Determined Xiao Lingyu before his physical injury recovery is crustily skin of head and rushed forward.
Xiao Lingyu, carrying silver moon’s broken knife and flapping his extreme wings, soon came to the haunt of Warcraft in the spirit magic period.
The other party’s attack speed is still so fast. When Xiao Lingyu doesn’t respond at all, Xiao Lingyu has to wave silver moon’s broken knife to cut one of his tails.
Without stopping the other tail, it was a severe blow to Xiao Lingyu’s chest, which made Xiao Lingyu’s ribs break again, and blood gushed in his mouth.
If it weren’t for Xiao Lingyu’s extremely high physical quality, it would be impossible for the other party to play two exchanges, and fear would have been obliterated when they first met.
His high physical quality also makes him recover slowly after his injury, and there are not many eyes left for him. If he rushes to meet him in half a way, he can be left in this magic cave.
Is still six town magic fairy bead road Xiao Lingyu wrapped in a raging magic flame carrying silver moon broken knife and fingers constantly pinching printing tactic to stay when the other side swept seven tails, six town magic fairy beads respectively to block a tail, and the last one was cut off by silver moon broken knife.
Xiao Lingyu drank a lot and combined a middle-order spell. Chaotic magic marks roared out and suddenly exploded in the other six tails.
After chaotic printing and bombing, I heard that Xiao Lingyu didn’t see the appearance of Warcraft until now, and she roared with pain.
The roar of Warcraft kept coming when Xiao Lingyu bombarded it five times in a row before it really came near.
It’s a fox-like Warcraft, but the other person is ten times bigger than the ordinary fox, and he is covered in pure black hair, but he has a pair of ruby-bright and frightening eyes, and a few tails behind him are still smoking.
If this nine-tailed fox is mutated, it is the mutated fairy beast. It is no wonder that it has such strong strength in bloodline.
At this time, the nine tails of Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox have been hit hard, which will definitely greatly weaken its physical strength, otherwise it should not face Xiao Lingyu in person.
In Xiao Lingyu thought, the Kyubi no Youko magic fox shook its nine injured tails and turned out to be separated.
What is even more astounding is that the magic fox actually has the momentum of the spirit magic period.
Xiao Lingyu suddenly remembered the description of Kyubi no Youko’s fairy fox talent in ancient books.
However, Xiao Lingyu also knows that if he can carry the other person’s talent, the other person can be slaughtered by himself.
Xiao Lingyu’s heart is actually very clear that his current ability and state have no hope of winning before the other side launched a talented avatar.
A few moments later, the magic fox was stunned by Xiao Lingyu and turned into a tail behind the Kyubi no Youko magic fox.
Not only is he very weak, but Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox can hardly stand on his own feet at this time, looking shaky.
Look at that Kyubi no Youko magic fox. It’s like you’ve done your best to hang down and die.
I love this scene. Xiao Lingyu is also the real method. It’s a little mournful to start work with Kyubi no Youko Magic Fox again.
Xiao Lingyu came to a small cave after a cup of tea.
Although the magic fox is small, it has already grown six tails, and it has a breath fluctuation no less than that of the devil’s later period.
If it is not just the production of the Kyubi no Youko magic fox, it can definitely kill Xiao Lingyu easily, and it will never fail to launch a talent avatar.
But Xiao Lingyu is not the weak-hearted generation who wants to move forward by himself. He can choose to fight if someone stands in front.
"Am I going the wrong way?"
Before he left, Xiao Lingyu may have thrown a healing pill at the Kyubi no Youko magic fox to make up for the little guilt in his heart.
Xiao Lingyu just turned around and heard the call from the Kyubi no Youko magic fox after he lost Dan medicine, and he turned around again.
"You mean … let me take it?" Xiao Lingyu asked surprisedly
Xiao Lingyu has clearly felt that the life breath of this Kyubi no Youko magic fox is getting weaker and weaker, even if he will give Dan medicine root method to save it soon.
