Wang Shi of Huainan also sympathized with the dragon.
But they are not much better now.
It’s just a rope grasshopper
"Saint has sent a large number of trench by sea."
What he has to do now is to calm the dragon’s anger and let him devote himself to the main battle against the Confederate army and keep it less in January.
"We dragon gas even branches! Will support you against Zhao thief TaiDian requirements can be "
When Xu heard this, he softened his face.
But his hands and feet are still cold
Who can stand it?
"A month …"
Dragon is too silent for a moment and then said
"When I want this, I will see your reinforcements, otherwise the dragon will not fight against my family again, and there are not as many people to die as you."
"good! That’s what it means in the letter. "
Wang Shi of Huainan agreed at once.
He knew in his heart that when Xu said that he would withdraw in January without reinforcements.
Is Dayu a place to leave whenever he wants? The dragon has completely angered Zhao thieves. They know that surrender will not have a good game.
"Sister Feast is already dawn, don’t you get up?"
The confederate handsome account had a movement early in the morning
Zhao wrong looked down at the front wrapped in a ball.
The big lady is hidden. She is still holy, but the dignity of the dragon is completely offended by the thief Zhao.
Chapter three hundred Zhao Cuo made the finishing point last night
"It’s time for you to get up and wash your meals."
Zhao wrong blink of an eye looked at couch rolled into a ball of sheets.
From last night until she fell asleep, she has been in this state, motionless and silent.
He is convinced that people have woken up and tentatively reached out to hold the quilt corner, and in an instant, there was resistance in the quilt.
"You go to eat breakfast first … I’m not hungry."
Zhao feast for a while before low said
"What did you eat yesterday? Why are you still full? Uh-huh "
Lord Zhao didn’t want to let her go, but she was suddenly forced by one hand to show the true colors of the great beauty in Tibet
"Zhao wrong! What the hell do you want? Get out of here … "
Miss Zhao big accumulate shame into anger to scold a way
She responded quickly and was gripped.
However, Zhao thief is not a thief. Her little feet have been exposed, although her white and tender calves are still hidden.
"If you don’t get up for breakfast, I’m hungry, so I’ll stay with you for a while."
You’re welcome, he shook hands with exquisite white lotus roots.
"Bad things …"
Zhao Shangxin was surprised and wanted to retract his feet.
"You don’t want to get up because you didn’t sleep well last night? I heard that pressing feet can improve sleep. "
Zhao cuo pressed her white greasy and tender soles slightly hard.
"I can sleep well when you go out!"
Miss Zhao fumed and kicked him lightly on the shoulder.
"I knew you were angry with me …" Zhao Gongye also lay down and hugged the Chinese people in bed. "I dare not again."
He made a sincere apology for his consistent policy and resolutely refused to change it.
"I don’t listen"
Feast doesn’t believe his nonsense.