Pop the chrysanthemum! Absolutely!
The pike pierced the horse’s abdomen and went straight through the horse’s spine and re-entered the Dian Wei body.
What is that if it’s not a chrysanthemum explosion?
Dian Wei color change
What should I do if I have been cold and loose?
But at this moment, a pair of hatchets smashed into the horse’s head.
Dian Wei drank a pair of feet from the stirrup and clamped the horse’s belly to kick him abruptly.
When the horse was attacked in the belly, his dark horse immediately stood up like a man.
Dian Wei took advantage of this period when his feet gently stepped on the horse and stepped on the horse’s head, holding a halberd and strangling Zhang Long’s head.
When Zhang Long attacked and saw that the whole horse was about to be split in half, Dian Wei aimed at his neck like a god.
Zhang Long stare big eyes regardless of the strength itself backhand a block.
When! ! Qiang Qiang!
Zhang Long moment hands suddenly shocked escaping bitten to grind again with a knife to Dian Wei.
Dian Wei did not fight with him, jumped on his ass, jumped on Li Niu’s ass and strangled him mercilessly with double halberds.
Li Niu head suddenly shot heavy blood fog white paste flying everywhere.
Zhang Long, Zhao Hu heart qi qi looked at Dian Wei with hatred.
Two people to kill again.
Zhang Long simply joined forces with Zhao Hu to attack Dian Wei again and again. Due to the lack of Li Niu, the connection in some places is not very smooth.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang! ! ! !
The three men fought for several rounds in front of Sheyang Town.
Zhang Long and Zhao Hu did not confront Dian Wei, but they cooperated with harassment.
Dian Wei was humbled because Dian Wei’s weapon was a double halberd, and there was no pressure to deal with two people.
But at this moment, the man on the wall saw that the situation was not so good and decided that his master would kill one of the other soldiers first, even if they attacked the town!
This is what he is thinking now.
"Knife shield soldiers out of the city and besieged the other generals! Must be killed! "
Zhaoyun eyes a clot gaze at the other side of the gate eyebrows slightly wrinkled handsome face a smile to Xu Chu said "Xu Xiong we will come and go in the ten thousand foot soldiers several times! Have the courage! "
Xu Chuhu eyes a stare roar "who dare not? Kill it! I’m not afraid of you! Say that finish his horse rushed to ten thousand foot soldiers.
Zhaoyun rushed toward ten thousand foot soldiers with a silver gun and a white horse on his hip.
I haven’t felt anything for years.
"Think when I was in jun seven in seven out! At that time, the other side had hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers, but now it’s only 10 thousand foot soldiers! Who can stop me? "
"Who can stop me?"
"Who can stop me! ?”
Zhaoyun growled and felt like returning again!
"Today I will make a hundred rounds among these ten thousand soldiers!"
"Today I will let the whole world know that I am Zhao Yun!"
"Today I want to restore my former glory!"
"I’m zhaoyun! Except for rebellion! I dare anything! "
"kill! “
Zhaoyun’s face flushed with his own beliefs, ideals, and his own adherence to the road rushed toward ten thousand foot soldiers.
Xu Chu in front smiled at Zhao Yun’s words, but he knew Zhao Yun was fierce.
At the same time, he also shout at top of voice
"yes! Today, I also want to let the world know that I am amazing! "
"I also want to restore my tiger’s reputation!"
Killing Dian Wei in the distance after hearing the declaration of two people, the belief in his eyes was burning.
"I! Yes! Ancient E Lai! "
"Today, I will let this heaven and man know my fame!"
The waving speed of the double halberd suddenly becomes faster and stronger!
In the distance, Ji Fan feels the belief of the three men on the battlefield!
Everyone has their own beliefs and beliefs!
Also known as Tao!
Stick to the road yourself!
Own way!
It is a belief that blood flow in that soul and blood flows in the blood!
They are about to bloom their brilliance again in this world!
This is an experience of learning from outsiders.
Can the past honor reappear today?
Whether the glory of the past can return this time!
The belief of the past is sublimated to the extreme today!
The military commanders of the Three Kingdoms will eventually bloom their own flames again in this world.
Belong to the flame of individual soul
March in the direction with your own hopes, goals, beliefs and beliefs!
Dian Wei, he broke through!
Breaking through 99 force is not far from the peak.
Zhaoyun, his spirit is solid.
Xu Chu’s momentum is more full of wild breath.
Or maybe they