The villagers in the carriage came to the city for the first time, which was even more novel. They kept looking around.
Sun Sheng, who came to the downtown square to see him off, paid more than 400 silver coins and finally led the people to the destination of this line-Pangu Dragon City.
Sun Sheng led all the people to the "bamboo forest hidden community" according to the map. To say that the unified land bureau is still very efficient, all the rooms needed by the people have been sorted out. When they moved into Sun Sheng, they gave them all the keys to their homes, and then they led all the people to patrol their shops one by one to see that they were very satisfied. Sun Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. This time, it is estimated that it is finally done.
Speaking of it, this is the longest time for Sun Sheng to spend, and it still costs a lot and seems to be unpaid, but Sun Sheng believes that everything he has done is worth it.
Finally, the arrangement was made. The villagers insisted on inviting Sun Sheng to the restaurant for a drink.
"Let’s see how busy you are and how busy you are. We also worry a lot along the way. We are not less involved. Let’s treat you to dinner tonight." It is said that Du Zhang is a master cook. According to the classification, he is also a master. Sun Sheng still remembers that he spends the most money because others want a shop, but he has to sell something to a business place. Even a blacksmith like Zhang Jiucheng needs to put more tools to strike the iron. Only if Du Zhang is a restaurant, Sun Sheng can’t buy him a small facade, so this one is spent.
Sun Sheng wants to refuse himself. Although he has been promoted to a higher level these days, he should be further distanced by others. Now he should go to kill monsters and upgrade them. However, in retrospect, he is kind enough to invite himself to dinner, and he is not too embarrassed. Besides, killing monsters and upgrading doesn’t care about this. Just make up later.
"Yes, Lao Du, but you haven’t got one in your hotel yet, otherwise I will get a free meal from you." Although I didn’t stay in the bamboo forest for a long time, Sun Sheng, who migrated all the way, became familiar with these hidden villagers in the bamboo forest
Du Zhang laughed. "Don’t say a word. What if you just eat at every meal? Isn’t my hotel your hotel Don’t be polite to me, I’m not afraid that you will come or not! I also want you to cut the ribbon for me in my business in Shihou Zhang. "
"Lao Du, don’t laugh at your hotel. Everyone must support us that day. Don’t forget to entertain us when you pour?" Zhang Jiucheng also played a joke on Du Zhang.
"Not only is the hotel Shihou Zhang, but any of your business cards will come to my place and celebrate the wine. Don’t worry, it’s my treat then!"
"This is what you said, don’t regret it!"
"Of course I won’t regret it, but before that, you can’t do business. Hahaha …"
"If we don’t do it, we won’t do it. Will we still be short of that money?"
They will never be short of money. Sun Sheng is convinced of this. It would be a ghost if a few master-level life professionals could still be short of money.
In the evening, everyone found a restaurant to eat and drink happily. Because there were many people, Sun Sheng simply packaged the whole restaurant. Anyway, Du Zhang paid for it. In the past two days, Sun Sheng was used to being extravagant and not stingy, regardless of whether it was a wave or not.
Du Zhang actually didn’t pay for it. He found the restaurant owner and taught him a dish, but it was this dish that had already made the restaurant owner happy. Through this, Sun Sheng’s understanding of these hidden villagers in bamboo forests reached a new level.
Sun Sheng on the wine table is naturally the protagonist. The villagers have expressed their gratitude for Sun Sheng’s support as the new village head, and said that if he needs any help later, everyone will definitely do their best to help him. Sun Sheng listened to the villagers and knew that he had guessed his money and finally there were no flowers.
Although I know that no matter how much wine I drink in the game, I won’t get drunk, but this time Sun Sheng is still a little high
Looking for an opportunity, Sun Sheng raised his glass and said, "From now on, everyone is a family!"
Eating and drinking lasted for three hours. At the end, Sun Sheng was reluctant to leave, but the children were already drunk and fell asleep (the wine didn’t work for the players in the game, but it worked well for NPC). Sun Sheng also announced that the reception was over and everyone went home to rest, so everyone enjoyed themselves.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Wonder bird
After moving home, Sun Sheng was finally at leisure, and spent a lot of time and energy on the move. After finishing it, Sun Sheng felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. Maybe it was the final exam of the semester when he had the perseverance to insist on one thing … Sun Sheng lay on his own game and groaned with satisfaction on the floor (bed is not yet) at home.
In order to celebrate his completion, Sun Sheng walked out of the dormitory and found a restaurant. He ordered two dishes and improved his life. The other five were still immersed in the game world, and Sun Sheng didn’t bother to call them.
After eating and drinking enough, Sun Shengxian went back to the dormitory and wore a helmet to log in. Sun Shengxian sent a message to the white robe of the cat demon, announcing that his completion was officially out, but the boss and their several Sun Shengze ignored it-telling them that their level was estimated to be unable to rise again …
Mint hasn’t seen Sun Sheng for a long time. When we exchanged messages with Sun Sheng, the line was that we missed Sun Sheng and missed her anyway, and she was also our girlfriend. Anyway, after finishing the tension for several days, it was no big deal to indulge ourselves now, so Sun Sheng and them simply said a few words and then rushed to the iron and blood headquarters.
Recently, the iron and blood spirit has developed well, which is also due to the pressure of the second gang token. In order to consolidate their position as the first gang, they have to develop their own team. They have to choose qualified gang members from those applicants and take into account the distribution of income and interests of the gang. The seven of them are simply exhausted. These things are not big or small, but they are cumbersome. Although there are several other lords who are not busy, they are also overwhelmed. It is very good that they can still take time to upgrade, although they have not fallen too far from the leaderboard.
Sun Sheng looked at the scene of iron blood thriving, and he was very happy that he had fought to protect it less.
