Trance Ji Fa heard the roar.
This is … Ray?
A thunder from the horizon pulled Ji Fa’s thoughts back. Just now, it was still silent, and it rolled up more than the sky. In a gloomy day, Lei Guang appeared in thick clouds.
Roar is exciting Zhang Guifang froze, he almost believe that all this can gawk at the day, how did it rain?
And the soldiers of the merchant army who shot the rocket were also holding arrows. Is this fire still on the spot?
When the first drop of rain fell on Ji Fa’s face, which was very young and had some baby fat, several people believed that destiny really existed.
However, we should think deeply about what destiny will lose.
Even a rainy fire can’t change Zhou Jun’s defeat. Even if Ji Fa can retreat safely, it will be a fiasco.
Chapter 577 Qingqi one by one
The pouring rain just extinguished the fire in the valley. It took about half an hour for the rain to come and go quickly. Zhang Guifang couldn’t help thinking deeply. Is it really for saving Ji?
At this time, a pawn in the search valley rushed over to Zhang Guifang and said, "The fire in the general’s valley has been extinguished, but Ji Fa and others have not been found. It is difficult to travel on muddy mountain roads after the rain. If you want to come to Ji Fa, even if you take advantage of the chaos to escape, you have not come far. Are we …"
Before Zhang Guifang mouth side with the wave, he said, "It’s not necessary for the mountain road to be difficult to escape after the rain. It’s not easy for us to pursue it. It’s also not easy to be urgent. Let’s clean up the battlefield first and see how many dare to be soldiers … There is still breath."
Fang Xiang took a long time when he dared to join the army.
It’s a simple truth that you can’t run away when you lose a battle and sneak attack when you are a prisoner.
Only in this way can we live like the former Deng Xiu pro-guard. Although they abandoned Deng Xiu in the encirclement and surrendered to the Vietnamese, no one would blame them for not being held accountable after Baiyue returned, and at most they just wore hard shoes.
Surrender is the way most people will do things. This is the way most people will do things. Although he is now a mixed bag, there are many international players. Once he is defeated and captured, he will choose to surrender just like the original.
Because Fang Xiang knew that he was in the same situation and did what he did, he had more respect for this man who surrendered and dared to join the army.
However, Zhang Guifang had his idea, and he held a gun with a pestle and said, "Dare to be an army, you can’t sacrifice Ji Fa for nothing. There is no better opportunity than this. If you don’t give them alive, it’s a missed opportunity!"
Fang Bi a face of be reluctant to say, "The general dares to be a soldier. There are many wounded people who need to look after Zhou Jun’s prisoners, and they should also be strictly guarded …"
Zhang Guifang raised his eyebrows with a mortar pestle gun in his hand and said, "I won’t take care of the wounded or guard the prisoners. You do these things and I’ll kill Ji Fa!"
Then he urged the horse to rush out.
"General …"
Fang Xiang and Fang Bi looked at Zhang Guifang’s distant back and kept his mouth open.
"General, what shall we do?"
Search for the valley pawn is also stupid. Is this going to follow the past? General Zhang has disappeared!
"This ….." Fang Xiang and Fang Bi scratched their heads and said to the men, "General Zhang’s martial arts is the best in the world. Zhou Jun is just a beaten army and can’t hurt him. You can take care of the wounded brothers at ease."
Jifashan has been squatting on the terrain for several days. It is clear that he is running away along a path.
"hurry up! Fireworks can’t cover up for long. It’s not good if the Shang army finds the clue! "
Because the road is muddy, a pro-guard is walking with Ji Fa on his back. His name is Ji Yi. By listening to the name in this row, I know that he has been following Ji’s for a long time and is absolutely loyal.
Ji Yi back Ji Fa silent seems to be thinking about something, but Ji Yi keeps urging his foot soldiers.
Zhou Jun’s foot soldiers walked with surprise and surprise in their hearts. They won a big victory first and then suffered a fiasco. The ups and downs almost lost their lives. I was happy to escape from heaven, and a heavy rain further proved that my master was a destiny, and I didn’t follow the wrong person.
"Don’t panic, Shangjun can’t give up the wounded prisoners. Even if you chase them, there won’t be many people. If there are fewer people, it will be easy to break. If there are many people, the road will be narrow and it will be inconvenient to play after the rain."
At this time, Ji Fa said that his brow seemed relaxed, no matter if it was urgent, he would get away first.
Soon, the group took the trail and saw that they had arrived at the mountain. Everyone was relieved that they hadn’t chased them for so long. It seems that there will be no pursuers.
What they are most afraid of is that the mountain road is blocked at the bottom of the mountain, and they can run anywhere without worrying.
Step by step—
Just then, there was a rush of hooves in the distance.
At first glance, Ji Yi saw Zhang Guifang dancing in a white robe, one person and one horse, and went straight here to kill him.
"Catch up?"
Ji Yi shivered and nearly threw Ji Fa back.
Ji Fa frowned slightly and took the initiative. Since the pursuers came, they lined up to meet them, but Zhang Guifang moved faster.
"Don’t try to escape and eat me again!"
Zhang Guifang drank a lot and went straight to Ji Fa.
The flint rushed into Zhou Jun’s array, and when a pike was picked, it would be a matter of time to pick a day.
Ji Fa frightened to be picked to fly is Ji Yi. If he hadn’t come, he would have been afraid of it.
Zhang Guifang pie pie didn’t pick it, so it’s time to throw your gun with a mortar pestle, and the whole person lost his life instantly from Jiyi’s chest.
Zhang Guifang hummed a moment ago, with the swift horse, he was caught off guard, but it was not easy to find such a good opportunity again. However, he still didn’t withdraw his idea, but rode away and rushed away from the other side.
This is a cavalry attack and assault method, which can effectively destroy the formation and maximize the lethality by inserting from the enemy’s wings
Usually, people who want to rush to the array can’t do it without enough impact, but the effect can’t be lost to a whole cavalry, one man and one horse when Zhang Guifang rides. Those Zhou Jun who lost their stroke and galloped to Ji Fa were firmly protected and couldn’t kill some pawns. I don’t know how many people were killed by one gun and one continuous rush to the array.
There are still some white horses and spears fluttering in the original wind. The white cloak is already soaked with blood, and the armor is also a piece of red mortar pestle. Let alone the gun. If there is no long tassel to stop the blood flow, I am afraid I can’t hold the handle.
Ji Fa Avenue is protected by layers in the protective array. "Our army escaped from the valley, and 3,000 people fell down. How can 3,000 people be rushed by one person and come and go freely?"
"To one our army has assumed the position and fear? Will kill and take the head before retreating! "
Ji Fa shouted that Zhou Jun had just rallied, and there was a heavy rain of destiny. The soldiers were almost fanatical about Ji Fa’s belief.
However, even so, Zhang Guifang has not been stopped, but the more he kills, the more he rises. At this point, he doesn’t kill many people. Compared with 3,000 people, he can’t bear it. If he enters the country, he will be frightened.
Ji Fa saw that Zhang Guifang rushed to kill the enemy and wandered around the city to buy heart vegetables. He seemed to be furious. "Keep the formation for the lonely and don’t block him!"
"Zhang Guifang is just brave and brave, and if he is trapped, he will lose his head."