarasi novice village!"
Cheyenne suddenly remembered and suddenly realized, "So it’s you. Haven’t seen you for a long time, are you okay? Are your parents okay? " Sword skyshatter and others are playing haha, but Cheyenne has already secretly given the escape instruction to NengShen.
Jian skyshatter, they all know what they want to do. Cheyenne is not afraid of them if he has his own words, but it is another matter to bring a drag bottle to myth.
God almighty, though stubborn, was not stupid, and he trusted his idol, the Great Devil, and immediately turned around and ran away after Cheyenne’s instructions were given.
Sword skyshatter sneer at a wave of his hand and said to the two players, "Go after him and kill him."
Cheyenne looked at Nai Nai, the fleeing God, sighed, gave up the idea of slaying these things with eyes open, and decided to go to rescue Nai Nai, the God of Energy, and rushed directly towards the sword!
The battle began, and Cheyenne made a gesture of being determined to kill the sword. When the sword broke, Cheyenne was shocked and unbelievable. "He has a purple weapon in his hand!"
"Ha ha know much? Brother, this is the first purple weapon in China! " Cheyenne arrogance extremely call way