"High consultant, let’s go back and discuss a countermeasure …"
"Why do they claim against us?" Takada unbelievably asked
"Because we also have patents," An Danyue smiled. "It’s just a week earlier than you."
How can there be any legal loopholes left in Andanyue Manor?
"Thank you for sending me the patent number. Now I have enough evidence to prove that your patent is valid and stole our achievements." An Danyue said.
Takada is dead.
How is that possible?
"Is that patent true?" Takada hurriedly asked the lawyer
"It’s true," the lawyer nodded, and he whispered, "Is Gao Consultant really the same strain? Will they be bluffing? "
No, the strain is so good that the strain Takada wants to cry
He knows very well that if the other party really handed in the disease-relieving wine for biological preservation, then the other party can not only prove that it is a strain, but also prove that their strain and Takada strain are parents, and then prove that Takada strain is completely propagated from their strain
Takada’s heart trembled at the thought of this.
"How much do they … claim?" Takada asked lawyer
"200 million …"
Takada felt that when it was dark at the moment, he would pass out.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait!" Not far from Zhuang, I quickly grabbed Takada. "I still have one person I haven’t introduced to you!"
A middle-aged man next to me took two steps forward, saying, "My surname is Gong, and I am also engaged in virology. I wrote a shallow article about the upcoming journal Professor Gao. Your research has given me a lot of inspiration and asked Professor Gao to correct it."
Speaking of inspiration, he smiled shyly and handed over a printed copy.
"Corrigendum to Common Errors in Influenza Virus Research" saw this name and Takada almost spit out a mouthful of blood.
He knows what "inspiration" means
"Now you are in a coma." Not far from Zhuang, you fell to the ground as soon as you let go of Takada.
They hurriedly lifted him up with seven hands and feet. Not far from Zhuang, they waved to them and said, "I’m sorry to pit you. You are welcome to visit again."
Still coming? Let you cheat 200 million again?
Seeing these people in a mess, not far from Zhuang, they looked at Joanna and said, "I told you that we farmers are good at digging holes!" "
Joanna felt that she was going to vomit blood, too.
What am I worried about?
Chapter 16 Workers should seek truth from facts
When Takada and others left the farmhouse in a mess, the CDC owner walked out of the mayor’s office stiffly in a majestic building in the city center and then gasped against the wall.
Yes, he went in less than five minutes, and his back was almost soaked.
It was his serious dereliction of duty that caused a large-scale outbreak of influenza and caused great social and economic losses.
Before he came to be questioned by the mayor, he felt that he was going to be transferred.
Several officials beside him patted him on the shoulder and said, "What did the boss say?"
"The boss said that it’s too much to blame me for sending experts face to face this time, but I should try my best to stick to my heart more rationally." The Lord took a sigh of relief. "He also said that he would hold the people responsible for doing bad things and then pat his ass and leave. This kind of thing is possible elsewhere, but the virtual city is absolutely impossible!" The Lord hissed a sigh of relief way
A few people next to him showed a look of schadenfreude. "Someone is going to be unlucky!"
Your boss is a famous tough character!
My boss has been rooted in the virtual city since he was young, and he has turned it into a magical city full of all-inclusive and miracles everywhere.
This time, my boss may be really angry.
At this moment, a heart-rending cough suddenly broke out in the back office, as if someone were going to cough up all their lungs.
"The boss caught a cold, too?" Everyone was surprised.
"It’s …"
"That what medicinal liquor!" Many officials quickly said, "Give it to the boss!"
"The boss said he wouldn’t drink medicinal liquor for a day without controlling the flu …"
They looked at each other and then nu way "what are you still doing here leng! Go quickly! "
"If you want someone to give you money, you can’t control the flu, just pack up and go home!"
Father Zhuang is cleaning the courtyard in the farmhouse.
Next to him, old Chen Zheng was doing carpentry and banging on a few pieces of wood.
He wants to make a kennel for three stupid goods. If you can’t have a dog in the farmhouse, you can let these three stupid goods stay outside the wall.
Three foolish shippers were detained in criminal detention for fifteen days, and Lao Chen was able to take over and take care of them for two days. Old Chen Faxian himself had feelings for these three stupid guys.
And when three guys also caught Jia Yixin made a great contribution.
The three fools are also very attached to Mr. Chen. The three fools keep coming to work here. Old Chen Dou almost hit them with a hammer until they can kick them with their feet. "Go!"
See three silly goods injustice to a stick chirp whine, then relented darling to appease it.
But worried about their injuries, I drove them outside the courtyard and let them squat down on the wall.