"Ow" Cang Lang a growl body hair blown up and eyes kept staring at a Y shadow.
Suddenly, Cang Lang kicked his hind leg and hit it like a shell.
"Roll" thorn Shi manager saw Cang Lang swoop in and directly opened his eyes and then kicked Cang Lang.
"Manager Ding-dong Stab has released the kick-hit kick-hit effect on the player Cang Lang, the summoner of Bohao Devil."
Cang Lang was kicked directly into the sky like a kite and fell with a bang.
"See who can save you now." The thorn waiter jumped up with a big jump and waved his sword and stabbed Zhao Bohao straight.
"Crow" Rise of the Legend Wu flapped his wings from the sky like a rocket and directly got in the way of Zhao Bohao.
"Manager Ding Dong’s thorn priest released a stab to the player Bohao’s demon summoner Rise of the Legend Wu, triggering a critical strike effect, triggering a critical injury and triggering a fatal strike effect. Because manager Ding Dong caused excessive damage to Rise of the Legend Wu, Rise of the Legend Wu has died."
"Rise of the Legend Wu" Zhao Bohao grabbed the stabbed Shi Guan Shuai and flew to Rise of the Legend Wu, then his eyes turned blood red.
"Hum, if you’re not too sad, it’s your turn to die." The stabbing waiter put a light in his blood eye and waved a sword to stab Zhao Bohao directly.
"What a big binding spell". Suddenly, the Chinese enemy’s sound got up, and then he saw a golden spell directly attached to the main body of the thorn priest.
A huge binding word appeared, but the lotus flower flash of the thorn waiter’s main body directly shattered the big binding spell into pieces.
"Ding-dong stabbing master is in a bloody and violent state, and the big binding spell is offset."
"Come to hell with me." The sword of the stabbing steward ignited thick blood and stabbed Zhao Bohao’s chest directly.
"Hell is still your own. Chinese eldest brother attacked the heroic spirit." Zhao Bohao saw the ferocious face of the eye thorn Shi manager and shouted directly at the Chinese enemy.
"Chinese trade unions make true Shenmu round strike" Chinese enemy heard Zhao Bohao roar directly toward his gas refining and roared.
Huaxia enemy, a player of Huaxia guild, urged the horse to make the real Shenmu wheel strike, and its trade union was not to be outdone, followed by Huaxia to make the combination spell.
The unyielding soul was awakened by Zhao Bohao’s roar, and like clouds, it directly covered the thorn-servant manager from Xingtian.
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao’s demon king released the ghost attack on the thorn master. The ghost attack has hit and triggered the stun effect for five seconds."
The head of the thorn priest’s main manager directly emitted circles of rotating stars, which showed that she had entered the dizzy effect.
"Attack" the Chinese enemy directly reached the attack command with a wave of his hand.
As the Chinese enemy made a series of towering Shenmu hit the thorn waiter manager and blasted him into the ground again, which was another huge pit.
"Lu Wu releases Kyubi no Youko from the sky" Zhao Bohao glowered at Lu Wu like King Kong.
"Ow!" Lu Wu jumped high into the middle with a roar, and then the nine tiger tails entangled with each other like a drill bit and directly got to the head of the thorn waiter.
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= = = Chapter one hundred and twenty Pass the second floor = = =
Chapter one hundred and twenty Pass the second floor
"Ding-dong player Bo Hao’s demon pet Lu Wu released Kyubi no Youko’s thundering sky and Kyubi no Youko’s thundering sky to the stinger manager, and the stinger manager has died because the stinger manager’s level is higher than the player’s tenth level, and the player’s experience will be 50% higher."
The stabbing master is just like another self. His head is directly hit by Lu Wu’s drill-type attack, and his body directly falls to the ground.
There was another loud noise, and the body of the stabbing waiter exploded like a bomb, blowing Lu Wu around her upside down. At the same time, five lights were scattered all over the sky.
"Grab and explode the equipment."
"Ah, if you grab it, you earn it."
"It’s stupid not to rob."
Another seductive cry rang out in the crowd, but after the first layer of chaos, the players had seen through their ugly faces, and instead of being catered to, they were all found out one by one.
"There’s a silly fork. Come on!"
"I also have one here."
"Come here, there are two here."
"Remember that the name department killed me and sent me a wanted order. I want to kill these spy scum back to the level." The Chinese enemy saw that there were so many spy noses that they were almost crooked and sent them a wanted order directly.
"Know" strategist Huaxia mood is also more dignified.
"Don’t worry, we also have a wanted order. These chop suey will definitely die in China." Dragon Soul War suddenly patted the shoulder of the Chinese enemy
"Dear bss, now we can award these scum, which is not worth our attention." The Chinese enemy cleaned up his mood and rushed to the boss around him and then took the lead in breaking things.
A group of people walked quickly to the front of the first thing and saw that it was a mask. See if it’s the same as the face mask worn by the thorn waiter.
"Good, good, but I can’t." The Chinese enemy pressed his tongue and posted the mask attribute on the bulletin board of the alliance.
Name Luo Cha Ghost Ji Mask