"When I preliminarily set the address at around 9: 00 pm the day after tomorrow, I will be in the center of Qinhuai District. There is a 32-story building with a large area called Yingdong Building. Now there are two floors above the water. If you can’t find it in the northeast of Century Square, you can go directly to Century Square, but it is also the most suitable distance from all districts."
Qinhuai District in Sulibai happens to be the center of Nanjiang City, and its four districts are all around Qinhuai District.
Ding Hui’s choice of "Qinhuai District" center to click on the address is also reasonable and she nodded. "Is it 9 o’clock early the day after tomorrow? I know. "
It’s a big project to unite all forces. Ding Huicai has arranged that she can contact all forces in two days the day after tomorrow.
Even she can’t guarantee whether the process will be smooth.
During the conversation, a few rafts suddenly appeared from the direction of Shimao Center Building towards the floating island. The first one was Wu Feng.
Wu obviously received the news and noticed the situation here, and immediately rushed over with a group of people.
Su Li saw Wu Fenglai and immediately frowned and had some trouble.
"Su Ge-"Wu Feng called one far away. When he saw Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun and others left the edge of the floating island, he motioned for others to leave the edge of the floating island and ran over by themselves.
"Wu Feng" Su Li nodded at him and saw that he looked pale and haggard.
Ding Hui didn’t speak, but turned and silently looked at Wu Feng.
Wu Feng glared at Ding Hui with a fire scale cane that had already been taken out in his right hand, gnashing his teeth. "You killed my wife, and this blood feud is going to get back from you today!"
Ding Hui shook her head and said, "You are not my opponent."
Don’t say that Wu Feng, even Wu Feng and the whole Shimao Center are no match for Ding Shi’s brothers and sisters unless Su Li can help him.
Although Wu Feng was angry, he was not stupid. He was not the conjoined brother and sister in front of him, so he looked at Su Li with some anger and sadness. "What do you say, Brother Su?"
Obviously, he was vaguely interested in asking Su Li for help.
It’s hard for Su Li to see that he is Ding Hui discussing the matter of uniting all the leaders of the forces. It can be said that the future of the lucky person in the five districts of Nanjiang City is involved. Once it is done, it may really find a way for everyone. Naturally, he can’t penny wise and pound foolish.
Dazed only way "Wu calm down, it wasn’t her who killed Lin Meimei. If you want revenge, you should find the real murderer."
Wu one leng, he’s not stupid. Su Li actually expressed his position vaguely. It’s impossible. He and Ding Shi turned against each other.
And the fact that Su Li said there is some truth. After all, it was Chen Mo who really killed Lin Meimei, not the Ding Shi brother and sister who were as strong as monsters.
Wu Feng has no confidence in revenge against Ding Shi’s brother and sister, but there is still some hope for revenge against Chen Mo.
Ding Hui sighed. She saw that Su Li was caught in a dilemma. "Yesterday’s conflict was an unexpected fact. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. I can feel your sadness and anger. After all, it is your lover who can’t be resurrected after death. The mistake has been made. Now, no matter how much you say, there is no way to save anything."
Wu listened to these words and sneered, feeling that she said it was bullshit, but the situation was better than that of people. The Ding Shi brothers and sisters were as powerful as monsters, and they wanted to deal with them themselves, which was different from wishful thinking.
Seeing that Su Li has just talked with her here for a long time, it is obvious that the top leaders of both sides have reached a certain consensus. It is almost impossible for him to expect Su Li to help him deal with Genesis.
Wu Feng can become the leader of "Shimao Center" and a group of people who support themselves are flexible and know how to see the situation clearly. He is not stupid and can settle for second best.
Su Li’s response disappointed him, but deep down he was vaguely white.
After all, he and Su Li are more leaders and leaders, but they are not close enough to become real brothers. It is almost impossible for Su Li to kill him and bet on the whole "Golden Eagle Alliance".
Once the "Golden Eagle Alliance" and "Genesis" face each other, the casualties will not be one person or two.
In fact, Su Li is also very difficult.
If Genesis is not as strong as Ding Shi’s brother and sister, he doesn’t mind helping Wu Feng to avenge and slay Chen Mo, and he can even take over Genesis and expand the Golden Eagle Alliance.
But he can’t kill Ding Shi’s brother and sister. With his realistic limit, he is equal to Ding Shi’s brother and sister. Neither side can endure anyone.
Once you are entangled in Ding Shi’s brother and sister, you can crush the whole Golden Eagle Alliance with the strength of Genesis.
At that time, it would not be revenge for Wu Feng, but the whole "Golden Eagle Alliance", including Gong Xiao, Jiang Shuijue, Ding Longyun, Xu Xuehui and even Wu Feng himself, was afraid that all of them would not live.
Wu Fengke is mad for revenge. Su Li can’t. He must be rational.
"If you want to get revenge on Chen Mo, all I can do is never interfere with the enmity between you two. I will not help Chen Mo just because he is from Genesis. Of course, I also hope that this matter will be confined to your personal enmity and will not involve the conflict between Genesis and Golden Eagle Alliance."
Hearing Ding Hui say this, Wu Feng stared at her with wide eyes and said, "Are you serious about these words?"
"Of course, I always say this when Ding Hui speaks." Ding Huiyin was slightly higher.
Wu nodded and stopped talking. It was Ding Hui who saw the Golden Eagle Alliance or saw Su Li’s face to make the biggest concession.
Wu Feng can seek revenge from Chen Mo, which will become their personal hatred. Ding Hui and Genesis will not intervene to help Chen Mo, and of course Su Li and the Golden Eagle Alliance will not help Wu Feng.
Otherwise, it will evolve into a war between two major forces.
See Wu nodded in agreement with Su Li secretly relieved, so it’s best for him to return to Wu Summit, who was crazy because of Lin Meimei’s death, but I didn’t think that he was still very rational. Some things can’t be targeted at Chen Mo immediately. Of course, his heart is really thinking, such as Su Li’s method to get a glimpse of everything.
It is impossible for him to kill Lin Meimei or Wu Feng and let the Golden Eagle Alliance and Genesis go all out. The casualties are not one person but dozens of people.
Lin Meimei’s life is the life of others in the alliance, and he has to make a choice. Although he can understand Wu Feng’s mood, it is very likely that Wu Feng will be dissatisfied with himself, but sometimes many things are full of nai.
Wu Feng didn’t speak again or say hello to Su Li after receiving Ding Hui’s affirmative reply, but turned around and left again.