The thunder axe has changed.
Cutting the wind pays attention to the extreme speed. Angry thunder means strong strength. The combination of the two is called the rushing thunder axe method, right?
Thoughts sink into the light curtain of knowing the sea.
Name Zhou Jia
Seven resultant forces of Xiufan stage (56/12)
Yuanxing Tianyingxing (special command), Earthstorm (special violence), and Demeter (special listening to the wind)
Proficient in Tri-element Method (39/)
In Wushu, the double shield is anti-perfection (579/2), Naer’s secret technique is proficient (7/5), the deadly sword is proficient (74/1), the thunder axe is proficient (635/2), and the three-body walk into the door (25/6).
It takes 2,000 experience to be proficient in the realm of thunderbolt axe, but it has increased 100 experience after being integrated into the thunderbolt axe method.
Power has naturally increased a lot.
Even already comparable to some martial arts perfection.
Sorting out what he has learned has not affected his speed. Although he can’t see it, his shortness of breath is getting closer and closer.
Trine, the spirit archer, was pale and shuttled rapidly through the trees with ethnic characteristics
He is like an ape, his hair is a little stronger than ordinary people, and his tail has a short tail to help him keep his balance when necessary.
Although the strength is not strong, but the archer is quick, he rarely meets danger.
But terrified.
There are more than ten deacons in each of the four halls of the huge ichthyosaur club, and no more than six of them are experts.
Only the principal and deputy hall masters, the elders, the guests and the meeting masters are the masters, so it can be seen how many masters there are.
Now another batch has died through animal tides and riots.
much less
Even if you look at the whole Huojiabao, you are a master.
Previously, he had never imagined that a lonely mine supervisor was also a mine supervisor.
Even if it is not really less short-term comparable strength.
"We must tell the ancient deacon that an extra master over there is likely to affect the whole situation."
"Zhou hidden so deep, I’m sure I’ve worked hard. Maybe it’s the three elders who hide their killer weapon. If I expose it …"
Thought of here, his eyes lit up and his heart panicked and he became more excited.
This is a ladder!
"Wow …"
The sound behind him made his heart just excited, just like pouring a pot of cold water steeply, and his eyes were even more frightened.
You’re coming?
Didn’t that man go hunting fierce beasts, and it was over so soon?
"I want to live well!"
Zhou Jiayin floated slowly from the rear.
"I never ask for high and never take the initiative to make trouble. What? Why don’t you just let me go? "
"Is it sinful to live and practice with peace of mind?"
With a deep nai in the sound.
"You forced me. I never wanted to kill anyone."
Fuck you!
You were the first to crack Tan Dong’s head just now, weren’t you?
Cui En cursed in his heart but dared not speak out.
All his strength is at the end of the line of sight. The increasingly bright lights mean that Ann is getting closer and closer.
Ignoring the noise behind him, he wanted to speed up.
Run for it!