See the lovely girl with long hair and dirty clothes, tattered clothes and dried blood.
Meng Qi suddenly flew into a rage. Who did this M? ! Meng Qilai was very unhappy because of Hu Xianer. When he met this matter, Meng Qi suddenly lost his mind and wanted to kill someone!
Several people in the original guard cell were drinking, chatting and farting when they suddenly saw nothing. Suddenly, a big change came in the cell, and all the living people saw that they had drunk too much and were dazzled.
A jailer was drunk and said, "Eh? Look at the cell. You have an extra, er, person. Ah, haha, it must be me. I’m drunk. How do you see, er? "
And then another jailer said with surprise, "Huh? I, I can also see, er, third child, do you see it? "
The old man was the only one who was not drunk. He rubbed his eyes hard, looked frightened and looked angry. Meng Qi trembled and said, "No, it’s not an illusion. Is it true?"
At this time, the two half-drunk laotou also woke up, but just waking up, they met Meng Qi’s anger. Of course, Meng Qi didn’t kill anyone, but knocked out three people.
Then I went to the chain and took a look at the chain that braved the cold light. Then Meng Qi grabbed the chain and slowly tried to see that "touching" the chain held by Meng Qi was actually pinched off by him.
Then pinch off the four chains and hold Zi Xuan up.
At this time, Zi Xuan also woke up and saw Meng Qi mumbling "Master?"
Meng qi Zi Xuan healing while pity asked "Zi Xuan what’s going on? How do you feel? "
"Master Zi Xuan hurts." Zi Xuan showed a painful expression.
"They bully you? !” Meng Qi felt that he was going to explode.
"Zi Xuan Zi Xuan’s father and mother were both hurt by them. Zi Xuan’s heart hurts. Oh, master, it hurts." Zi Xuan put his scarred hands on his heart and muttered that tears also flowed to draw a white mark on his dirty face.
Meng Qi saw a burst of love and put Zi Xuan in his arms, then grabbed the handcuffs and anklets and broke them off by himself.
Then she came to her original home with Zi Xuan in her arms. After Zi Xuan healed the wound, Meng Qi did some magic to make Zi Xuan fall asleep. He knew that Zi Xuan needed to rest at this time, and he …
Meng Qi does one thing-kill people!
The next day, when Zi Xuan came together, he saw that the usually clean master was wearing a bloody clothes in front of his face, and then he pulled himself up and flew out without saying anything.
Yesterday, Zhuang Zi Xuan was scared first, then she suddenly knelt down and cried with Meng Qi in her arms.
At this time, from the sky, it was neat yesterday, and the village was already a mess. There were pieces of dry dark blood everywhere, which looked like a hell.
And all this is exactly what Meng Qi did.
Last night, Meng Qi paid a visit to Taoist Ji Shi, and then he helped him know what happened.
It turns out that Zi Xuan’s parents really exchanged Meng Qi’s magic for a lot of money with a monk. In fact, the monk also wanted to rob him, but he was worried that there was a big monk behind Zi Xuan’s parents and dismissed the idea.
However, after Zi Xuan’s parents got the money, they enjoyed being rich and didn’t know that they had attracted thieves to peep.
One day, a group of people swept their new home, took all the money and killed everyone.
This incident caused an uproar in the country of filariasis, but because Zi Xuan’s parents didn’t rely on the money of their thieves to attack, they got away with it safely.
After Zi Xuan came back, he found out about this situation. His first thought was revenge before.
However, although Zi Xuan has made small achievements in uniting with others, after all, there are many people in the other side. After killing several people, Zi Xuan was captured alive. What he didn’t kill was a pedophile pervert who was their leader.
But it’s a good thing that the man hasn’t taken care of Zi Xuan and Zi Xuan these days.
Find out what happened after Meng Qi came to the front of the village for a whole night, and the most cruel means wiped out the whole village … Wen Nai will be updated at the first meeting)
Meng Qi has never felt that he is a good person or a kind person. He will be depressed and angry, and he will want to retaliate against his loved ones. It is like touching his lamella.
He may not be able to take revenge for a while, but he believes in a sentence called-revenge for great men is not late for ten years, and revenge for small people is from morning till night.
