The whole hall suddenly became a vast expanse … suddenly the Tathagata was vast.
The meteor demon was bound from its four feet and plunged into the ground, and it didn’t let itself be involved in the ever-rotating black vortex, which was so amazing that even it was heart-pounding.
Weird black vortex that girl in blue dress never said a word from beginning to end stood there quietly. She was so pretty and beautiful.
However, this pretty beauty can’t hide the pleasure of killing thousands of lives by flashing the silk in her eyes.
"Go to the operator to shoot the ghost door," Liao Mo bound and hissed. "Are you the black killer?"
Xie Wenjin slowly opened his mouth.
She makes a sound.
But it is clear from her mouth that what she said is … "Right guess"!
She will hand a finger black vortex crashed into the meteor demon.
Liao demon screams like tore heart crack lung …
From the rear, the demon is bound to scream.
Tang Xiaofeng looked back and saw the black vortex that could make the wind and cloud change color and make ghosts and gods panic. "What is that?"
Shi Lan said, "Wen Jinmei’ s ghost gate’!"
Tang Xiaofeng believes that the girl who has died once can even speak French. He said, "How can she be killed when she has such a unique skill?" Or did she practice this trick after death? "
"No, she will before, but this trick doesn’t mean that she can do it once a day, even twice a day before her death." Shi Lanyan said, "Wen Jin is a middleman in the magic way. A year ago, he was led by the patriarch Baiyun of Maoshan Sect and the true Tianshi of Jingzong Cave to send seven elders to chase after him repeatedly. Although she killed three elders and many younger brothers from both factions, she finally failed to get away. Baiyun Sima Chengzhen’s sword escaped a trace of soul and had to turn to repair the ghost way."
Tang Xiaofeng remained speechless … How much evil did that girl do to end up being chased by Maoshan and Jing, the two largest Taoist sects?
Shi Lan said, "Wen Jinmei’s present situation is much worse than that before her death. It’s up to us to get the ghost gate once a day."
Tang Xiaofeng’s language … What kind of pervert was she before she killed Liao Mo and thousands of ghosts?
Go through a splendid arch and leap over a haunting hall.
Every brick and tile here is a rare material in the world, so we can know that Wang Fugui, the ghost of bliss, is extremely poor in design, and there is no sense of harmony, just like an outbreak with gold and silver. Although everyone knows that he is rich, he is tasteless.
Just looking at this palace can tell what kind of guy the Blissful Ghost King really is.
They flew on.
"Be careful" Tang Xiaofeng suddenly called a.
A shadow came along the ground and suddenly jumped out.
They hurriedly flashed shadows and crossed the imaginary crossing, which passed again.
They want to break through this shadow, but they cling to it, sometimes flying in the air and sometimes hiding in the ground, so they can’t throw it away.
Every time it attacked, it chose two people, but it was difficult to be alert and avoid the direction, but another blow was to hide. When Tang Xiaofeng was depressed, he could not find it.
Shi Lan said that "it must be the green blood of the three demons."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "What should I do?" The devil’s back and forth, shadowing and shadowing, has no means of malice, which makes them fly forward at full speed.
Tang Xiaofeng’s sister is in suspense, and Zizhi’s safety doesn’t want to be dragged here by this devil.
Shi Lan said, "Tang Gong, you go first and I’ll stall it."
Tang Xiaofeng also you’re welcome to say "thank you" and swept forward like a light.
A shadow came from the dark and attacked him at a strange angle and speed.
Shi Lanyan’s charming body is vertical, "Xiang Mo looks here."
Xiang Mo didn’t want to see her, but she had to.
There seems to be a mysterious power in her voice that makes it impossible to listen.
As soon as it saw the sneak attack on Tang Xiaofeng, the speed slowed down and Tang Xiaofeng got away.
Shi Lanyan’s waist twisted in front of it.
Xiang mo wants to hide
Its way of fighting is to sneak attack in the dark and always attack from the angle that the other side is difficult to defend.
Shi Lanyan said, "If you don’t hide, you can’t hide." Her voice was clear and crisp.
This crisp and crisp sound suddenly broke into Xiang Mo’s mind and made it lag.
I knew I should hide it first, but at this moment, it really felt that it was hiding, so it was delayed.
But it was a well-informed devil horse and realized that this girl was a psychic.
Speaking is the spirit, and speaking is the spirit.
As soon as it lags behind, it makes a bamboo pole to hit its heart.
Before the bamboo pole is lit, Xiang Mo Xiang Mo has broken into dozens of shadows and turned sharply around Shi Lanyan.
Shi Lanyan sighed lightly, "Ghost Separation?" Ghosts have to destroy all incarnations before they can kill the performer.
Naturally, she knew that the weakness of this kind of doppelganger was that every doppelganger was inferior in strength. If ordinary enemies made this kind of ghost separation, she would die faster in front of her, but this Xiang demon was not good at the five elements of evasion, but was good at hiding and hiding. More than a dozen doppelgangers were lurking together to sneak attack, which not only avoided the weakness of ghost separation, but also made her have to face more enemies.
It seems that it will be a little troublesome …
Tang Xiaofeng continued to fly forward
Fang Kelai kept ringing.
Blissful Heaven Palace, Blissful Sea City, Blissful People and Blissful Hell exploded everywhere.
Is there any grand event held in this spiritual paradise city, or is there someone who just happened to make trouble in the ghost town of bliss at this time?
He doesn’t know that he knows that no matter who hurts his relatives and friends, he will never let him go.
He killed many ghosts and went deep into the palace.
The flower bell buzzed and disappeared