It’s time for business.
Give advice to others and flatter them.
Then he explained some ancient gifts to the audience with his rich experience in rites and music.
Being able to feel the ancients’ thoughts is really beyond the comprehension of modern people.
The whole "meat" forest turned out to be a gift line.
In fact, even if it is more excessive, it is polite for men and women to go for fruit in the sand dune garden.
This is an ancient custom. Calling men and women together regularly is to solve the marriage problem of unmarried older men and women.
Because newborns are extremely important in tribal times.
Even later, "Zhou Li" stipulated that "men and women who are thirty and marry women and twenty will marry in the spring and the moon, so they can’t help but rush."
Men must marry at the age of 30 and women at the age of 20, and they are specially invited to blind date in the middle of spring.
This was the case in the Zhou Dynasty, and it is even worse in the Shang Dynasty.
What kind of mysterious bird comes into being? When the merchant’s ancestor Qi Lao’s mother took a bath, she suddenly found that Xuanniao had an egg and got pregnant after eating it, and Qi was born.
To say so is to "rush"
For example, Huang Di, Hua Xu, Fu Xi, Jiang Yuan, Hou Ji, etc., who were born with a sense of treasure, are mostly behind the truth.
Even if you are in a mythical world, it is no exception for others. Even if you are a terran owner like Cheng Tang and Xuanyuan, at most, there are more red clouds and purple gas rising. The theory of real vision is definitely a pure Terran.
Now I have also reacted by holding a blind date for these older unmarried young people. This thought is also good for those maids, and I don’t favor them. If they don’t marry, most of them will stay in the palace and die alone.
Fang Xiang and Fang Bi are generals in the official town hall, but they were born in civilians and were their predecessors. No aristocrat wants to marry their daughters, and some ordinary women are not in their position.
It’s different to hold a blind date, no matter which one you see right, it’s a royal wedding!
Except for the two of them, his young minister is also quite enthusiastic
Although the fake meat forest failed, the real meat forest was still successful, and the bacon was extravagant and got a real hammer.
Success and failure are normal, and smooth sailing is like dreaming.
Once again, I led the ministers back to the wine pool to finish one last thing, and the meat forest in the wine pool came to an end
Chapter 93 Don’t eat minced meat?
I personally removed a copper pillar and moved it to the edge of the wine pool.
Ministers frown slightly at this time to show off their courage. It’s not like a rebel can move a pillar and kill everyone.
Unconsciously, the copper column was placed horizontally and commanded Yin Ruin and others to "grease and burn coals."
Yin Ruined and others covered the copper column with grease, and placed charcoal racks at both ends of the copper column to ignite the copper column.
All the officials are wrong.
With a smile on his face, he said to You Hun, "Get some meat."
Then several cars of meat slices with sharpened bamboo sticks were delivered.
At this time, the copper column has been boiling hot and the heat conduction effect is quite good.
Picking up a few skewers, I put the bright red kebabs on the copper column. After touching the hot oil-moistened copper column, they shrink and curl slightly, zoom slowly, and the grease seeps out of the yellow, and the surface jumps.
After a long time of baking, the steaming kebab is taken out and sprinkled with salt to eat a soft but not soft and tender taste. The meat is crisp and crisp with some Q-bombs.
I picked up a string and handed it to the merchant. "I will brand this copper column burning method. After I saw the ants and trees falling down on fire and fell into the sea of fire, I came up with the idea that Shangqing officials could eat first."
The mature method of stone branding kang is the oldest "stone burnt valley" method, which has long been accepted and relied on the words of branding to create copper column burnt meat.
He really can’t do anything about the crime of branding, but it’s no problem to scare people and get addicted to it.
By the way, "this law can also be used to make people fall into charcoal fire and die when the criminal law needs it."
When the merchant was surprised, he quickly sprinkled the kebabs with coarse salt, but it was just a little bit salty that immediately inspired the delicious meat.
While eating and thinking, he soon got over it.
Zhou Wang has just promulgated a law prohibiting human martyrdom, and now it has created a searing, which means that if there are offenders in the Chaoge, they will be treated as searing.
This law strictly demonstrates Zhou Wang’s determination.
Businessmen don’t remember the sidewalk as "delicious"
It’s really delicious to be waved and let the ministers help themselves to eat wine.