Cat demon, they don’t have many rare things today. They are going to finish what they are doing to kill monsters and upgrade. They are very happy to see Sun Shenglai, but they didn’t stop what they are doing. They don’t need those false and polite Sun Sheng. Seeing that they are busy with the sample, they are very sympathetic, and they feel that it is a wise move that they didn’t join the iron and blood department.
When others are busy, Sun Sheng can’t care about mint, but he must. If she comes to see her herself, she is sorting out files. That’s disappointing. Finding mint, Sun Sheng grabbed her hand and walked towards the door without hesitation.
Although both of them knew it, Mint still felt a little embarrassed when she was stopped by Sun Shengla in public, so she blushed and said, "Oh, what are you doing? I haven’t finished yet."
"Didn’t you see me coming? Am I not as attractive as those black and white words? If I don’t catch you, you should marry them as a wife. Hey, I’ll give her a half-day off. Let’s go! " The first half of Sun Sheng said to Mint, and the second half shouted out to the others who were still in the hall.
Hearing Sun Sheng’s cry, the hall immediately whistled.
"You must be gentle!"
"You must be firm this time!"
Sun Sheng left the pie mouth to talk, and the two suspected that it was a part-time mage and a fat man talking or not serious. What do you mean, "Be firm this time"? Isn’t it firm before you? Well, I really haven’t been strong … Sun Sheng sweated again when he thought of this. He is still a virgin!
Mint’s face is already red, and her neck is stained with some low head. Sun Sheng led her away without even asking where to go. But that’s for fat. Most of the time, they still keep a shy little daughter in front of Sun Sheng.
Sun Sheng took Mint to the station to send him to the array, and when he wanted to send him, Mint reacted and asked, "Where are we going?"
"Keep it a secret, you’ll know later." Sun Sheng smiled and decided to give mint a surprise this time. Sun Sheng can’t remember where he heard this sentence, but it feels reasonable and he hasn’t met mint for a long time. Sun Sheng also wants to make mint happy, so he can make amends himself.
Sun Sheng led Mint to Shicheng and rode a horse to Mint outside the city. He rarely talked all the way, but he was very happy, or when he was riding a horse with Sun Sheng around his waist or holding Sun Sheng’s hand, Sun Sheng held Mint in his arms.
The place where Sun Sheng is going with mint is the forest hidden by bamboo forest, where the monster level is quite high and the player is extinct. The scenery is also good, which is a good place to do good things (hey, hey, don’t think about it)
The forest is still lush, and it’s not moving this time. There is no need to walk in step by step. The two of them rode Xiaoyu from high to dozens of miles deep in the forest.
I think it’s almost enough. I found a spacious place and Sun Sheng let Xiaoyu fall.
"How about here?" Sun Sheng proudly asked mint.
Mint held Sun Shengyi’s arm on the ground, shook his head and looked at the scenery, and said, "It’s beautiful." Mint said this is a bit false. The beauty in the game is more beautiful than this. For example, there are no numbers here. Although the forest here is dense, it doesn’t match the word beautiful. It is natural to say that it is still very suitable.
I have to say that at this time, Mint’s eyes have also dropped sharply, but Sun Sheng likes to listen to vanity and has been greatly satisfied. "It’s even better."
Looking at mint’s puzzled expression, I thought for a moment that she was even more surprised. Sun Sheng couldn’t help smiling more.
"Come out, Little Flame!" Sun Shengzhang embraced his hands and made a prayer suit, but nothing happened …
Sun Shenglai wanted Xiao Yan to change into a flaming phoenix to surprise Mint, but Xiao Yan was straightforward and thinned Sun Sheng’s face.
"Small flame?" Mint some doubts asked, "you say it? Isn’t it always on top of your head? "
Said the mint also hands hold Sun Sheng head small flame.
"Uh …" Sun Sheng faltered for a while but didn’t speak. He took the small flame from the mint hand and looked left and right for a while and said, "Don’t be so unkind, okay? Why don’t I treat you to a drink another day? "
Mint was teased by Sun Sheng to a bird. "What are you talking to?"? Can it understand? "
Of course, I didn’t understand Sun Sheng, but I was shocked to see Xiao Yan nodded his head.
It can understand? Sun Sheng did not believe it and asked tentatively, "Are you sure you want to drink?"
Xiaoyan nodded again. Mint, this is Sun Sheng’s training. I think Xiaoyan is clever and lovely. "Xiaoyan is good. It’s not a good boy if we don’t drink."
Sun Sheng is dizzy, but he doesn’t know what to say. Even though he has been clever and clever before, even if he can attack according to his own instructions, all pets can reach the point where they can understand people’s words. What’s wrong with a bird these days? He still drinks when he can understand people’s words!
Maybe it’s because it’s a god beast, and Sun Sheng has this reason to think about it. Yes, I’m still very surprised. After all, I’ve never seen a bird that can understand people. Even in the game world, anything is possible, but it’s too … Sun Shengyan.
But this time, it’s not to see the magic of the small flame. It’s the right way to coax the mint heart
"I’ll buy you a drink, so turn around and have a look."
Small flame nodded his head and struggled out of mint arms, and his calf flew to the sky with a push.
"What did it do?" Mint just took a bite and saw a scene that it would never forget.
A beautiful big bird burning with flames said that the phoenix, the king of Chinese birds, danced and sang in the listening!
In a short time, hundreds of birds of all kinds flew from all directions, and it was another wonder of birds flying at the phoenix.
Sun Sheng has to admit that the flame form of Xiaoyan is simply a special preparation for MM children. Its ornamental value is far greater than its real value. It is very good for those birds who come to worship to watch without listening to the command.