"It was already when you promised to have sex with me."
"…" The wind "disorderly" dance was speechless.
It is no wonder that the judge will lend a helping hand at this time when he thinks that it is easy to pay late.
"All right, I’ll join in."
"Welcome to this way, there will be another powerful businessman in the group."
I watched the list of group members carefully, and Khan was really in it. Then a few of them occasionally took a dip in the general business alliance group, and more of them installed bodies in the general business alliance group.
But silence doesn’t mean they don’t have the strength, and they know how much money they have.
"What are you going to do?" The wind "disorderly" dance to continue typing "private" chat the judge asked.
"When the time is right, show your cards to the owner. It’s time to change his bullshit rules."
"… I heard that the group owner is a super local tyrant and has hardly said anything after long-term diving."
"It is because I am a local tyrant that I see him unhappy."
"Come on, you know, there is such a group, and everyone takes care of each other."
When it came to the early morning of September 7, the game began to maintain this National Day reform.
Chapter 763 Fixed color
At this moment of national celebration, dnf is also full of joy.
Although there are not many National Day activities, the quality is very high.
The National Day gift package is not very pit, and the title belongs to’ sex’, which is unanimously recognized by the majority of players and praised by a large number of buyers, leading to the proliferation of fantasy travel titles.
The ex-factory price of Star Fantasy Brigade is not as low as the ex-factory price of Tiger, and it is not as exaggerated as the current price of Tiger title. At present, the prices in all regions are hovering around 10,000.
Ten p.m.
"Brother Xiong is going to accept the title now?" A new line in the group suddenly typed in the group and said
Today is October 1st, the third day after the National Day update.
After the update, the group line received an instruction from the unlucky bear that the title should not be in a hurry, so that the majority of lines should wait first
This wait is three days.
However, in the past three days, Tianyu has asked the line to pay attention to carefully observing the price changes of the auction house title.
Many lines also found problems.
"Don’t worry, wait a few days. Anyway, the gift package won’t be put on the 11th." Tianyu replied by typing in the group when official website gave the gift package frame.
However, when Tianyu calculated the gift package rack, it suddenly occurred to him that things happened in the past.
"In fact, there is a big need for the gift package rack and the player, right? I remember that most of the gift packages were shelved for a month later; Now this time period is half a month, which means that dnf has not yet begun to decline. A gift package is released enough to attract players to buy, and it should be a last resort to adjust the length of one month later. "
It is definitely not difficult to make a profit from the game if it is not pornographic.
"Oh, when can Brother Xiong start to receive the title?" Another line bubbling typing asked
"You’d better think for yourself about this. Whether it’s the veteran line or the new entrants, you can always’ touch’ the door when you go through such a period. I was also following you two masters to’ touch’ it. "
"Second in charge! No wonder brother Xiong and the second husband are so iron. "
"Yes, brothers" Tianyu regrets replied.
Here Tianyu let the line people observe the meaning of title price, which is to let them discover the law of business price.
At first, when the title first appeared, the price could be sold for more than 30 thousand
Affected by the title of tiger, many players think that this price is quite affordable.
However, if you know how to analyze the players, you will know that when you first came out, it was only because of the low output. With more and more players buying gift packages, the sales volume will definitely become a problem.
Once the title in the player’s hand can’t be sold, the only way to give priority is to reduce the price.
If you start to cut prices, there will be a price reduction situation.
The price of 30,000 yuan just left the factory was just a glimpse of the flowers, but it dropped to about 10,000 yuan in three days.
Moreover, this situation is not unique to a certain region, but common in all regions.
Then the title price trend should be up and down.
One of the factors is that businessmen in various districts have started to act.
In the eyes of major businessmen, the title of Fantasy Travel is definitely a sure-fire business, and everyone will be stupid. It is estimated that businessmen have already started to do it before they hold their horses.
This also involves the competitiveness of buyers.
Once you follow the trend and buy the title, the price of the title will naturally start to rise.
Therefore, the title price drops first and then rises like a U-shaped line.
If you can buy in large quantities at the lowest point, you can maximize your profits.
Tianyu’s purpose now is to let the line analyze this lowest price by itself.
"Second, when do you think the absolute strength big business will start receiving the goods?" Tianyu "private" chat two whew asked.
"It’s hard to say that the number of players who bought the gift package just after the update is the largest. As time goes by, the number of people who bought it should be less and less every day, and then a few days before the shelf, the speed is a little slow in terms of the title output. Merchants may start at any time." Erxiu typed back.
"Well, I’ll ask someone else."
Tianyu said that "others" are naturally naughty and Khan with businessmen.
"Oh, my God."
This is Tianyu’s reply message after asking naughty questions.
"How much are you going to take?" Tianyu is afraid to ask this question. After all, this information is still very important for a businessman.
"Let’s have one in each district."
"That’s not a lot," Tianyu said, looking at each other and replying to typing.
"Always leave some way for other businessmen. Collecting one in each district will not have a great impact on the auction house price. Just don’t collect so much at the same time," naughty explained.
"all right"
"What about you?"
"I don’t know. I’ll wait for you to collect it first anyway."
"… this is really from a business population?" Naughty unbelievable typing replied