Lin Yue also unlocked the wasteland area map after Fei Yue shared the fragments of their refuge village map!
And the unified reward is suddenly arrival at the moment!
Although Lin Yue did think that this reward would be a treasure chest, a platinum treasure chest or what kind of reward to vote for.
But he never thought that at this time he got a palladium treasure chest that was more advanced and precious than the platinum treasure chest!
"Who would have thought that there would be a higher level of platinum treasure chest?"
Lin Yue hasn’t recovered from the shock yet. After all, it’s the thirty-seventh day since he came to this different world. It’s the first time he’s heard a reward that is more powerful than a platinum treasure chest.
After all, platinum treasure boxes can produce extremely powerful things such as intercontinental missile launchers and anti-missile launchers and Katyusha rocket launchers.
If it’s a higher grade palladium treasure chest …
Will there be an unimaginable huge reward?
Lin Yue closed his eyes and tried to make his heart beat slower.
It’s true that no one except him should have obtained the platinum treasure chest, and he should be the first to obtain this palladium treasure chest, right?
He vaguely remembered that there was a reward when he got the first platinum treasure chest. Will he come again?
"honk?" "Hey?"
Small white and small fierce at the moment looking at is become speechless master also not white what happened can’t help but call him.
"Nothing, nothing, you two have a rest, too. Is the treasure chest very tired?"
Lin Yue looked at the little guys and recovered a little.
It is false to say that you are not excited. Who can remain calm before winning a hundred million lottery tickets?
Besides, this palladium treasure chest is much more precious than what 100 million.
Especially in this different world where everything is important, everything that comes out of the treasure chest may be extremely urgent to help.
How can you reverse the whole situation in an instant and completely overturn the disadvantages!
"Ga blare" Xiao Bai and Xiao Meng both shook their heads. They are also quite excited now.
After all, this treasure chest is a beautiful thing.
At the moment, Xiaobai has finished all the copper treasure boxes, and Xiaobai here has been looking forward to what good things Lin Yue can take out from the treasure boxes before finishing.
But it seems that they have been in a daze since their owners just now, and they are also impatient.
"Really? That’s good. I’ll put away the left copper treasure chest and the iron treasure chest first."
Lin Yue took a deep breath and threw it for a while, and he had to be ready to hit that.
Before that, all these things must be handled well.
In addition, we have to give Feiyue another reward later. After all, if it weren’t for this guy, he wouldn’t have got the palladium treasure chest so soon, right?
Anyway, isn’t the platinum chest surface a diamond? e……
After collecting the remaining copper treasure chest from Xiaobai one by one, Lin Yue found that except for food and fragments of regional maps, most of them were all kinds of survival gadgets. What was not big for him?
Such as what pool, vernier calipers and kerosene lamps, etc. You can put them on the shelf and wait until they are turned out.
There’s no telling when it will arrive.
Yu Xiaomeng here, although the iron treasure chest is much worse than the copper treasure chest, all kinds of things are more inclined to primary survival, but unexpectedly, he actually got a lot of toilet paper and wet wipes and a lot of design drawings like pickaxes.
After collecting them, Lin Yue found that all kinds of primary equipment had reached the "excellent" quality.