When it comes to relying on it, there is no doubt that his biggest reliance now is that he has been refined into an old house and those daily ones.
Judging from the current situation, these strange instruments are of low order and power, but there is no problem to protect themselves in this area near Dongshan. Don’t be stupid enough to go out and plant flags to pull hatred.
However, the serious problem at present is that whatever kind of things such as implements need to consume aura to maintain and urge …
It happened that Xu Zhihu didn’t understand that the training center can automatically operate against the room to absorb aura from the Dongshan vein, but obviously this absorption speed is obviously much dimmer than that of not consuming speed in less than one day.
Because of this, when I visited Pansi Cave again early today, Xu Zhihu specially sent a cosmetic mirror to Chijie, and then took advantage of her exultation to ask about how to get aura quickly.
As a result, the beautiful red dress beauty was crossed to study the cosmetic mirror. After hearing this question, she blurted it out without thinking-
"LingShi! If you want to get aura quickly, just grab the stone! "
It’s really simple and rude. When Xu Zhihu heard the word rob, it was a cold sweat on his forehead. It happened that Chijie and six little girls were still taking it for granted. It was like discussing going to the vegetable market to buy two pounds of pork …
After a while, I looked at Xu Zhihu’s "you have fallen" eyes and finally put on the makeup mirror. "Okay, okay, if you don’t grab it, don’t grab it. Then we will do some small business to make money … Well, if I remember correctly, it seems that there is a monster square near the bottom of the East Lake, and I just want to sell things. Why don’t we go together?"
That’s more like it. Xu Zhihu is very quiet and wipes his cold sweat. This suggestion is good. Although I can’t think of what business I can do at the moment, it’s good to go to Yaofang first. Just investigate the market.
However, it’s the first time I’ve been out of town after crossing. Considering that he has carefully prepared it for half an hour, he specially stuffed a lot of daily self-defense utensils into the mountain bag. By the way, this mountain bag has also been refined into utensils, which is a bit similar to the ring department, and it can hold two refrigerators.
Then, of course, I set off by train, but there was a little situation here-
Six little girls have never seen such a fresh "mount". After seeing it, they raised their hands to ask for a test ride and took care of them. Chijie also reluctantly asked for the car. In the end, it became Xu Zhihu’s front car, seven beauties of different sizes, and the pyramid-shaped people behind it seriously surpassed the East Lake …
"Khan fortunately, there is no traffic police uncle here." Xu Zhihu is very impressed but can’t help but look back.
Because of the cold weather, the six little girls in the back seat were all wearing thick cotton-padded jackets, which looked like six colorful round balls from a distance.
However, Chijie, who is holding her waist, is still wearing a big red spider silk skirt and a pair of snow-white jade feet, which fully verifies the connection between beauty and cold resistance.
Not only that, but today, like those Persian dancers, she shows a soft and slender waist, and a white pear vortex is inlaid with a silver-white exquisite bell like a belly button. When the cold wind blows, the bell shakes lightly and rings from time to time.
"Hum look silly?" Chijie is very proud to raise the swan’s jade neck, but she can’t help secretly sighing. It’s okay. It seems that it wasn’t the drop in the beauty of Lun’s family the other day, but this guy didn’t notice it.
"Yes, yes, yes, I remembered that silly cat I had …" Xu Zhihu answered seriously and immediately changed the subject wisely before grabbing Chijie’s almond eyes. "By the way, where hasn’t the monster workshop arrived yet?"
"Right here. Didn’t you see it?" Red face looked at him with a strange face.
"Where?" Xu Zhihu consciously turned to look at the results around him. After a few seconds, when he saw the surrounding environment clearly, he suddenly opened his mouth. "Er, do you call this … Fangshi?"
Well, it’s no wonder that he has such a reaction. Actually, this so-called market theory looks like … er, a vegetable market?
There are no shops, let alone teahouses and restaurants. It’s just a flat land by the lake, and then all kinds of strange monsters gather here and shout and sell all kinds of strange things, such as black herbs of unknown origin, such as broken long-handled broadsword, and what are the tattered secrets …
The most important thing is that there is a kind-hearted tortoise clinging to a wild boar and winking mysteriously. "Tut-tut, this one, I think you have a strange bone and outstanding talent, and you are destined to unify the demon world … I just have a demon inflammation exercise here, but it’s the ancient demon king … Hey, don’t go, five lingstones are five lingstones!"
Nima this terrier is too old, isn’t it? Xu Zhihu was in tears and said, I must be in the wrong place.
I didn’t go wrong. Chijie is justified. "What about you? We demon race are not those who fix the true. What else do you want to talk about? Besides, Dongshan is very desolate here. It would be nice to have a square market."
That’s also reasonable. Xu Zhihu was very emotional and wiped his cold sweat. At this time, those monsters around him finally smelled the popularity and turned their heads to look at it. "What a bastard! How can there be a family coming into Fang City and smelling … well, it smells like it’s very suitable for braising in soy sauce!"
Sweat a Xu Zhihu suddenly felt that he could consider withdrawing, but before he came, Chijie was already staring around with almond eyes wide open and angry. "It’s my, er, my relatives!"
Don’t say that the monsters around you were so angry that they immediately dispersed. Of course, there is no human relative who secretly lamented the spider essence.
"Yi Chichi, do you seem to have a high prestige?" Xu Zhihu is really a little awed.
"Of course, of course." Zizi and the six of them immediately raised their hands proudly when they heard this. "My sister is the tallest and the first beauty in Dongshan. Fiona Fang is famous in five hundred miles!"
