Everyone cherishes their lives especially, and the game is also a panic. Everyone doesn’t know it. Tianmen Town also welcomes many guests from reality, all of whom are arranged by Bian Bingan.
Chapter ninety Bamboo cabin
"Strong elder brother! Don’t! " Young-fly-Wang cling to hold Li Qiang dagger right eye socket tearful cry way
"You have a level 1 now, and if you die, all your data will be cleared." Yi Ming took Li Qiang’s left hand and said, "You are greedy for wolves, but you must not lose it!"
"I’m sorry about elder brother! I have been blaming myself for three days. I have been tortured by this pain for three whole days. I really don’t want to be surrounded by this pain again! " Li Qiang said with tears.
"Can you get rid of this pain if you die again?" At this time, a woman came from behind and attracted three brothers to raise eyebrows. It was Bian Shi.
Bian Shi came slowly with Bian Bing’s help, and the three of them shouted, "Sister-in-law!" But Yi Ming young-fly-wang took Li Qiang’s hand or didn’t want to loosen it.
Li Qiang’s face was full of guilt and he was waiting to say something. Bian Shi said directly, "I heard my parents-in-law say that you are Li Lang’s brothers, which can be said to be Li Lang’s best brothers in another world."
Young-fly-Wang Yiming listened to Bian Shi and bowed his head in shame, while Li Qiang’s temper roared, "Yes, we are brothers. Let me go!" Talking about suicide again.
"no!" Two people together say what also don’t let go.
"You can wait ten days before you die," Bian Shi said coldly.
The three brothers wondered what it meant to see that Bian Shi was not white.
"Well, there are many people like you and your brother-in-law in our town now, and they have also brought a message that your world is going to be destroyed," Bian Bingbang said to his sister.
"destruction! What do you mean? " Three people don’t understand.
"I don’t know clearly that your world is going to be destroyed. If you want to live, you must live in our world," Bian Bing explained.
Young-fly-wang asked, "How can you live in your world?"
"You stupid! I don’t know how my brother lives? " Yi Ming said
"If you talk like this, someone else has never worn a game helmet." Young-fly-wang finally added uncertainly, "Then our death will be really … really dead!"
"Yes, I will die," Yi Ming said.
Young-fly-Wang said to Yi Ming in a hurry, "No, I’m going to see if you take care of Brother Qiang first." Directly, Yi Ming hurriedly took Li Qiang’s right arm with a dagger.
"Sister-in-law, do you think I’m afraid of death?" Li Qiang seems to understand Bian Shi meaning nu way
Bian Shi smiled coldly. "I never laugh at people who are afraid of death. On the contrary, I laugh at those who are not afraid of death. Because they have no value in death, they have left themselves some false names but failed to take care of the people around them. They are selfish and hateful!"
"I’m selfish? I hate it? Joke! " Li Jiangyu out left hand pointed to his nose and said
"Yes, you are a joke. The lame Taoist just told me that you have a voracious appetite for wolves. It’s a blessing, and it’s about to come out, but you want him to dissipate. You said you didn’t hate it!" Bian Shi said.
"I …"
Bian Shi raised his hand to make a gesture to stop Li Qiang from talking and said, "Don’t explain what you said Li Lang said to you!"
"Brother involved asked me to take good care of his family," Li Qiang said silently.
Bian Shi sneered, "Did you do it? You’re just a coward who shirks his responsibilities. You’re selfish! You are hateful! "
"I …" Li Qiang wanted to refute, but found something to say. Finally, Nai said, "Sister-in-law, I can’t live to tell you the truth. I’m really ashamed to live after doing such a thing." Finally, tears slipped again, which can make Li Qiang, a grown-up who grew up eating a hundred meals, cry, but think of his pain in his heart.
"Li Lang is not dead. Why can’t you live?" Bian Shi cold said.
"Not dead? I jumped from the cliff, too, but how did I die? " Li Qiang can’t believe it.
"Believe it or not," Bian Shi said and turned away. Bian Bing didn’t follow but ran to Li Qiang and said, "This is a lame monk." Then he shouted, "Sister, wait for me!" This just followed.
"Lame Taoist?" Li Qianggen hasn’t heard of this kind of person’s confused look at Yi Ming.
Yi Ming thought for a moment and said, "I haven’t heard of it either. Why don’t we ask the villagers?" Then he thought for a moment and said, "I’m sure Brother involved is not dead!"
Li Qiang knew that Yi Ming was calm and uncertain, and he would never say "Really?"
"hmm!" Yi Ming nodded and said, "Look at Tianmen Town or Tianmen Town. He has neither been removed from the list nor turned into a village."