As this urgent sound suddenly extended from this bell, chains crisscrossed and densely packed into a net all around, trying to lock Su Li.
As soon as the chain was closed, I didn’t want to lock it. The black armored man realized that it was not good. He also wanted to turn around and suddenly caught Su Li’s figure, but found that his left arm disappeared.
The ghost’s arms spread as fast as disappearing in the air, and his left fist actually hit the black armored male forehead.
"Lindsey" to a black armored male head like watermelon to fracture.
Blood mixed with white brains splashed out together.
Losing his head and black armor, the male body fell backwards and the spiritual source equipment disappeared on the body surface.
A message rang out from Su Li’s mind.
"Level 1 Holy Knight Spirit Source 97/5"
Killing this black armored man made him gain six spiritual sources at one time.
As this spiritual source is followed by one after another, special energy emerges and rushes toward Su Li’s chest. There is a message in his mind indicating that he has harvested four spiritual source equipment.
"Magic bell, black armor, sandalwood belt, alloy wristband (right)"
Four pieces of spiritual source equipment, Su Li, can make a black armor, which is enough for him, and immediately merge the black armor.
Inducing the black inflammation armor attribute can enhance 1 defense and extend 5 minutes of physical strength, just like he already has the xuanhui kneepad attribute.
With the successful fusion of black inflammation armor, his current base defense has exceeded 5,000 Jin. If he is in the third form of "devil muscle" and is in a quadruple-liter state, a strength attack of 20,000 Jin will not break his muscle defense even if he hits his body.
When the physical fitness lasts, it directly breaks through half an hour and reaches 33 minutes.
This black armor emerged from his bust, which coincided with the purple belt perfectly.
His appearance was almost covered by spiritual equipment except his head, shoulders and arms.
The combination of various colors of spiritual source equipment is like wearing a fancy body armor, but it has a unique charm, which makes it stand out from the crowd.
He successfully killed the black armored man, and Lin Baiyu on the other side also succeeded.
The ice crown woman is very powerful. On comprehensive strength, she is stronger than the black armored man and weaker than the two-meter giant Han, but she just met Lin Baiyu.
All kinds of abilities are suppressed to compete for physical strength. Is she so proficient in all kinds of fighting skills, Lin Baiyu’s opponent?
The ice-crowned woman is a psychic, who holds the powerful frost element power. The sheer destructive power and the two-meter giant man’s hand-to-hand combat ability are very general. Lin Baiyu was restrained to death.
She felt that it was not good to use the frost force, and turned and ran away.
It’s a pity that her speed is not as fast as Lin Baiyu’s. Lin Baiyu chased her with a few strides.
The woman who rebukes the ice crown knows that it’s not good to stand up and launch the skills in the ice stick. She wants to fight back, but she doesn’t want even the skills in this ice stick to be blocked by the special ability of Taiji Ball.
She was frightened to use the popsicle as a weapon to hit Lin Baiyu.
Lin Baiyu’s body shook as he practiced melee combat for many years. The ice stick was almost attached to his body.
When his right hand stretched out, it was like a pair of iron tongs clamping the ice crown woman’s shoulder and right leg, and then he pushed the ice crown woman forward and slammed it on the ground.
The ice crown female root didn’t respond and felt that her legs were hooked by Lin Baiyu, and she lost control of her center of gravity and flew out. Her back hit the ground and her whole body seemed to be smashed.
The ice-crowned woman tried several times to use ice shield and ice armor to protect her body, but she didn’t react. Then she got a heavy elbow from Lin Baiyu in the face.
A scream, a face that was originally a flower and a moon, immediately became swollen and twisted and became ferocious.
Both sides can exert various abilities to face Lin Baiyu in close combat.
Before the flood, Lin Baiyu was a gold medal coach in Nanjiang Martial Arts Hall. He was proficient in Muay Thai, capture, fighting and Jiu Jitsu. Although he was not a world-class master, he was a minor celebrity in the martial arts community of Nanjiang City. He once won the first-class martial arts competition in provinces and cities.
Unless it is met with Su Li’s abnormal muscle strengthening to the limit, plus heart, bones and many other enhancements, the body has been extremely tough from the outside, and a number of spiritual source equipment power bonuses have been added.
Even if you don’t move, all kinds of special abilities have nearly ten thousand pounds of strength. Lin Baiyu is hard to resist the pure theory of close combat. Most people are not his opponents.
One-on-one hitting the ice crown girl is equal to crushing and elbowing her face. The ice crown girl’s nose is broken and her mouth is crooked. Tears and nose are streaming with pain.
Lin Baiyu’s name, Sven, also seems to be sven. If you are not sven with your hands, it will be cruel even to Qiao Meigu Niang.
After elbow, the knee is brittle and presses the throat of the ice crown woman.
There was a "goo goo" sound in the ice crown woman’s mouth, and there was a crunchy bone in her neck. Both hands grasped Lin Baiyu’s arm and nails were trapped, and her feet struggled hard.
Soon she stopped struggling, and there was blood in her nose and mouth, and the bones in her neck were completely broken by Lin Baiyu’s knees.
Su Li and Lin Baiyu successively killed Ding Shi, a black armored man and an ice crown woman, and the killing of two-meter giant Han also entered the incandescence.
The two-meter giant Han is very strong, but it has encountered a stronger force. Ding Shi and Ding Shi are still dwarfed by each other.
The body is attached to a few blood-stained wounds left by the sword, and the blood-stained clothes are losing ground. It is possible to be beheaded by Ding Shi’s brothers and sisters at any time.
When Su Li saw this, he heaved a sigh and forgot that the strongest Terran was the three leaders: the two-meter giant Han, the ice crown female and the black armored male.
Now the three leaders have gone to the last two meters, and the giant Han can be killed by Ding Shi’s brother and sister at any time. The overall situation has been decided that these forgotten terrans are not enough.
As soon as Su Li had this idea, there was a scream in front of him, and then there was a female scream "Qi-",which was full of panic.
At the moment, the building has been swallowed up by the blood crystal cubs, and most of the buildings are crumbling.
The vast majority of people have rushed to the back of the blood crystal cubs, and the number of terran casualties has exceeded 100, while the number of human casualties has reached 50 or 60.
At the moment, the blood crystal cubs rushed back to the front of a group of people with screams.
Su Li heard the woman scream and looked up and saw the leader of Green Town. Looking like a college student, Zou Qi held his neck and fell back.
His sister Zou Yingying rushed to hug him like crazy and shouted his name desperately.
Zou Qi’s neck was cut off by more than half, and his head hung down together, so he couldn’t live.
The summoned three monsters, the bloodthirsty shark, the poison dart frog king and the armored crocodile king, are disappearing.
Zou Yingying knelt down to hold her brother, who had lost his breath, and ignored all the fighting in all directions and burst into tears.
Su Li had a slight shock in her heart, and she never expected Zou Qi to die.
Although Zou Qi looks like a college student, he is actually the leader of "Greentown". He has summoned three monsters to protect him. Who among the forgotten terrans can kill him?