One-second Wen Liuquan was scared to shrink to Zhuang’s side.
Seeing that the father and the daughter are just like cranes, they are carrying a big rush with one hand, and the shells that have been torn apart are generally put back by running water. Many times, they don’t even have a wrench at all, and they just turn around with a slight twist of the nut.
"Boom …" Xiao Wei got off the bus and blew a few throttles, making an incredible circle.
Unexpectedly ….. Less than ten minutes to disassemble the car? And the engine runs very smoothly. Feeling?
Even if you have a manor identity card bonus, it is not so exaggerated!
"Well, there is a reason why the Samsonians were not exterminated after being taken by the manor," said Liu Jinge.
"Or can live to know what a history of blood and tears is …" Zhuang sighed not far away.
Strictly speaking, the Nathanians are not the same species as humans and manor owners.
Although they are also intelligent creatures, there is no doubt that the Nasonia people are also domesticated "livestock" to the manor owners
Domestication of Bi Ran is accompanied by selection, elimination, breeding and re-selection …
It is no different from human breeding and training all kinds of cats and dogs.
Stronger, more flexible, smarter, more obedient and more …
Women, the Sonyans want to be … more beautiful.
No race has been extinct.
This is that world of manor owner.
Not far from Zhuang, I can’t help worrying about what to do if these manor owners come back to the earth one day.
Well, fortunately, they are all dead.
After loading the car, he packed his things more quickly. After half an hour, Deng Yali happily ran over to dig people. "Old boom, you have great skills. Do you want to come to our company for a part-time job?" We need workers like you! "
Not to mention the repair problem of various construction machinery in other construction sites is a big problem!
Father and daughter wait for a while looked at Zhuang not far away and nodded, "I like to go to the manor and don’t need your twenty-four hourly workers."
I don’t know what Deng Yali told the father and the daughter, and the father and the daughter went happily.
"It’s not bad for the Lord of the manor to be a cruel manor owner, and maybe even attract some so many Senegalese!" Liujinge avenue
Not far from Zhuang, it makes sense!
But …
With the recent large-scale selling of manor by several "joint companies", it is not far from finding that their achievements have become merciful!
This achievement is super unreliable. If you want something, you just don’t come. I’ll die! I want to be cruel!
With the "sundries" of Booming Father and Daughter Manor, the "artisan shop" was successfully upgraded.
The nursery was upgraded to a second-class manor, and the output was also available.
What’s left is a new building. I’ve raised a rabbit a little bit and built a "small stall" by the way.
And then … build a domestication room?
After all, what manor owners are best at is "domestication", and the domestication room must be very powerful.
Then choose something from the brewery, forging shop and concierge and build it to upgrade!
All that’s left is to hand over the building to Deng Yali, so it’s good to break your fingers and calculate. There are ten days left at most, and the manor will be upgraded again
But at present, there is still one thing that has not been dealt with, that is, "the manor clause"
I wonder how it’s going in Song Hua.
There is a lake with beautiful scenery at the southern foot of Magic Mountain.
Thousands of years ago, the change of address made the ground sink, the rain and the stream converge to form a lake, and then several nearby rivers diverted several times, and finally the lake was worn together with other lakes like a pearl necklace.
This lake is Jia Hu.
There were fish in Jia Hu, and there used to be many fishermen living on the shore. Later, several factories polluted Jia Hu, and fishermen turned around one after another. Then, after ten years of governance, Jia Hu finally regained its vitality.
Later, I don’t know who built a farm house on the shore of Jiahu Lake, and then one day, suddenly all the walls of the farm house were painted and greatly lettered.
At this time, Dad Zhuang strode along the lake to his farmhouse with a large piece of mutton and a bag of vegetables.
When he was nearby, he saw a few gangsters and second-rate people peeping next to him and seeing Dad Zhuang. They also showed a provocative and threatening look.
Dad Zhuang turned a blind eye and walked to his own gate, looking at the wall, which was greatly worded and silent for a moment, and then shook his head with a wry smile.
At the door, I arranged my mood for a moment. Dad Zhuang pushed the iron gate of the farmhouse and strode in. "Mr. Chen and Lao Li, I bought the food back!"
There is a 40-odd bungalow on the blue brick floor in the farmhouse, a vegetable greenhouse, a fish pond, a flower stand and a few chickens, in addition to a stone table and bench.
I can see that Dad Zhuang has really put his mind into this farmhouse.
There was also a car parked in the yard. Two middle-aged Han people were sitting on stone benches and talking to Zhuang Ma in a low voice.
"I told you I wouldn’t let you come. Since I’m here, have a good meal!" Dad Zhuang looked at his two friends, hey, the mutton throwing stone table in the top of his hand and took it out with a kitchen knife. "It’s still the old rule. I cut the meat, Mr. Chen chooses the vegetables, and Lao Li, you go and get some charcoal!"
Mr. Chen and Lao Li looked at each other, but Nai shook his head and went to work as commanded.
Dad Zhuang looked at himself. The two old friends were moved and grateful.