He Meng Qi is a nobody, and he will never want revenge. Don’t let him catch you when he has the opportunity. He will definitely torture you to death by cruel means that others can’t think of.
This is where Meng Qi, a little guy, learned about Zi Xuan’s experience and the damn reason of these people, and Meng Qi did not hesitate to kill them.
There is no mercy, no hesitation and no psychological burden.
Chapter 19 Wedding
"Girl, don’t cry." Meng Qi touched Zi Xuan’s little head. He actually didn’t want to bring Zi Xuan to see such a bloody scene, but he thought of Zi Xuan crying over her heart yesterday. Meng Qi knew that she must express her depression in her heart or the consequences would be unimaginable.
"Thank you, Master." Zi Xuan Meng Qi wiped her tears in her eyes. She felt much better.
Meng Qi picked up Zi Xuan and said, "There is something wrong with this matter. The teacher shouldn’t give your parents a panacea." Meng Qi didn’t like to hide what he gave himself to a panacea.
Zi Xuan shook his head and said, "No matter what the master does, my father and mother are not good. Zi Xuan will be very grateful to the master for taking revenge on Zi Xuan."
Meng Qi said to Zi Xuan lovingly, "The girl and the master are your relatives. If you want the master to be your father, will you?"
Zi Xuan laughed. "Don’t be a teacher. I don’t want you to be a dad."
Meng Qi was relieved to see her laugh, but Meng Qi still planned to take Zi Xuan all the way for fun and kill so many people. Meng Qi’s emotions were also calmed down.
Because I want to take Zi Xuan for fun, Meng Qi is anxious in his heart, but I still meditate to accompany Zi Xuan for fun. Although there are many delays, Zi Xuan’s mood is much better than when he just left the country of filariasis.
Besides, Meng Qi added her daughter’s fragrance when she passed through Li. This time, Meng Qi almost burst her bag …
"Well, girl, you should correct it first. If EU elder sister stays in Zongzong first, I will pick up your teacher niang and come back as soon as possible."
"Master, you should come back early." Zi Xuan said, pulling Meng Qi’s skirt.
Meng Qi touched her little head, nodded and said, "If EU Zi Xuan will trouble you, and … help me take care of Xianer."
Cheng ruowei nodded and took Zi Xuan into his arms.
After several months, Meng Qi finally came to Wucheng again. Just before yangfu, the concierge reported that soon a beautiful figure rushed out from the inside until Meng Qi barely stopped.
Four eyes on the other side of the eyes reflect deep thoughts, but because of the female reserve, Yang Mengyi stopped in front of Meng Qi.
Meng Qike didn’t have these considerations. Looking at missing his still lover, Meng Qihu stepped forward and held it deeply in his arms.
At this moment, a deep sense of happiness surrounded them.
Embrace for a long time Meng Qicai Yang Mengyi points into the yangfu.
After Yang Dayan met Meng Qi, he said that he wanted to marry Yang Mengyi.
Not prepared. Yang Mengyi was ashamed to run into the patio after learning about this matter, and Yang Dayan was also a little strange. Besides, Meng Qi’s background, he hasn’t finished the investigation. Although there should be no problem, he still wants to be on the safe side.
"Meng Xian nephew, isn’t this a little too fast? You don’t know that the old man is not against you, but you are so impatient."
Meng Qi hesitated and spoke out his own difficulties. "Uncle Yang didn’t know that my little nephew had provoked a more difficult adversary not long ago, but he didn’t want to ask Uncle Mengyi to come with me to avoid it for a while."
Although the meaning is similar, I’m afraid Meng Qi said something about cultivating immortals before he met Yang Dayan, which is hard to trust because what he said is rather hazy.
Yang Dayan listened to ha ha a smile and said, "My dear, Yang Dayan can’t handle things without me in this boundary. No matter how much trouble you have caused, it’s a dragon. When you get here, you have to squat for me." The voice revealed Yang Dayan’s confidence accumulated in the hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang.
But Meng Qibai, this is definitely not something he can compete with. He earnestly persuaded, "Uncle, that person is definitely not something you can compete with. Listen to my little nephew and advise to come with me."
Yang Dayan listened to Meng Qi’s words, and his face suddenly turned black. It is Meng Qi’s most incomprehensible words that he struggled from the bottom step by step to the underworld.