Su Li smiles white. This total list reward is possible for Xu Xuehui, but after all, her limit is too high. I think that huge girl is likely to exceed this ultimate sacred reward.
And two women talked about various rules and precautions of a sacred tower. If you have any questions, you can directly contact yourself.
They will have an accident. Su Li is more interested in thinking about it. It is really dangerous for them to hit an energy. They can feel something with this energy and keep them alive at all times.
Four days later, we arrived at the entrance of the sacred tower in January. Qi Suli entered the sacred tower with Jiang Shuijue, Gong Xiao and Shui Qilin.
Jiang Shuijue, Gong Xiao and Shui Qilin will enter the first floor of the sacred tower, while Su Li will enter the tenth floor of the sacred tower.
Entering the tenth floor of the world, Su Li once again challenged and lost to the sixth-ranked Lingyun. This time, Su Li went all the way from Lingyun and finally defeated the first-ranked Chineydy to replace him and became the top ten.
Now the top position of the top ten floors of the whole sacred tower has become the name of Su Li.
Then Su Li chose to enter the 19th floor of the Sacred Tower, and a message appeared in his mind.
"The first prize in the success list of the Ten-story Challenge of the Sacred Tower is the sacred fragment and the ultimate sacred source."
With this message, he appeared on the nineteenth floor of the sacred tower, which was full of more sacred breath.
A sky-high light struck Su Li’s body.
Su Li went into a hyper-dimensional state and looked at the place where the sky light appeared. He saw that there were several gears rotating at the end of the virtual space, which were as huge as the gears in the sky and as small as the gears in the dust, and the precision and complexity were unimaginable.
Chapter 5 Zhongxing
At this moment, he thought of the hell that day and saw the gear world, and suddenly he realized something.
Perhaps all the rules of the world, including rewards, on each floor of this sacred tower are actually pre-set procedures.
Chineydy, the former leader, violated the rules of the sacred tower, just as he invaded the system virus and triggered anti-virus software. He was attacked by himself.
Suri vaguely captured some truth when she left the hyper-dimensional state, and realized that this sacred tower may be the true god Jie himself who entered the hyper-dimensional state and captured some clues.
The 19th floor of the sacred tower is generally accessible here, and it is the peak god of the 20th grade.
This is the ultimate source of divine power, and its immortal and ultimate divine power have risen.
In the future, if he raises this ultimate sacred source to the level of immortality, it means that he has truly mastered the ultimate power of immortality.
A huge amount of sacred debris surged into the sacred realm of meditation like a tsunami, and Su Li supported it. The whole 19th floor world resonated and felt trance. He seemed to have mastered the 19th floor of this sacred tower.
There are several other peak gods from other families on the 19th floor, all of whom are looking shocked with their eyes open at the moment.
They feel that the sacred spirit of this world seems to have been deprived and all of it is surging in one direction.
At the same time, the news that the first score of Suli’s total list in the sacred halls of all circles reached the nineteenth floor of the sacred tower once again triggered a shock.
Su Li’s performance was amazing. How long has it been since he entered the sacred tower? It was even attached to the first place in the total list and boarded the nineteenth floor. This achievement and performance is simply the former ancients and probably the latecomers.
The vast majority of people in the former sacred court agreed to help Wang Yao. After all, Wang Yaodeng climbed to the twentieth floor, but now he sees that Su Li’s performance has been shaken again. Because Su Li’s performance is simply unprecedented, according to his current performance, if he does not die, he will probably achieve more in the future than the former Magic Sumeru and King of Light.
No one has ever shown such amazing performance in the sacred tower since ancient times.
Su Li digested the ten layers of reward sacred fragments and realized the ultimate sacred source force, which made his ultimate sacred and immortal sacred power rise.
Influenced by the ultra-dimensional state, he now uses his muscles to sacrifice immortal boxing.
It took Su Li about 20 days to digest and absorb all this and take the ultimate sacred source to the next level.
If he can surpass Dafa God by breaking through to the intermediate level, then he can easily grasp Dafa God after 20 days of practice, and the 30-level limit like Dafa God threatens him.
In the past 20 days, the growth of his sacred field has reached 25 kilometers, and it is 25 kilometers away from being promoted again. These 19 layers of sacred gas are much stronger than the first layer. Su Li estimates that his field can grow by one kilometer on average in about nine days, which means that he wants to be promoted to the level of senior gods. If there is no special chance, it will take 225 days, that is, more than six years to break through.
"Six years is too long …" Su Li frowned slightly.
For many intermediate gods, it may not be possible to reach this point in 600 years. The speed of six years is simply appalling, but it is still not enough for Su Li.
Dark Chineydy and Wang Yao are both gifted talents, especially Wang Yao, who said that they were late bloomers and tasted, but didn’t they accumulate a lot of money? It’s possible that the savings have been enough for a long time, and maybe it will break through when it suddenly dawns.
It can be said that their rare qualifications can’t be guessed at all. Maybe they may cut or even sacrifice at any time.
It may be too late to break through to the senior god after six years.
Like them, the talent, chance, understanding and luck of a peerless genius born of a racial fate are far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.
Su Libai can’t really be like the average person. He has been practicing honestly here for more than six years and then he is waiting to be promoted to the senior god.
"It’s no wonder that dark Chineydy once shot through the sacred tower. Maybe he himself is white and impregnable. Without that blow, he can’t make up his mind to enter the magic road. This sacred tower is now afraid of staying on the 19th floor … and may not be able to break through so quickly."
Su Li thoughtfully first went to the mother nest of the mountains and harvested 250 thousand spiritual sources needed for promotion, then arrived at the central area of the 19th floor and decided to look at the 19th floor challenges.
On this floor, Wang Yao ranked first, followed by King Kwang and Magic Sumeru, and Chineydy was on this floor, which is far from the sacred tower. There is no name on this floor.
Entering the challenge area and sensing the challenge Su Li’s slight movement in my heart is also a challenge to the ranking strong like the ten-layer challenge.
However, it is more and more difficult to get into the twentieth floor.
If you want to pass the test and enter the twentieth floor, you need to reach the realm of Dafa Shenxiu.
Being able to practice to reach the limit of level 30, the level of God and the level of combat power at the same level are all ultimate advanced.
Looking at the total list of ten lists, Su Li looked at the top of the list, and Wang Yao was micro-moving.
Wang Yao entered the 20th floor from the 19th floor six months ago. If he challenged Wang Yao at the top of the list, it would mean that Wang Yao did not know the strength of Wang Yao at that time six months ago.
Some people are itching for the first world war, and Su Li is not impatient and calm down. After that, he challenges from the tenth place.