Let’s go back to the cabin! Jose said and got up and Domino went to the cabin.
The cabin of a large warship is very large, and there are bars in addition to kitchen, cabin, bedroom, public health and other facilities!
Bar! This is a place where the class members have nothing to talk about. Compared with the serious atmosphere of its generals, Jose leads the troops, except for some important occasions when he needs to salute and say hello. Moreover, the boatmen are divided into three classes.
Morning shift-16
Middle shift 16-24
Night shift-
There are about five soldiers in the warship, three in the early shift and 12 in the late shift.
Every shift has hours of work, and they still have plenty of time to relax without encountering pirates. It’s not true that when Jose and his wife first entered the last big bag of the cabin, there were already 70 people chatting inside.
"Lieutenant General is good"
"Hello, Sister Domino"
"Sister Domino is getting more and more beautiful."
Say hello one by one, and Jose said to everyone, "Why didn’t you say I was handsome!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha! !” A burst of laughter rang out.
"Lord Jose is eating cool, so make up for it."
It’s really watching everyone having a good time. Jose walked to the bar counter and praised, "Miss Beautiful Lena, you are getting more and more beautiful."
Lena is a famous Nyarina. One of the beautiful nurses on the boat is also a bar worker. Domino is about the same age. She has beautiful red hair and blue eyes.
"Hissing" suddenly, Jose felt his back and gasped, then he remembered that Domino was next to him!
"Please get me a bottle of the most handsome wine (jerez)," Jose said to Lena with embarrassment.
Sister hee hee domino, you are too strict! Lena handed the wine to Jose and then turned to Domino and said, "Be careful to be scared away."
Chapter 53 Chasing Lieutenant General Gulas
"It’s good to scare away!" Domino laughed and soon Lena chatted together, so that Jose could silently turn around and find a window seat and sit casually.
The atmosphere in the bar is very good. Drinking songs, chatting and chatting, everything seems to be very harmonious, just like nothing.
The storm comes and goes quickly, and Jose looks at the rainbow hanging on the horizon outside the window with one hand and can’t help but sigh, "It’s always so beautiful after the rain."
Little by little, the sun set to the west, and by this time it had disappeared. The clouds in the west had already been dyed red. Jose shook his head and looked at Domino, who was still chatting with Niarina. Sometimes he really couldn’t figure out what he could say for so long.
Jose finished his last sip of wine and went over to say, "Arno, I’ll go back first."
"Got it, honey," Domino said to Jose, then turned to continue chattering.
"A pirate ship was found at 7 o’clock behind the report."
"Who is the pirate ship?" Rain cold shouted
After the report, the soldier didn’t look back, but continued to look at the flag of the pirate ship in the distance through the telescope. "I haven’t seen the flag. It is painted with a skull wearing a crown symbol. It is estimated that it is a new pirate group."
When the soldier answered, he turned around and said, "I might be able to find it."
"Don’t worry about him. Every minute counts on this voyage," Yu Han ordered.
"Yes," the soldier replied, and then continued to pick up his glasses and concentrate on observing the whole warship belonging to his alert direction. The main mast was guarded by lookouts, and four or five people were watching the situation in all directions. His soldiers were ready to stand by.
Time flies like water, and it is night.
The crescent moon spreads over the whole sea like a hazy moonlight, reflecting a kind of spiritual loneliness and beauty to this scene. In this scene, a warship is quietly parked there, making the already lonely scene even more lonely.
It’s the turn of the warship’s night soldiers to patrol and guard the watchtower. Sasaki’s soldiers looked up at the bright night and habitually murmured, "I hate the night shift the most."
The large warship room is so big that you can compare the halls at home. Even if you put a lot of things in it, Jose still feels very spacious.
Desk Jose came through the window, and the dim moonlight brushed his notes and wrote a diary. There was no light in the room because he didn’t want to disturb Domino, who was asleep.
"I’m sorry to bother you, it seems." Jose put down his pen and turned to Domino who had woken up.
Domino shook his head and pointed to Jose’s notes. Some people don’t understand that it is graffiti! Those symbols look and feel so neat
"What is your painting?"
"This is a diary."
"Why don’t I understand?" Domino thought for a moment and then said, "Is this ancient writing?"
Jose zheng then laughed, "This is not an ancient script but another script."
"Oh" Domino replied, "Can you teach me?"
Jose looked at Domino in surprise. He didn’t expect her to make such a request. Jose couldn’t help asking, "Do you want to peek at my diary?"
I just want to know more about you. Domino hugged Jose and murmured, "I just want to know more about you, you know?" The longer I get along with you, the more I feel that I don’t know you anymore. "
Jose mistakenly asked, "How?"