Chapter one hundred and forty Cultural Relics Market
When Ye Xiangdong finished, he began to clean up the "things" in the laboratory. He found a big backpack and kept loading things into it.
Li Fanzhi asked, "Lao Ye, shall we fly or drive?"
"Northwest State is so close, where are you going to stop when you fly?" Ye replied to this Li Fanzhi while packing things to the east.
"Then we still don’t call others?"
"Don’t call me a fart. It’s enough for Guoan to have you. We’ll just try to avoid Jiuyou Shield later."
Li Fanzhi picked up the words and called the female driver waiting outside.
Two people forget JiTianCi again.
Li Fanzhi hung up one sentence after another before he thought of asking Ji Tianci, "How did you change this steel plate?"
Ji Tianci replied, "Maybe it has something to do with my practice."
Li Fanzhi didn’t ask any more questions. These are personal privacy and secrets. It’s impolite to ask too many questions.
"You also come with us. If this steel plate fails halfway, it will be in trouble."
"But the exhibition …"
"Oh, it’s just an art exhibition. I’ll give you a table when you hold another art exhibition."
"Then I’ll call Manwen first."
Three people packed up and returned to the car.
The phantom road is not fast or slow, and it is still driving in the direction of the light and shadow art city, but it is a little long.
The car drove into a two-kilometer-long tunnel. Soon after entering the tunnel, Ye Xiangdong opened the left door of the car. The two doors in the back of the car are different from ordinary cars. They are installed backwards and opened backwards. The car industry is also dubbed "suicide door"
"Xiao Li is quick!"
Ji Tianci gaped at Professor Ye who opened the car door.
Professor Ye’s "take-off on the flat ground" was pushed to the narrow emergency lane next to the driveway like a boat in the water.
Professor Ye’s legs stretched straight and landed smoothly is where Li Fanzhi has been controlling Ye Xiangdong’s body and gently "put" him.
Ji Tianci secretly called Li Fanzhi’s control power in his heart. It was indeed a strong speed of 6 kilometers per hour. He was able to land smoothly by Professor Yuzryha. It seems that he is also a spiritual practitioner.
Professor Ye is getting farther and farther away from himself after landing. Li Fanzhi turned to look at Ji Tianci. "Are you an extraordinary person who can jump?"
JiTianCi dull nodded to see Li Fanzhi immediately pushed open the door and there was no shocking posture, but a snowballing usury also left the emergency lane.
Ji Tianci hesitated for a moment with a wry smile and jumped out from Professor Ye’s "jumping car" position. The back row of this car is very spacious, and Ji Tianci pushed it out with one foot.
After jumping out, he kept his body steady and his feet rubbed against the ground for a distance, and then his body stopped, just like a car braked.
Ji Tianci looked back and in a short time, a double-flashing Range Rover stopped at Ji Tianci’s side again.
Co-pilot black can’t see anything. The glass has dropped. Li Fanzhi wears a pair of sunglasses and shouts to Ji Tianci.
Ji Tianci sat next to Professor Ye in the back row again, but this time he became an uncle.
Just a car JiTianCi bitterly asked a sentence "why don’t you just jump out of the car and stop the car directly …"
"The car is equipped with a positioning car. If it stops in the tunnel, they must be suspicious."
Ji Tianci guessed that Li Fanzhi said that they should refer to Jiuyou Shield. "Then you can park in a parking position? How dangerous it is to jump in the tunnel. If you miss, Professor Ye won’t just … "
"There are satellites staring at Lao Ye all the time, and there are surveillance cameras staring at him everywhere, and Professor Ye is very hard. If he could die, he would have died."
Ye Xiangdong ignored them. He found a black bag from his backpack that he couldn’t see what it was made of.
This bag is not similar to an file bag. He opened it and said to everyone, "Put all your mobile phones in."
Li Fanzhi left both his mobile phones in without saying anything. The driver threw his mobile phone into the back row while driving.
Ye Xiangdong also put the mobile phone in the bag. Everyone is very skilled.
After Ji Tianci put the phone in, he asked a sentence, "Then how can I connect with Manwenlian? I’m afraid she will worry. "
Ye Xiangdong immediately opened the armrest box in the back of the car and there were several "mobile phones" inside.
"They can’t track this encrypted channel of satellite phone calls."
Li Fanzhi was very proud at this moment and said, "Professor Ye’s bag is a signal shielding bag. He also has a high-power signal shielding instrument to shield communication signals in less than half of the city. And this satellite talk is that the group master hacked into the Arabian satellite’ Asia-Pacific VII’, which is absolutely safe for its channel to make calls."
JiTianCi heard a cold sweat behind him. He felt that the thief boat had turned his head out of the window. "Are you planning any terrorist activities? I didn’t hear anything and I didn’t know anything. "
"Look, we have nothing to do with scaring you." Li Fanzhi didn’t good the spirit way.
At this time, Ye Xiangdong was not happy. "It’s fun for you to pay for it. I bought those experimental instruments and even the coffin, but you didn’t say anything about giving some sponsorship."
"Professor Ye Hongfu, Qi Tian, long life, I don’t say anything about coffins."
Several people chatted all the way out of Wuyang city.