"What a big lie!" Red face be elated, of course, also want to reserve a few words of modesty "ahem, although I do have a reliable face to eat, but in fact I prefer strength and talent to eat …"
What about moral integrity, sister? What about moral integrity? Xu Zhihu is very vocal about this. Seeing that Chijie has to praise herself for a beautiful pair, she quickly changed the subject. "Oh, by the way, speaking of Fangshi Chichi, what are you going to sell here?"
Do you still ask? Red sister gloated and blinked, but she was not in a hurry to sell immediately, but took rouge gouache from her arms first
Dressed up for half a day, she adjusted her hair slightly messy in the makeup mirror, then nodded contentedly, and then took out a lantern mat and carefully spread it on the floor.
"Well, what do you want?" Xu Zhihu suddenly had a bad feeling.
Before he could react, Chijie had already adjusted her red dress and shirt, and she went to the mat in broad daylight, delicate and touching, soft and weak, and wanted to think about it. She patted her forehead and somehow conjured up a coffin and put the mat edge heavily.
God knows what’s in this coffin, but all of a sudden, six little girls’ eyes are wet and red, and their sisters are very neat. Enlarge and cry-
"meowed! Selling the body and burying the husband selling the body and burying the husband! The first beauty in Dongshan is freshly baked to sell the body and burying the husband … Buy one get six free and give six lovely sisters to sell 99 Lingshi to sell 99. Don’t miss it when you pass by! "
The first chapter to recognize younger sister maniac
Never overestimate a demon’s moral integrity if she still has such a thing as moral integrity …
The second day after crossing, Xu Zhihu deeply understood this truth. Damn it, it’s okay. In broad daylight, the seven of you actually cheated in public. I say, what can a group of ridiculously poor spider spirits sell, even if they sell themselves for burial …
"What’s the problem?" Chijie gave him a righteous look, and by the way, she didn’t forget to wipe her eyes with ginger, and then she continued to be so wet-eyed and tearful that she knelt on the straw mat and continued to be delicate and touching.
Six little girls are also very skilled. Grandma shouted "buy one get six free". Six baby fat cheeks with watery big eyes are absolutely cute. If Xu Zhihu didn’t know the sweet nothings, he would have taken out his wallet.
What’s even more strange is that none of the monsters around me were surprised to see such a poor performance. On the contrary, a few bear monsters were eager to bet on Chijie, and they could fool a few Kay today …
"Just out of curiosity, how many times have you sold it?" Xu Zhihu see full head cold sweat.
"It didn’t take many times to succeed for five or six times." Chijie was very upset and bit her lips. "There’s no way that the monsters in the mountains are too familiar to get their hands on, so they will cheat the afterlife faces outside."
Is lost Xu Zhihu silently looked up at the sky heart way, this kind of situation you incredibly still can get five or six times the monster head filled with Jiro jelly?
It turns out that there are always idiots in this world. In just two hours, there are actually five or six monsters who come to ask for the price. But look at these guys’ clothes. Maybe they are poorer than Chijie. At most, one of them is willing to pay 50 Lingshi and seriously asks if he can pay in installments …
Go away! For this kind of shame to take advantage, Chijie is very rude and refuses.
After another hour, her knees were a little sore. She couldn’t help but hold her slender waist and sighed sadly. "Ah, ah, it seems that today is not good. Alas, people and people have lost their faith these days!"
"How dare I say such a thing?" Xu Zhihu couldn’t help but desperately.
Seeing that the six little girls were almost asleep, he finally sighed and patted Chijie’s sweet shoulder. "Forget it, forget it. It is estimated that you will not be able to earn Lingshi by this time next year … huh?"
Just then, not far away, there was a sudden wave of frenzy in Dongting Lake.
Then I saw a turtle demon holding two sledgehammers in the boiling water, panting and jumping across the shore. "Wow, hahaha, big business, big business!"
In an instant, the whole demon workshop was completely deserted, followed by crashing chaos. The monsters were bargaining and throwing goods in unison. I don’t know where to turn out swinging machetes and axes, and suddenly they came around in a murderous way. "Where, where, where?"
Get out of the way. The guy was kicked away by Chijie before he finished his question.
Just kneeling on a straw mat to make a delicate and touching beautiful woman suddenly pulled out two three-foot machetes from the red skirt and jumped up with an eyebrow eye smile. "Kay? How Kay? How much is the money? Do you prick your hand? Is there a backstage? "
I admire Xu Zhihu so much that I can’t help but look at the light-clad red sister’s heart. Where did these two machetes just hide?
At this time, however, the turtle demon surrounded by people has wiped the sweat and stammered, "So when I came to Yaofang just now, I saw a local tyrant Taoist passing by outside the mountain, bulging his wallet and driving a Yunxia speeding car, saying that he would occupy our Dongshan Mountain with a few beautiful foxes in Nanyundong …"
Isn’t it? A group of monsters can’t help but rub their horns together, but suddenly they are angry. "Animals want to occupy our Dongshan Mountain and dare to dig our corner … By the way, what is that guy?"
It’s hard to say that the turtle demon is a little upset and touches his head. "I can probably see that the local tyrant Taoist priest is about a high-level person …"
When it comes to cultivation, it is necessary to divide the Kunwu world. It is worth noting that all the fairies and demons in this Kunwu world have a unified cultivation division, which can be divided from low to high-human yuan, earth yuan, Tianyuan and Shengyuan, and each yuan can be subdivided into primary, middle, high and peak again.