"I’m talking about the fact that you will get into trouble with the seal of the Buddha, and it won’t do you any good."
"Well …" Zhou Yi thoughtfully.
"You have a point."
"But I’m a stubborn person, and I don’t want to take advantage of others for no reason."
"I don’t want to pull a dime and benefit the sky!"
"You …" Their Bai Fengyue turned over.
"It’s the first time I’ve seen a man who is so selfish and boastful."
"Same to you" Zhou Yi looks the same.
"You want to take things from other people’s hands without planning to leave anything. It seems that the pavilion is not only beautiful, but also wants to be more beautiful."
Bai Fengyue opened her mouth and felt an impulse to tear each other’s mouth. Take a deep breath to suppress my anger.
"Go ahead."
"What do you want?"
"This is decent" Zhou Yi smell speech chuckle.
"Since you want something, you have to think about the price. White girl will not be unprepared, right?"
Bai Fengyue’s nose hummed, and she waved a volume out of her sleeve.
Zhou Yi took the four characters of the volume and came into view.
Blood knife knife method!
"This is a knife-riding method. It comes from the blood knife gate in Los Angeles. The blood knife man was also a congenital master in those days, but time has changed. Now this sect has fallen into disrepair. You don’t worry about being asked for an explanation."
"I know that you have to think about using saber, and you must like this saber."
Say a smile.
Liu Mengyan said that Zhou Yi’s knife method was outstanding, and the same was true when it was detected, but she knew very well that Zhou Yi was not good at knife method.
Knife is a cover-up
Nowadays, it’s just that the knife method is used to exchange chips and the most unfavorable direction is chosen.
"Blood knife knife method?"
Flipped through the manual Zhou Yi eyes micro-motion.
"Why not?"
"Cash on hand, delivery on hand" Bai Fengyue shook his head.
"You can’t be ignorant of this truth, can you?"
"I think you are not white" Zhou Yi sighed lightly.
"I don’t sell things by hand. If Zhou thinks that the pavilion is not sincere, do you believe that the business can’t be done?"
Bai Fengyue’s expression is sluggish.
Visually, Zhou Yiliang snorted and waved the other half of the blood knife knife method again.
The combination of the two volumes of blood knife knife method is also complete, and this knife method is indeed as excellent as Bai Fengyue said.
In fact, taking martial arts is not far from each other.
Martial arts this thing mainly depends on who wields the blood knife knife method. A hundred years ago, the blood knife man was naturally invincible.
The blood knife door doesn’t even have a master of Qi Dacheng, and even the door ancestor’s knife method is out. The difference can be imagined.
On subtlety
Blood knife knife method becomes more and more difficult after it is simple to get started.
Profound and subtle, it’s no less than bergamot, and it’s slightly inferior to pure Yang iron cloth shirt.
"Not bad"
Nodded Zhou Yi slow pack up knife spectrum added
"But not enough!"