Laughed like a bell into the ears of the group of flashers, so the group of luminaries who just came in from outside walked in the direction of Xia Huai and Bunta Marui
No, blueberry. Where’s the minister?
Kunimitsu Tezuka love.
No, it’s so simple! But … Not the kui is a minister!
【 Date ③ 】
"Uh-huh, it’s really not gorgeous." Glanced at Bunta Marui Atobe Keigo and thought that men around her should not be so gorgeous.
The sentence "Everyone will be the same after ten years" is too profound. How can the trace department not know the meaning and Bunta Marui is also confused and looks at Xia Huai?
"It’s been a long time, Xia Sang" rushed out with a push of Xia Mianmian, the signature gentle herbivore, and his smile shone and blinded the girls in the restaurant.
"Xia Jun, it’s been a long time." My original smiling face Atobe Keigo turned into facial paralysis at that moment. Can I face the sparkling attack of summer shallow sleep or be polite?
"Hmm ~" The gentle herbivorous Uber man is sweet and well, and a little pink and lovely appearance has emerged on his feminine face, which really lowers this group of beautiful teenagers by several grades.
Eye-catching silver hair, a feminine face and that contrasting personality are really a gentle Uber that makes girls spray nosebleeds from one side.
"Xia Jun, your face is close to me." I said a sentence with an expression on my face.
Although I really want to look at Xia Shimian’s shining smile, his face is one centimeter away from mine and there is a tendency to stick it … I can’t help it.
"It’s really rude to Ale Marui Sangyi …" Xia Mian noticed Xia Huai and Marui Sangyi.
"Envy genius. This is a couple’s costume." Marui picked his eyebrows. I heard that the ice emperor, the devil manager and teaching assistant, was very Uber, but he didn’t have a girlfriend, so Marui showed off.
And how could Xia Shaomian not know? Because he designed this couple and he also designed this restaurant …
"… too is too? ! Wen Tai ~ "A small animal jumped out from behind Xia Mian.
Who else could this be? Of course, everyone is most familiar with sleeping emperor Akutakawa Jirou.
"Wen Tai, long time no see ~!"
"Cilang, long time no see."
The two small animals were very happy to meet each other.
"Is that girl Wen Tai’s girlfriend?" Cilang small asked looked up Xia Huai.
Soft, black hair, coquettish, noble, golden eyes, ivory skin, tender brow, and the aura of the king is as beautiful as the trace …
"She’s not my girlfriend. She already has a boyfriend." When Bunta Marui chatted with Xia Huai, she also knew that she stopped it. The burial lover was Kunimitsu Tezuka.
"grams of predecessors is appropriate" looking at summer shallow sleep smile more and more brilliant Hiyoshi Wakashi even if don’t want to mouth all not line, he didn’t want to this week’s training let him three days out of bed.
"Hey, what’s your name? I’m Mukahi Gakuto, the ice emperor. "Mukahi Gakuto smiled and spoke to Xia Huai without noticing the subtle expression change of Xia Mian.
"I am Qing Xue Xia Huai" looked at him and looked at me with blue-gray sparkling eyes. I really can’t help this type of child.
Smile and be nice to him.
"You are really beautiful ~ when you laugh, you are super beautiful." Mukahi Gakuto’s face turned reddish and he honestly said what he thought. He liked this girl and always felt like a big sister.
"… if you don’t stop talking …" Oshitari Yuushi found that the girls in the restaurant have more and more nosebleeds after being watched for a long time next to Xia Mian’s sleep. Although his charm is limited, going to this month’s training will make them die even worse.
"It’s really not gorgeous ~ birch land" How can the trace department not know the change of summer light sleep? Every time he changes his expression, there is always a murderous look coming, and he wants to look at it. He wants to ask birch land to bring back those two gorgeous guys who are not gorgeous to Japan and Akutagawa.
No, isn’t Minister Fei worried about the affair with Huai Sauce?
Kunimitsu Tezuka, she can’t like anyone but me.
No, Fei ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….