This is a promise to a mother. Xiao Lingyu believes that she can do it.
Chapter 324 And they were afraid you don’t calm down.
? That seemingly solid stone wall is actually disappearing slowly in front of the magic fox in Kyubi no Youko. Can you believe it?
An equally dark passage appear.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t go the wrong way, but the road ahead was hidden just now.
He can also guess that this Kyubi no Youko magic fox didn’t continue to attack at the end of his life, but also helped himself to fight the road ahead. It is estimated that he was afraid that he would kill his child cruelly.
In the face of the stone wall disappeared when the Kyubi no Youko magic fox fell to the ground and the breath of life was cut off at the moment.
It seems that I felt the kiss fading away, and the sleeping fox suddenly opened his eyes. Although he stared at his dead mother in a bit of confusion, he actually shed tears and sobbed low.
"What a spiritual little guy."
Xiao Lingyu sighed and praised the sentence, then continued on his way with the little magic fox in his arms.
After that, I never met Xiao Lingyu, who was blocked by powerful Warcraft. At last, I flew out of this cave and into the abyss darkness.
To fly a few breaths when Xiao Lingyu saw several monks figure was close to the past.
At the entrance of the tunnel, the three brothers of the East Pole Demon Sect were quietly together, and they all seemed a little surprised to see Xiao Lingyu flying.
The little magic fox has been appeased by Xiao Lingyu and sent to the spirit beast bag. Xiao Lingyu flew in alone and seemed to smile "OK, OK" easily.
"Ha ha, you’ve got a good timing. You didn’t come back until today when we went out." The old man surnamed Li also replied with a smile.
"It seems that someone is later than me." Xiao Lingyu arrived when he was not angry, which made him relaxed too much. He was very uneasy and nervous all the way.
"Later than you, it is estimated that you will never come back," Fang Yu said with a smile.
Xiao Lingyu looked at Fang Yu’s heart and was a little surprised that Fang Yu was at the beginning of the demon king, but Fang Yu came in with monty’s mid-term repair and made such great progress in just ten years. It must be a big chance.
But even the gap between the Lord and Xiao Lingyu in the early days is still too big, and he naturally won’t take a reason for this villain.
The other two students came in at the peak of the late monty and the late monty, and now both of them have made breakthroughs at the beginning of the devil and the early monty. Although the progress is not as great as Fang Yu, it is also gratifying.
"Why do you make me feel worse than before you came in?" The old man surnamed Li asked incredulously
Xiao Lingyu didn’t get any great chance this time, and his physical injury hasn’t improved yet, which is naturally much worse than before he came in.
"Ha ha bad luck" Xiao Lingyu perfunctory way with a smile.
If you say that you have gained nothing, it is definitely impossible to lose yourself. Your poisonous body has improved a lot, and your refining level has also improved a lot. You have also adopted a magic fox that will grow in the future.
"Did you encounter anything strange …?" Li asked the old man with a pointed tone.
Xiao Lingyu knew what the old man surnamed Li meant, but shook his head. "I didn’t encounter anything strange except playing a few games with Warcraft."
When the old man surnamed Li heard this, he frowned slightly and his lips moved, but he swallowed the words on his lips.
After waiting for another day, the old man surnamed Li said to everyone, "Let’s go. It’s time to go back."
The candle was lit by a fire orange, which lit up a bigger place.
Along the way, I met a lot of monsters to harass me, but in that candle, fire snakes were sprayed to deter those monsters, and they were very well-advised to retreat far away.
Soon I reached the target position, but the top of my head was still dark and there was no light. Several real magic masters of the East Pole Magic Sect have not yet hit the entrance.
"Before you go according to the regulations of Zongmen, you need souls to swear that you will never reveal the situation of the East Pole Cave." The old man surnamed Li said solemnly with a candle.
Xiao Lingyu felt that this provision was reasonable and did not conflict with Fang Yu’s oath, and he also opened his mouth to make an oath.